Police Blotter 05-05-2016

Monday, April 25

Medical is requested for party on Sagamore Avenue. Transferred to EMS.

W92 reports he is off checking on a female. He reports female is just waiting for here boyfriend.

Multiple calls reporting that phones being out at the town hall as well as the DPW. Chief was notified who will notify town hall. Also one line reported to be out at the fire department. They are aware of this as well.

Party on Brewster Avenue called to report setting off the alarm to his cousin’s house while moving furniture in. At about the same time the alarm company called reporting the alarm there. The caller is known to us and W94 responded to check and all is ok.

Subpoena was served in hand to juvenile at the Winthrop Middle School.

Reports of an odor of gas on Tileston Road. Fire notified.

Party at Ft. Heath Apartments came in to report that approximately $400 worth of copper has been taken from a work site.

Vehicle towed for trespass at Governors Park.

Detective requests an additional unit to check out a suspicious male at Nick’s Place. Officers spoke to the subject who was looking for his daughter who he has not seen in years. The subject was sent out of the area by the officers.

Caller at Somerset and Cottage Park Road reports a school bus appears to be lost and was driving up Somerset Avenue the wrong way from French Square. Officer reports he is unable to locate the school bus.

Party reports that her husband is talking about killing himself. EMS and units responded. Officers report the subject voluntarily was going to Whidden for an evaluation.

Caller states the basketball players are playing their car stereo at an unreasonably high level. W92 reports the music being shut down.

Party at Ft. Heath Apartments states that she needs an ambulance. Referred to WFD. One to Brigham and Women’s. The apartment was secured.

Caller on states that his sister is out of control and may need to go to the hospital. Officers report the subject was evaluated and cleared medically. She and her baby were transported to Orient Heights MBTA go to a friend’s residence for the night.

Detective located 8 youths from East Boston operating bicycles in the middle of Pleasant and Somerset Avenue. They were purposely impeding traffic. He had them leave the area.

Male came into the station on the advice of his lawyer to file a report on an incident involving his dead wife’s ashes and his daughter. He was given a witness/victim form to fill out. At this point he became agitated and left stating he would be back tomorrow with the form and his lawyer.

Officer will be off with a suspicious individual on Grandview Avenue. Subject was taking photos of aircraft landing and taking off.

Tuesday, April 26

Party on Shirley and Sturgis Street reports the street sign is knocked down and in an unsafe position for others passing by. DPW notified and will handle the matter.

Received two calls from Pleasant Street. First one requesting 911 check his phone line. When he was advised this is for emergencies, to which he began calling me obscenities. Then a few moments later, received another call from the same address and the party hung up. Officers were dispatched to check on the male subject who appears to be having some difficulty and reports the male could not believe his phone line is disconnected. The officer advised him about calling 911 for non-emergencies. He will check with his brother regarding the phone.

Hysterical woman on Prospect Avenue called to report a vehicle came up the wrong way and almost struck her and her son while they were getting in their vehicle. The plate was listed nearby to Beacon Street. W94 responded to speak with the operator/owner. Owner of the vehicle in question called after speaking with W94 and stated she did not know it was a one way and then added additional information to the story regarding being followed. Officer responded to speak with the original caller but there was no answer. After clearing the crossing officer returned to speak with the caller and was able to locate her to finish the investigation.

Boston PD dispatch called inquiring about a female that they have stopped. A different name was given out but then one of our local addresses was given and the female was identified as a female involved violation of a 209 yesterday. Boston PD was informed that there was an active warrant for the female. We received a call back directly from Boston PD reporting that they have taken her into custody and are sending her for medical help. The family was informed that she was in custody.

Staff at Arthur Cummings report that a student may have been the target of harassment. SRO spoke to the mother of the juvenile. It will be on record for now and subject was advised to report any future activity to administration or SRO.

Party came to the station to report a violation of an active 209 issued today. Defendant stated to the plaintiff that he was aware of the newly issued order.

Reports that a portion of the wall at Short Beach has collapsed. State PD notified.

Party on Buchanan  Street reports dark smoke coming from her neighbor’s chimney.

Caller on Read Street reports that her oven caught on fire and she believes it is out but she would like the fire department to respond.

A second attempt to serve a summons to subject on Shore Drive. The party is not home but informed about the summons over the phone. She will pick it up at the station upon her return to Winthrop.

Caller on Highland Avenue states that her daughter needs medical assistance for a seizure.


Wednesday, April 27

Caller on Beach Road reports he opened his cellar door and after locking it, he can smell a skunk inside. Message left for ACO. The party was advised to re-open the door so that the skunk can get out.

Motor vehicle was repossessed at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Det. Armistead will serve subject on Shore Drive a summons and take her to the Suffolk Superior Court. She will give the return of service to the clerk.

Party on Veterans Road came to the station to report that someone had vandalized one of his work vans.

Officer called to report that the swat team for this area will be conducting a training exercise on Shore Drive.

Caller at Governors Park called to report that she had a handgun in her apartment that she wanted the police to retrieve for safe keeping. Officers report that they have retrieved the weapon and have brought it to the station for safekeeping.

Party on Centre Street reports that a recycle truck had inadvertently struck a tree limb and wires. Fire is responding to investigate.

Male on Sagamore Avenue came in to report that his vehicle was hit by a neighbor’s brother while operating her car.

Female caller on Hermon Street reports that there is a small child on the sidewalk unattended. Officer responded and upon his arrival, the other was on the scene. The child had gotten outside while the mother had ran next door. The mother and child are fine.

ACO officer called to report that a truck had spilled some crushed stone from its truck bed and the debris is all over Crest Avenue. ACO called to report a second spill from the same truck in the area of Cumberland Farms. DPW notified.

Caller reports that a person called pretending to be a grandchild who needed money sent to them. There have been numerous calls that are similar to this call. There are also people pretending to be with the IRS. All of these callers are frauds and do NOT give them any money or personal information.

A party from Perkins Street came in to the station to report that her vehicle had been broken into sometime overnight.

Caller from Shirley Street reports that someone went into his parked vehicle and took a computer bag belonging to his grandson. Officer responded to the area.

Report of glass falling off a beer truck on Pleasant Street. DPW notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his fence has been spray painted. Caller at Governors Park reports being threatened by her neighbor. Officer reports speaking to all parties involved and it was a verbal only. No threats and the peace was restored.

Female walked into the lobby with her infant son stating she had no where to go. She was homeless. DCF was notified and sending a case worker to speak with her.

Thursday, April 28

Alarm company called to report an alarm activation on River Road.

Party on Kennedy Road called to report that she has stomach pains. EMS will handle.

Caller at Ft. Heath Apartments request that we send an officer to check no the well being of one of the residents. Officer enter the apartment with the property man ager, and discovered that the person in question was not home.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports that there was a minor vehicle accident there. An officer responded to the area.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her husband can not walk and is requesting medical attention. WFD has bene dispatched to the location.

Director of Housing called to request an officer meet with her on Edward Street in order to assist with an individual retrieving some belonging from the residence. Then Housing called to cancel the request.

Party on Revere Street called to report that two dogs next door are fighting. ACO reports the dogs are okay. They have having fun with a frisbee.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports receiving threatening calls from the IRS. The caller knew the call was false, but just wanted to report it so that others would not fall for these calls.

Gentleman on Main Street called to report that a bicycle was discovered behind their property located at Simione Oil Co. An officer will retrieve the bicycle and return it to the station for safe keeping.

Officer will try to sere a grand jury subpoena to subject at D&T Market on Shirley Street. Officer reports that the person does not work there any more. Will try to get an address.

Many 911 calls over the last hour of fire alarms going off at Executive Apartments. Alarms are not working correctly and all calls transferred to WFD.

Caller on Golden Drive would like us to check on a person who keeps calling her. She stated the person sounds out of it and may be overdosed on drugs. Fire notified. Officer reports speaking with the person and she is fine and was cleared by medical.

Walk-in to report that the night before someone broke into his apartment on Revere Street.

MGH Revere called and would like a well being check on a patient. The mother called and said he threatened to kill his father with a knife. There is no answer by the father on the cell phone and the doctor would like us to check on the family. Officers report no one home at the apartment and were able to speak to the father on the phone. He will bring his son to the lobby of the station. Father and son arrived at the station and spoke to Lt. Scarpa. Lt. Scarpa reports the father will take his son to MGH.

Caller on Belcher Street reports a person with a black hood spray painted a wall and walked away. Area search negative.

Walk in to repot a past assault and battery on his child.

Female on Washington Avenue reports a phony call from Homeland Security swearing at her with a foreign number.

Report of kids ringing doorbells on Chester Avenue. 91 Ramadani reports kids not around. The homeowner knows who they are and will speak with their parents. 91 will continue to monitor the area for the kids.

Report of a crash ad Matin and Paine Street. 91 Ramadani reports a two car collision. WFD cleared.

Owner of Viking came in to report a person is trespassing at his ship. He stated he would call if she does not leave.

Caller on Irwin Street reports first floor tenant is playing loud music. Unit reports the music turned off for the night.


Friday, April 29

Caller on Tileston Road states they observed graffiti on their property. 93 responds and reports he has obtained all information and report submitted.

With information given to us by the parking clerk in regards to people misrepresenting their address to be Winthrop, but in fact their vehicles are registered to other communities. Parking clerk ran all three on January 31 and February 10 plus a notice to their Winthrop addresses mailed on February 29. Today, all three of these plates were run and they all come back with the same out of town addresses as the two times the parking clerk ran them. These vehicles are located on Moore Street, Cutler Street and Main Street. Officer located two of them and they are tagged and a citation will be issued for not changing address after 30 days.

Party from Myrtle Street came to the station to report that her tent had either a drug dealer or drug user come to the house and forced his way in to confront his tenant. The male that forced himself in yelled to the tenant, “Give me my money.” “I don’t have your money, get out of her, or I will have you killed because I have been in prison for four or five years and I know people that can kill you.” At this time, the two of them went outside and began to fight. Then the other male left the area. The above wants this on record as she is going to Court.

Call from East Boston Court to request we search for and arrest a subject either on Shirley Street, Banks Street or Court Road, on a default warrant for breaking and entering in the daytime. Officer responded  to all addresses and all report he is not there. Detective stated that he lives in Revere, unknown address.

Subject came to the station and was served the subpoena from the Suffolk Superior Court.

Probation called to request we be on the lookout for subject as he may be in town to purchase “heroin.” On an in house record check record can be pulled up and see a photo of subject and his girlfriend. Probation reports the warrants are in the system.

Party came to the station to report that someone had vandalized his work van by tagging.

Caller reports that someone is not acting right at the CPYC parking lot. Thinks they may be up to something. Officers are tied up on the 209A vacate at this time. The caller called back and the party had left the area.

Boston A-7 brought a female to the station. She was left at the EBHC by her son. Officer will escort her to her home on Main Street and help Boston with the investigation.

Reports of a turkey walking around on Revere Street.

Saturday, April 30

91 initiates a car stop for a traffic violation at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Operator’s license is suspended. Subject will be issued a citation and summoned to court for the offense. Vehicle towed by G&J Towing.

Caller on Shirley Street requests an ambulance for her husband who is having difficulty breathing.

Report of an alarm activation at the ATM machine by Governors Garden. Unit responds and reports that all appears in order.

After inputting parking ticket issued to vehicle on Shirley Street, officer noticed that 19 unpaid parking tickets were outstanding.Officer reports he has located this vehicle and G&J will tow. A citation will also be issued.

Follow-up investigation at Executive Apartments and reports the subject is not home.

Officer off on an investigation on Lincoln Street and reports that no one is at home.

Son called to report that his mother on Overlook Drive needs an ambulance as she has swollen ankles. EMS notified.

Officer will check in with a person on Siren Street. He reports locating the subject and having a talk.

Caller reports that she lost a bank envelope containing $300. At this time, no one has turned in the envelope to the station.

Patty called to report some kids have a younger kid stuck in the portable navy yard near the cemetery. Officer reports the area is clear.

Female from the art show called to report that someone just ran up to the second floor and she does not know who it was. Officer reports that the person that went upstairs is with the art show.

Complaint on Sewall Avenue of large group of youths ringing doorbells. Then they proceeded to Halford Beach. W92 reports moving six kids out of the area.

Party reports that his vehicle was struck by another vehicle while parked near the Antique Table. The vehicle operator provided the officer with a picture of the number plate and vehicle that struck his vehicle. A BOLO was issued to the other units.

Officer stopped subject’s vehicle on Shirley Street  for the hit and run property damage from the previous call along Crest Avenue.

Sunday, May 1

Resident on George Street called to repot that she was followed home by a carload of men from the area of Revere Beach. She was not able to get a registration of the vehicle but believes it to be a Toyota type vehicle. The vehicle sped off after she arrived in the area of her home.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue called to report loud music and party. Officer reports absolutely no music or loud party. Just a couple of family members talking.

Caller reports he was trying to sleep and is being disturbed by some rowdy people in front of Blackstrap. Officers had the three go back inside and the manager was also advised about the noise complaint.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports that her smoke alarms are  sounding due to some burnt toast and she can not reset them. Call transferred to WFD for service.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports there is a male on the front porch of her address. The subject was queried and is waiting for a ride. Taxi contacted and will remove him to Lynn where he lives.

Party on Pleasant Street reports a vehicle apparently took out a hydrant as well as a fence in the area. Officers reports according to witness it was a white Nissan, no plate given. WFD was notified and will check the hydrant base for leakage.

Officer request another unit in regards to subject from Ocean Avenue. Officer equates medical aid for OC exposure. One in custody for assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and ID RMV card fraud.

Party on Walden Street reports that her boyfriend maybe overdosing shortly and she has Narcan on hand. WFD and EMS will respond. Party was checked out by EMS and he was sleeping. He was medically cleared.

Officer located the vehicle involved in the hit and run on Pleasant Street earlier. Red paint from the hydrant that was struck was on the vehicle. G&J Towing notified and will respond.

Party on Court Road requesting EMS for her father who is not feeling well. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Report of a large black and white dog on property on Loring Road. Dog does not have a collar or any tags on it. ACO notified and will check if there is an animal reported to be missing.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports people working on a house and he does not think they are allowed to on Sundays. Officer spoke to the workers regarding the Sunday laws and they will knock it off for today.

Reports of dirt bikes being operated on the Strand and the beach. Officer located the electric bike rider and his son on Tafts Avenue and spoke with them.

Report of finding two syringes sticking out of a tree on Shirley Street. Officer located the two syringes and placed them in the Sharps container.

Party walked in to the station to repot that she just caught her pregnant sister in her home shooting heroin. She took the used needle from her and her sister fled the home. She would like us to keep an eye out for her. If she returns she will contact us so that she can be medically evaluated. Officer located the subject at her parents home. Requests EMS for evaluation. Officer reports female being transported to the Whidden/

Caller requests EMS at the AA meeting for person having a seizure.

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