Winthrop Runners Go the Marathon Distance

by Kate Anslinger

Anyone who has participated in a sporting event can attest to the adrenaline that surges through contestants as they approach a finish line, score a goal or make a basket. The Boston marathon, however; is on a whole other level, as the entire city comes out to support the runners that come from all over the world. “The experience was amazing, the crowds, the volunteers, seeing friends and family on the course was so great,” said resident and runner, Dawn Sullivan. “At the end my daughter jumped over the rail and crossed the finish line with me.” The race, which has been in existence since 1897, is managed by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) and consists of both amateur and professional runners. Some make it an annual tradition to go into the city with colorful signs to cheer on the contestants, while others set out to take on the gargantuan challenge of running the 26.2 mile race through the hilly Boston terrain. Below are some of the Winthrop residents who conquered the demanding training schedules for the annual endurance event and crossed the finish line.

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