Police Blotter 03-31-2016

Monday, March 21

Caller on Shirley Street reports that a vehicle struck his fence while attempting to park. The vehicle caused minor damage. However, the caller would like an officer to speak to the operator of the vehicle since this has been an ongoing parking issue in the driveway adjacent to this residence.

Wayne Alarm called to repot an active alarm on Cliff Avenue. Officer dispatched. Wayne Alarm called back to report that a resident has a cleaning company that set off the alarm. The alarm has been canceled.

Party at Viking Gardens called to report being threatened by a female in the area. Officer spoke to the caller and also spoke with the person in charge of the Housing Authority who will be seeking a trespass order against the female.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports that an individual was yelling in the street and may have been intoxicated.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports that he had a verbal altercation with a neighbor for traveling too fast down the street. The caller in this situation apparently is the individual that was in the street on the earlier call. An officer is being dispatched to the area to investigate the situation.

Ambulance requested on Shirley Street.

Life Line called to report a party needs an ambulance on Beach Road. Fire and EMS will handle. The son was given the information.

Caller reports that she is concerned for the well being of her brother who resides on Woodside Avenue. Officer reports the subject left with friends.

Party at Governors Park reports that their neighbor was banging on their door and arguing with the residents. Officer is being dispatched to the area to investigate the situation. The officer spoke to both parties and gave them a few suggestions.

SRO reports a possible fight at the gazebo. She and W92 checked the area, no fight and no crowd.

Caller on Shirley reports that two males are in the yard of the house next door. She stated she did not think they belonged there and yelled at them to leave. She stated they are still in the area. Officers report speaking to both males and they own the property and were checking it out.

Party at Demetri Brothers Liquors stated he is not feeling well and would like medical notified.

We received a call from Girdlestone Road. Upon stating this is 911 what is your emergency, the female subject hung up after she began speaking. Upon calling back the female subject appeared elusive and annoyed when she was asked questions. She was advised we would send an officer by the address to make sure she was ok and she hung up. Officer report the female is ok and does not need assistance at this time. She was advised that in the future to confirm her ID and at least answer the simple questions that were asked of her to avoid a police response.

Tuesday, March 22

91 reports a motor vehicle stop at Veterans and Cutler Streets. 92 on the scene as backup. A citation was issued.

Female party on Shore Drive requests assistance with her son who may be under the influence and is on foot walking toward the home. Officers report speaking with the family and searched the area for the subject to check on his well-being. The subject just have fled the area prior to our arrival. Units will BOLO.

Two constables came to the station with a capias warrant for subject on Revere Street. Copy of the Probate and Family Court warrant was left here at the station. They will contact us if they need assistance.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue reports that her husband found a computer tablet while walking their dog this morning. He will bring it to the station.

Party from earlier call came into the station with the computer tablet that he found. Det. Carter identified the owner and the owner will come to the station to retrieve the property.

Caller from Amaral Associates reports a past dog bite. ACO notified and will respond and reports he will be speaking with all parties involved. ACO also reports that the dog bite occurred on March 17. He will investigate.

During the morning school crossing, the operator of a motor vehicle was advised that right hand turns are not allowed from Almont Street onto Revere Street during the school hours. During the afternoon school crossing, the same vehicle again took the right hand turn from Almont Street onto Revere Street against the posted signage. The owner of the vehicle was issued a town bylaw violation for $100.

Party on Highland Avenue called to report that a person known to his father took his father’s car after he passed away and has not returned it. The party will not answer his telephone. When the alleged friend was called he agreed to give the keys to W92. W92 responded to the parking lot and retrieved the keys and they were returned to the son.

Report from MBTA police over Baypern of a bus with flashing emergency lights headed into Winthrop from Orient Heights. Units notified and attempting to locate. W92 located the bus on Hermon Street and are investigating. Officer spoke with the driver who had a trainee on board and reports the lights were accidentally set off. Units cleared.

Caller on Douglas Street states that the neighborhood kids keep playing in her yard and she does not wish this to happen as she is ill and recovering. They are gone now but wants it logged. She will contact WHA tomorrow about this issue.

Party on Shore Drive reports that while walking from her car to her home, two males in a white mini van slowed down and stated to her “nice house, do you live there?”. She kept her head down and kept walking past her home and they drove off. She wanted this logged as it made her nervous.

An ambulance was requested for 20-year-old female on Adams Street who is throwing up and not feeling well.

Wednesday, March 23

Officer is off with two subjects at Halford Beach. He reports having the subjects leave the area.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a coyote running around near the Amvets. W91 and ACO checked the area and nothing was showing.

Received a second call for the sighting of the coyote on Shirley Street near the Hi Tide from a mother dropping off her son at the bus stop. Call reports it was then on Sturgis Street and then over to Irwin Street. ACO notified.

Summons served to three juveniles at Trident and Shirley Street. Summons to Trident was served in hand to the parent. Summons served in hand to a parent for both addresses on Shirley as well. All three juveniles were served the summons in hand.

Reports of an older male driving erratically on Revere Street. Caller reports that the operator of this car then made a u-turn i the middle of the street and then pulled up beside the caller yelling threats at him and then he reached for something. The caller reports that is when he pulled away as he was afraid of what the older male was reaching for. The caller also stated that there was a HP placard hanging from the mirror in the older male’s car. W91 reports locating the car fitting the description on Grovers Avenue. Officer spoke to the owner. All is ok.

Two callers on Trident Avenue reporting wires down across the street. WFD notified and will check it out.

Caller at Executive Apartments requesting an ambulance for his mother who has a bad injury to her lip. EMS/WFD responded and report a serious dog bite and requesting ACO. ACO notified and responding along with W91. Party transported to the Whidden.

Party came to the station to inquire about an incident she reported several weeks back and what the outcome of the investigation was. Involved party was located as well as another involved/witness party to the event. All told their version of events and were advised to stay away from each other. No police officers involved in this event as was originally reported.

Medical request on Shore Drive.

Medical for asthma request on Golden Drive.

Nurse request medical for a resident on Winthrop Street.

Party on Temple Avenue reports he has the coyote in sight. W91 responded to assist him. The coyote went from Franklin Street to Cross to Locust, Summit to Temple Avenue.

Medical request for party on Waldemar Avenue.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue requests medical response for someone with a cut hand.

BOA security received a report that one of their doors to the bank was damaged. W92 reports the exterior door leading to the outer ATM lobby cannot be secured. BOA security notified.

WFD reports engine experienced trouble making the corner at Coral and Shore Drive while responding to a call. W92 reports patrolling the area and observing no violations at this time.

Caller at The Arbors requests an ambulance for one of the patient’s that is experiencing trouble breathing.

Party on Shirley Street reports jack hammering and other noise coming from the area of the Holy Rosary Church. W92 reports two trucks on the scene. RMV queries on both real active registrations. Parties were repairing the stairs to the church and were informed of the process for future repairs.

Thursday, March 24

Party on Governors Drive requesting EMS to his apartment for a female that is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that she received a call from someone claiming to be the IRS and demanding her information. The caller stated she did provide information but was not clear as to what information was given. Officer dispatched to speak with the caller and also provide information on identity theft. The caller was also advised to never give out personal information and made aware of the SCAM PHONE CALLS.

942 reports that she may have seen the wanted suspect by Boston PD on the Paul Revere bus. W92 responded to check for the bus. W98 and W97 responded to check the bus. W92 located the bus and stopped it just over the line. Boston Police were notified and did respond. Officers assisted in checking the party who was not the subject being sought.

Caller reports that cars are speeding along Hermon Street as well as not paying attention to stop signs the side streets. Officer stopped a violator.

Motor vehicle car stop on Hermon Street. Officer reports unlicensed operator the owner took control of the vehicle.

Detail officer reports someone reporting a vehicle parked in the middle of South Main Street obstructing. W92 responded and reports owner located in hair salon and parking ticket issued for several violations.

Medical aid needed for female on Shirley Street.

Party on Golden Drive reports vandalism to her motor vehicle which she believes may have been done by her brother.

Caller on Lincoln Street requests an ambulance for his father who is not feeling well.

Report was made for vehicle on Veterans Road.

Report of a very large Rotweiller on Siren Street running loose in the neighborhood. ACO notified by phone.

Friday, March 25

Boston EMS received a call for party on Lincoln Street, possible CVA. WFD and EMS notified. Also received call routed fro State Police 911.

Party on Revere Street requesting EMS for her 3-year-old who is not feeling well. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Multiple calls of a person passed out in the car in the middle of River Road. 979 responded along with EMS. Family member arrived on the scene to assist their relative.

Lifeline requesting ambulance on Paine Street for 93-year-old female.

Motor vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot at the Larsen Rink without displaying a placard and plate. A $300 parking ticket was issued.

Reports of a black and white Yorkie being lost.

Caller on Central Street reports that she is with two youths that were vandalizing some property in the area. Units respond and report speaking to the witness and both subjects and the parents of the offenders. The parents will play restitution. The victim will be notified. All parties advised of their rights.

Party on Shirley Street states an erratic operation of a motor vehicle. Caller states there may be some minor damage to the vehicle. Unit reports observing vehicle parked at a residence. 94 spoke to the subject and all appeared in order. Damages on the vehicle occurred in the past.

Caller on River Road states that her brown Daschund is missing. ACO notified.

Caller reports that he was out walking his dog when a black car parked in front of his house. The caller reports a black male got out and walked to Morton Street and walked past about four houses and then went into the back yard and disappeared. W94 reports the vehicle is still parked there but no sign of the male. Officer reports checking along Morton Street and no sign of the reported male.

Party on Golden Drive requests EMS check on a female who stated she took a bottle of pills. Officers report subject being committed via Section 12 and transported to Whidden.

Caller requests assistance with two suspicious subjects at the Landing. Officer spoke with the party who was bringing items to Snake Island to hide for an Easter egg hunt for his children. Unit cleared.

CVS requesting officer for a shoplifter who has since left. Officer spoke to the caller.

Report of a blocked driveway on Perkins Street. Party states there is a woman sitting in the motor vehicle who was confrontational and refuses to move. Officer spoke to both parties and the vehicle is now moved.

Report of a 15-year-old boy who cut his head in the playground at the Arthur T. Cummings School. EMS notified.

Caller reports someone is trying to get entry into the storage bunker behind Governors Park. Unit reports break in occurred but no entry.

Party reports hearing gunshots or possible firecrackers and seeing two males running from Donovan’s Beach towards Main Street. Units report three youths lighting some firecrackers. Items confiscated and subjects sent on their way.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports an intoxicated male in a suit and a backpack who rang his bell and began clucking like a chicken. The subject ran off into he streets. Second caller from Pleasant Street reports a male with a long coat possible of Asian descent threatened her. Units checked the area.

Saturday, March 26

Caller on Trident Avenue reports a woman in the hallway knocking on doors and calling out a male’s name. Units report all is unit and female is no longer in the hallway.

Party on Trident Avenue states loud music/party. Units respond and report all is quiet.

Female from Ft. Heath park states that someone drove all over the grass leaving tire marks. Officer repots good amount of damage.

Report of an individual loitering on the corner of Ocean View and Bowdoin Street. 92 will investigate the situation.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that a company working on the roof on the adjacent property with debris falling onto the caller’s yard. 91 responded to the area. The officer spoke to the caller and the foreman and the roofers will be more careful and they will clean u p. Foreman told homeowner and damage will be made good.

Party at Governors Park states that people upstairs are banging on the floor. Officers report speaking to the caller and gave her suggestions. She will follow through with them.

Visiting Nurse reports patient at Seal Harbor needs an ambulance.

Employee from La Femme Boutique called to report that a customer maybe having a stroke. EMS notified.

Party on Locust Street called to report that he, his child and his dog were attacked by another dog. Officer and ACO report they are taking the attacking dog to Revere to the Ocean View Kennel.

Manager of CVS called to report there is a drunk approaching young kids. Officers report bringing the subject to the train station.

Male caller reports a motorcycle going around the corner at 100 mph on Shirley Street. Officer reports sitting on Veterans Road, Shirley Street and the side street, no motorcycle.

Call of a fight involving several males at Hadassah Way. Caller reports one male was beating the other.

Caller on River Road states a tow truck is in front of her house and it has been running for over 3 hours. Officer reports no tow truck in the area and no running vehicles.

Callers reports a vehicle with very heavy damage to it on Deane Avenue. The operator is still trying to drive it. State reports that they received a report from Revere PD and others that the motor vehicle struck something, possibly in Revere near Short Beach as witnesses saw the car smoking and it was coming to Winthrop. K9 along with the State located a pole by Eliot Circle that was struck. G&J notified.

Officer reports one under arrest for driving under the influence on Cliff Avenue.

W94 reports a motor vehicle parked in the HP spot in Winthrop Center. Officer reports tagging the vehicle parked near the entry to ATM. A $300 fine was issued.

Caller on Elmwood Avenue reports a motor vehicle in the middle of the street, possible broken  axel. Officer reports party on the scene waiting for a tow.

Party on Pleasant Street reports roofer on the building two doors down working in the dark and making noise. Unable to send anyone due to an arrest.

Caller on Maple Road called regarding a party breaking up and people are breaking bottles in the street. Officers report speaking with a few individuals. No broken bottles observed.

Sunday, March 27

Party called Boston PD 911 and advised that someone unknown to her jumped into her car and is driving her through Boston. Ping was done on cell phone number and it was coming from the Kennedy Road area. Officer observed a red car parked there but no answer at the door. He is now checking with the owner of the cell phone who Boston advises is listed out of Beacon Street. Officer is speaking with the registered owner of the motor vehicle and trying to ascertain where her sister is who has the cell phone. Boston PD was contacted and will ping the phone number once again to see if there is an updated location. Officer was sent to Beachmont to speak with the original caller (the friend).

Party on Russell Street repots falling off a ladder and injuring her arm. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Call for a female having knee pain on Lincoln Street. Call transferred to Winthrop Fire.

Clerk from Cumberland Farms called stating that a customer locked herself out of her vehicle with her baby inside. WFD notified. W92 report fire was able to unlock the car. No other service needed.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that a person is burning leaves and is concerned the fire could spread. W92 reports nobody burning leaves just residents using the BBQ.

Many 911 calls and 1212 calls of a fight between two men at the Cove Convenience. No one in the area and officers checked for a victim. Store has security footage but no one is working that can review the footage.

Caller reports a man is passed out in the marsh area of the park near the bench on Revere Street. She will point out to the officers. Medical notified. Officer reports one person off to MGH.

Walk-in to report that her sister is harassing her by text messages. Wants it on record. She was advised of her rights.

Medical call on Overlook Drive. Transferred to EMS.

Caller on Main Street reports someone broke the window in the area.

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