Police Blotter 03-24-2016

Monday, March 14

Party on Nahant Avenue called to request medical for his girlfriend. Transferred to WFD.

Individual came into the station to speak with detectives regarding ATM skimming incident. He stated that the picture posted on news and online is not him but appears to be him. He would like to insure that his name or personal information is not associated with this photo.

Female caller who was unreadable on 911 line. Something about her father leaving her at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home and with the people there who are not nice. Officer requesting a taxi to transport the female to Revere and spoke with male party.

Caller on Shirley Street stated that his neighbor made some threats in the past to him and then she is currently sitting in the driver’s seat of a car and she has no driver’s license. A RMV check of the party revealed an active driver’s license. Officer reports speaking to both parties and the matter was settled at this time, no threats made recently and it is an ongoing matter.

Officer off on follow-up patrol investigation on Willow Avenue.

Party called to report that she wants someone arrested regarding an earlier call. The party was advised to come to the station upon her return to town.

Party on Orlando Avenue called to report that her Toyota is missing. Upon checking to see if it was towed, it showed that it was not towed. Owner will be in to fill out forms so we can send it out. W93 checked the area of the caller to see if it was parked in a different spot After entering the vehicle into NCIC, the owner informed us that it was found in Revere.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that her husband’s motor vehicle was gone through and the only thing missing at this time is $15.

Calling party at Winthrop Housing states that there is a woman in her officer that is threatening to hurt herself. EMS sent out. The party was transported to BMC.

Officer off with a vehicle at Hanford Park. Parties were sent out of the area.

Party on Lorean Terrace reports various identification papers stolen from her home during an estate sale.

Visiting Nurse on Shirley Street request an ambulance for her patient. EMS is responding.

Party reports seeing two boats pull in the area of the boat yard on Pleasant Court and people get off, but she did not see them leave the boatyard and believes they may be breaking into the boats. Officer reports the only people in the area are men working on boats in the Belle Isle Boat Yard. He spoke with a man who reportedly works there and who claims there are no issues. Unit cleared.

Party came to the station to report he was a victim in the Cumberland Farms ATM skimmer incident.

Caller at Demetri Brothers Liquors reports smelling smoke in his store but can not locate the source. WFD responding.

Party on Beal Street requests an ambulance for her husband who is having difficulty breathing. EMS responding.

Tuesday, March 15

Party on Cutler Street reports her 17-year-old son passed out. WFD and EMS notified and responded. Officer reports 17-year-old male with a high fever. EMS and WFD on the scene. Patient transported to Children’s via EMS.

Report of a water leak on Pauline Street. DPW notified.

Medical assist needed on Sagamore Avenue.

Party reports that her vehicle was parked on Locust Street last evening and when she came out she discovered someone hit her front bumper causing damage. She reports this is the third time this has happened.

Caller on Prospect Avenue called to report that his power is out and he thinks it is the result of the construction by the town sub-contractor working in the area. A call was received from detail officer 975 reporting the power was ripped from the residence. Fire responded and notified National Grid. Caller was also concerned regarding the roads in the area due to this construction. He reports popping a tire as a result.

WFD is on the radio reporting the construction company on Cottage Hill working as a sub-contractor for the town has struck a gas line Fire on the scene and is calling National Grid. Fire reports National Grid gas and electric is on the scene.

Caller at Bright Beginning Learning Center requests ambulance for a staff member.

Party on Cottage Park Road came into the station to inquire about regulations for a moving van truck large in size. He was informed if the truck was legally positioned and not blocking any public access or way, it should be fine. He was also informed that if it was a problem that they would or should hire a detail.

W94 reports that the construction company may be gone for the day and they left equipment parked on the corner of Prospect Avenue preventing fire from making the turn. Officer checked the area and located some workers who will move the vehicles and clear the corner.

A man’s wallet was brought into the station that was found in Winthrop Center. No phone number listed in our in-house. The wallet was left on the desk in the event the owner comes right in. It contains cards and personal papers.

State Police called stating that a resident of Viking Gardens was making strange claims about her neighbor, supposedly having “guns, weapons and bodies” in her apartment. W92 and EMS responded to check out her claims and for an evaluation of the caller. Officer reports one sent to MGH for an evaluation under Section 12.

Caller reports that she was walking her dog and observed two girls sitting in a silver car at Circuit and Court Road. As she walked by, she heard a banging sound and muffled yelling from where she assumed to be the trunk of the car. When she looked back, the vehicle sped pass her and turned left onto Lowell Road. Regional query revealed no registration in New England.

Wednesday, March 16

Party at Dalrymple Apartments reports loud music and voices in the apartment near her. The officers spoke with both parties involved and the TV will be turned down. The peace was restored.

Very loud female who appeared to be under the influence on Shirley Street called 911 stating she needed to go to the hospital. She refused to give any information Officers located her outside a convenience store where she told the WFD she would be found. Officers report the female refused to give them further information but was transported to the Whidden for further evaluation.

Female party on Irwin Street reports someone was just banging on her apartment door. Officers report checking the apartment building and adjacent area to no avail.

Caller at East Boston Neighborhood Health requesting medical for person with chest pains. Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

DPW worker called requesting an offer spend to retrieve a syringe which was located in the marsh area on Morton Street. W91 dispatched to retrieve the syringe.

Caller on Cottage Avenue requesting an ambulance for her unresponsive husband who is on the floor. Call transferred to WFD/EMS.

Templeton Police called requesting we check on a 17-year-old female who may be in our town. The parent is at Templeton PD reporting that the daughter is missing and may be in our town. Officers checked and made contact with the female party who agreed to come to the station with us and a parent will pick her up.

SRO reports the fire alarm is going off at the Ft. Banks School. It is an unplanned drill. W92 will respond to assist.

Party on Pond Street reports a car parked there for at least three weeks. It was not reported stolen, and was listed out of East Boston. Owner was found and the vehicle will e moved.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that someone hit a tree in front of her house. Officer reports all ok with the tree.

Walk-in to report he was a victim of the skimmer at the Cumberland Farms.

W93 will be checking a property along with inspectional services on Putnam Street. Officer report one female in custody for disorderly conduct, two counts of possession of Class B drug, possession to distribute Class B drug in violation near school/park.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her water is very brown and unable to get the DPW on the line. DPW was contacted for her and was informed that there was an earlier problem on water tower hill, and it has been corrected. The caller was informed to run water as directed by DPW until it runs clear.

Party on Prospect Avenue requesting an ambulance transport for his wife. EMS responding.

Ambulance requested on Cottage Park Road. EMS notified.

Caller on Governors Drive requesting EMS for his pregnant wife who is not feeling well.

Thursday, March 17

Party on Winthrop Street reports loud music coming from the 2nd floor apartment. Officer spoke with the resident who will shut it down for the night.

Caller reports that the crosswalk on Revere Street near the Marketplace is very dangerous. She has almost been struck several ties and states that cars do not stop. The units were advised to monitor that area as well as other crosswalks around town.

Detail officer reports a water cover missing or off in the Cross and Main Street area. DPW notified and will address the issue.

W91 report tagging vehicle for sidewalk violations on Bates Avenue. Upon further check of the plate status, it came back as revoked, G&J notified and responding. Vehicle towed to private property and the officer secured the plates. A citation was issued.

Caller on Lincoln Street request an ambulance as he is very ill. Call transferred to EMS.

Alarm company called reporting alarm on Putnam Place. W93 dispatched and reports that prior to his arrival, the alarm company canceled.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports that her mom is having a difficult time breathing. Transferred to EMS.

Calling party from Fort Heath Apartments states that his neighbor is unresponsive. Fire and EMS sent. CPAC and ME’s office notified. Funeral parlor pick up and units clear.

Call from Nick’s Place about a possible overdose. Party refused medical transport. Officer will file a 51A.

Officer repots suspicious subject inside the Meat Market. Female party sent out of the area and given a verbal trespass.

Principal Hearty called SRO to report a suspicious male inside the school. The person stated that he wanted to use the bathroom. Principal sent the subject out of the area and wanted this on record.

Party on Lincoln Street requesting an ambulance for a transport for one of their residents.

Caller on Beach Road requesting an ambulance for transport as he is bleeding from his stomach.

Request for assist to getting in an apartment on Veterans Road as they are locked out. WFD responding.

Caller on Grovers Avenue requests an officer because an unknown woman was banging on the door and yelling at his girlfriend.

Report of loud music being played in an apartment on Shirley Street.

Friday, March 18

Caller on Washington Avenue reports a motor vehicle struck a fire hydrant and left the area. WFD notified. Unit report the hydrant broke off and water is coming out. Winthrop DPW notified and will respond. Units report DPW shut off the water to hydrant and coned off the area.

Father on Pauline Street called to report that his daughter was drinking last night and took some pills. She is not responsive at this time. Fire, EMS and officers report a 22-year-old female is going to the MGH.

Party came in to report that he was involved with the Cumberland Farms ATM scam.

Child called to report that her skating coach had fallen and was unable to get up. WFD and W94 responding to Larsen Rink to assist.

Party on Grovers Avenue called to say that her tire was slashed. Officer reports he will fill out an incident report.

Housing Authority called to say that a drunk was on the property and needs to be treated at a hospital. Officer reports he is going to the Whidden.

Report of a large tree limb down and dangerous on Albert and Court Road. DPW notified and will take care of it.

Worker at Energy To Go reports a man and woman that went into the bathroom together. They came out and have been acting strange. Officers spoke to the subjects and there was no crime. Sent on their way.

Two youths walked in to report a teen has a knife on him at Ingleside Park. He was showing it off to other kids.

Caller on Morton Street reports that her friend fell off the bed and needs medical attention. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Saturday, March 19

Party came in to the station to report that he was scammed at the Cumberland Farms ATM.

Bartender at Winthrop Yacht Club called to report a male has fallen and may have broke a rib. Fire notified and will respond.

Party on Lowell Road came to the station to report that information on her W2 form was hacked.

Officer is off on a follow-up investigation on Pauline Street. Officer spoke to the individual.

Officer will follow-up on a subject on Golden Drive. No one was home.

Officer will try to return a turned in wallet to party on Cliff Avenue. He reports a neighbor who is a friend took it and will give it to the owner when she comes home.

Party on Tewksbury Street reports that he noticed a young female with blonde hair in a Jeep getting ready to “shoot up”. When he walked up to her vehicle, she took off. No plate was obtained. All units notified.

Homeowner on Shirley Street called to report that her fuse box is sparking. Fire will respond.

Report of a strong odor of gas at Pleasant and Pauline Street.

Report of youths throwing rocks at cars at Read and Lincoln Street. W92 responded to the area and sent the youths on their way.

Auxiliary Police report that they were stopped and informed of driver that was driving unsafe into Winthrop from Revere. Vehicle is parked at Cumberland Farms. Officers report locating the vehicle and speaking with the operator. All is well.

Report that two males and a female were ringing doorbell on Johnson Avenue and then running away. Caller reports that she has them on camera. W98 reports a group is in the area of Court Road doing the same thing. W91 and W98 will check the area for these youths. W98 reports speaking with the group and they admitted to ringing bells and will stop. W92 will speak to the caller and advise her.

Reports of hearing what sounded like two gunshots and a bomb on Beach Road. Several more calls reporting loud fireworks in the area. Officers checked the area and all is quiet.

Sunday, March 20

Unit reports motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Unit requests G&J for expired registration. Vehicle towed to private property.

Several calls of a fight on Willis Avenue. Units request EMS. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report one under arrest for disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Subject was transported to Whidden.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports a disturbance on the first floor. Unit report loud music turned down.

Party called to report that her father is not responding to any one on Sagamore Avenue. Officers and WFD report a 78-year-old male going to the Melrose/Wakefield.

Safety Officer called to report he has a patient from the Special Needs Group Home on Pleasant Street. Off. Gregorian will go by and take the person back for his safety.

Party and his daughter found two empty wallets on the beach and thought we might want them. Nothing in them but sand and a CVS receipt. Placed under the front window.

Probation sent us a warrant for subject. One of several addresses he may be at is on Trident Avenue. Officers made contact with the subject and placed him under arrest for outstanding warrant of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Man reports a bag of bones on path at Beacon Circle. 91 Ramadani reports it is a toy.

911 calls and 1212 calls of a man attacked or hit by a vehicle on Veterans Road. Medical notified. Officers report one to MGH. Next call was of an assault involving two juveniles.

Caller at Governors Park reports people at apartment have very loud music and other noise going on. Officer report he spoke to the tenant and he will lower the volume.

Medical aid about a young female not breathing on Shirley Street. Fire and ambulance notified. Officers sent to the scene. Units report female being transported.

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