Residents Appear Before Council Asking for Town Dog Park

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Just about every city and town has one now and people in Winthrop are now seeking their own dog park.

Resident Debbie Carroll spoke for a group of people in front of the Town Council, explaining why Winthrop needs a dog park and what it could be like. They looked at several sites, including Ingleside Park, Palmyra, an area off Veterans Road and Coughlin Park. Carroll said they have narrowed it down to Coughlin Park, in the Point Shirley area. She said they were thinking of an area of 300 by 65 feet, with a fence, gravel, trees and water. There would be one area for small dogs and one for larger dogs.

Carroll spoke with Sean Driscoll, director of parks and recreation, about the cost which she estimate at between $40,000-$50,000. Driscoll said it could be less.

Proponents are conscious of keeping away from neighborhoods because of any potential barking. The animal control officer said there are many dog already recreating down in that area.

Town Manager James McKenna said he’d like to dedicate a small amount of money to generate a plan and feasibility study to determine the scale and location of the dog park. There are 1,000 dogs registered in the town of Winthrop.

“A lot of people favor this,” said Council President Bob Driscoll Jr.

Police Chief Terence Delehanty said parking would also be needed, adding that more parking is also needed for beach-goers, especially at Yirrell Beach.

Anyone interested with helping with this project can contact the Town Manager’s office at 617-846-1705.

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