Police Blotter 02-18-2016

Monday, February 8

Call from Chester Avenue that party has fallen. EMS notified.

Alarm Company called to report there is an activation at the Cummings School. Officer report all looks okay. Custodian on scene and the building is secure.

Report of a line down on Main Street. It appears to be snapping around the ground and may be dangerous. 91 sent to the area and WFD was notified. WFD report it is a phone wire and they took care of the issue.

Housing supervisor came to report that the rear entrance on Overlook Drive there appears to be several windows with green paint balls.

91 reports he is off on a follow up on Sturgis Street. Officer reports contact made but now services needed.

Motor vehicle parked on the wrong side of Bowdoin and Thornton Street. License came back as expired. G&J notified that it is a F250 truck.

Caller states that Townsend Street is beginning to flood. 91 sent to assess the area. DPW notified and informed that there is a three-foot storm surge and it is now high tide.

Caller on Walden Street called to report that her friend needs an ambulance to the MGH. EMS notified.

Party on Wilshire Street reports that two large trucks are blocking the street. Officer reports the street is open and not blocked. Crew is leaving soon as well.

Party on Marshall Street called to report that his mother in law needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller on Pico Avenue thinks the plow took off the stem off of a gas pipe. Fire notified.

Party at the Arbors called to report that a party needs to be transported to the doctors. EMS notified.

Vehicle towed from Jefferson because of snow ban.

Ambulance needed at the Arbors for congestive heart failure. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Report of a wire down on River Road. 91 and WFD report all clear at this time.

Officer reports vehicle is parked in such a way that it is blocking the street at Shirley and Veterans Road. Requests G&J for towing.

Caller reports that someone placed trash barrels in the parking lot on George Street and put blocks in them to save many spots. Officer reports moving the barrels.

Motor vehicle blocking the sidewalk on Summit Avenue. G&J notified and the vehicle moved as soon as the tow truck arrived. A parking ticket was issued.

Report of motor vehicles blocking sidewalks on Summit Avenue. 91 Ramadani/Guerra report tagging one car and it moved.

Tuesday, February 9

Report of a vehicle parked in the rear of town hall with a parking ticket and flat tire. It appears it has been there for several days without moving. Vehicle will be placed on 72- hour list.

W94 reports that Short Beach is closed to traffic by State Police due to flooding.

Noise complaint on Central Street. W94 reports that someone using a loud snowblower and he was informed to cease.

Caller on Pauline Street reports a DPW worker is dumping snow into the street and almost caused an accident. Unit reports a DPW worker is snowplowing the sidewalk and it is not going into the street.

Traffic Officer requests another unit and he is having a problem with a motorist. Officers report subject sent out of the area of Revere and Kennedy Road.

Party reports he was in a car accident at the car wash on Main Street and the other driver is giving him a hard time. Officer report two vehicles involved. A very minor accident.

W92 reports there are long icicles hanging fro the roof on Pauline Street and they are about to fall. Building Inspector on the scene and has ordered the building owner to remove the ice and to have a police officer keep the area safe. A safety officer was hired.

Party on Jefferson Street called to report that all the fire alarms are going off. WFD notified and report it is food on the stove.

Officers W91 and W94 will swap off for traffic until another officer can be brought in. Winthrop Parkway is flooding. A check with the cameras and the water is still going over the wall.

Report of a party drunk and he says he’s sick on Argyle Street. EMS notified.

Elderly female on Golden Drive is in serious pain and called 911 but could to tell what was wrong. Action sent to the location and then WFD was called.

Report that the intersection of Shirley and Bayview Avenue is flooded and party cannot get by. She asked if a truck or something can help her. DPW was notified and if they can help they will. It is high tide. Officer reports the intersection is flooded and he cannot see around the corner. DPW will send a truck to take the lady home.

Call from Town Hall to report that someone fell in front of the library. Officers, fire and Action report an 84-year-old an ay have missed a step. No defeats or ice in the area.

Caller on Shirley Street is requesting the police check on the well being of two children that may be residing at a residence there. 91 is investigating.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue reports that her snow blower is missing. She stated he only wanted this on record and would attempt to locate her former roommate.

Officer has vehicle stopped for traffic violation on Pleasant Street.

Wednesday, February 10

Party on Willis Avenue came in to report that her black Labrador mix escaped from the back yard. Units notified and will ben the lookout. She will call us if the dog is located ACO will also be notified.

Party called back to let us know that her dog was returned back to her home.

Staff at the Arbors called to report a combative resident. Fire, 91 and 92 responding. Subject is going to the MGH.

Call from Woburn Police to report subject just assaulted one of their officers and then struck a pedestrian fleeing the scene. Woburn stated he may have changed vehicles. The subject has many “armed robbery” charges on his BOP plus “intimidation of a witness” and “intimidation to steal.” Officers use caution. W91 will sit on Pauline Street. Unit have located latest registry photo. The subject never came back to Winthrop. His photo was posted and stapled to his photo was a suspension notice from the registry for “immediate threat”.

Party on Brookfield Road called requesting medical assistance. WFD notified.

Caller on Harvard Street reports an intoxicated individual is “staggering” in the street. She is in fear for his safety. 94 and WFD are responding.

Individual came to the station to report a fraud that has been committed against her.

Caller from Seal Harbor reports that a boat dock has apparently broken loose from a neighboring area. Harbormaster has been notified of the situation.

E911 call from Belcher Street. When called back, the party said she did not dial 911 nor did anyone else. She was told to call 911 again so we could see the number when it came up. She never called back. Officer reports that she is there, but has no idea what is going on. All seems okay.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue reports that his son in law is having a diabetic attack. EMS notified.

An individual from Siren Street came to the station to report a breaking and entering had taken place.

Party came to the station to claim money he found well over a year ago. His ID was checked and the money given to the finder.

Caller on Putnam Street reports a past hit and run. Officer was given an address of the suspect vehicle. He then went to this address with negative results.

Walk-in from Governors Park to report that a woman that lives in the building was in the hallway and called her 12-year-old daughter names. This is an ongoing issue with prior court action. She was advised of her rights.

Party on Overlook Drive reports that her neighbor has fallen. Referred to WFD.

Caller on Bowdoin Street requests a well-being check on her neighbor. Neighbor is well and has had problems with her phone.

Vehicle towed from Governors Park for trespass.

Thursday, February 11

Motorist parked inside Hanford Park and officer report having the person leave the closed park.

Party on Shirley Street reports a fight taking place inside the apartment. Boston PD also called reporting they received a call regarding the fight and one of the females maybe armed with a knife. Officer notified and report a fight took place between cousins. All three were questioned and released. A taxi was called for the two that do not live there.

Revere PD called reporting a black male 70-years-old is missing from his home. Unknown what he is wearing. He is an Alzheimers patient and may be in the area of Short Beach heading into Winthrop.

Party on Shirley Street spoke with regional dispatch stating there are unwanted guests at her apartment. Officers report party needs medical aid and is requesting EMS and WFD. Officers queried three individuals at the home and report having all three parties leave the home.

Received a fax from repo company reporting they had just repossessed a motor vehicle on Banks Street.

Party came to the station to report that he has lost his Ugandan issued passport. The party reports that he last saw his passport when he lived in state of Washington and traveled to British Columbia in Canada in 1996. He was advised to report this loss to the police department where he is currently living.

W94 will complete a report regarding the hit and run to a motor vehicle on Lincoln Street. Someone may have backed into the vehicle.

Party came to the station to inform us that she is going on a vacation to visit her sister. Her 8-year-old son will be staying home with her husband as he has hockey and other events planned over the vacation week. The party just wanted this on record that she has not abandoned her child or has left the home, but is just on vacation visiting her family.

Party called reporting a male asked him to call for an ambulance for him in the cemetery parking lot on Kennedy Road. Transferred to EMS. W93 responded and reports the party is known to us.

Report of two vehicles parked on the sidewalk on Madison Avenue. One vehicle moved prior to officer’s arrival. Several attempts to locate the owner or operator of the vehicle that remained was unsuccessful. Vehicle was ticketed for sidewalk violation. The reporting party called back to state that the two vehicles are parked in this fashion often usually in the daytime hours. The second vehicle was a large pickup truck. No obstructions to emergency vehicles.

Caller on Veterans Road reports that her friend ell over on his walker and struck his head. EMS and WFD contacted and will respond.

Friday, February 12

Officer spoke with operator regarding being inside the closed Hannaford Park. The subject was sent on his way.

A party from out of state called to report someone called him regarding a truck accident at Williams and Adams Street. W91 responded to the area and it was clear, nothing showing.

Caller on North Avenue requests ambulance for her husband.

Party came into the station to report that two bank accounts were opened in his name and needed and incident report.

Officer reports he is back at the scene of an accident from earlier call (Williams and Adams Street) and is reporting damage to a pole. Fire responded and reports extensive damage to the pole and notified National Grid. National Grid responded and reports this is for Verizon.

Received a notice of an immediate threat from the Registry to be served on a resident on Cliff Avenue. W91 was able to serve the party in hand the revocation.

W93 reports that while in the area of the car wash on Main Street, the owner of a vehicle reported that his vehicle sustained damage to the passenger side rear bumper when going through the automatic car wash. He will work out the details with the car wash owner.

Caller on Fremont Street repots that she believes that her neighbor may have struck her motor vehicle and left the area. W93 responded and reports speaking with the neighbor’s party who may know who caused the damage and will contact them. If there is a problem they will contact us back.

Parking Clerk reports that a car that he reported parked in the rear of the town hall is still there. W91 responded and reports that the owner stated that the vehicle was broken down and that she has arranged for a tow. They will be removing it by Monday.

Party reports that a grey car sped past him the wrong way at Michaels Mall. He yelled at the operator that he was going the wrong way. After an exchange of words between both parties the male used racial and ethnic slurs towards him. The party feels he should report this as the male stated he was going to stick him.

Motor vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard. The party ran into the House of Pizza to pick up food. He was issued a $300 parking ticket.

Party called to report that a vehicle was parked in the middle of Highland Avenue obstructing traffic. W94 responded and reports the area is clear and no vehicle is obstructing.

Motor vehicle (taxi) was parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard. The back seat passenger came out of the store and the driver came out with a coffee. A $300 ticket was issued to the operator of the taxi.

Another vehicle was parked in the handicap spot without a placard at 7-11 store. The vehicle was issued a $300 parking ticket for the HP violation.

Social worker from the BMC called to see if we had any information in house regarding a citizen of the town. The hospital is trying to locate the next of kin. W91 walked over to the residence and was unsuccessful locating anyone in the apartment. He subsequently spoke with a resident of the building who has not seen either resident of the other apartment, but will have the resident call the station when he sees him. BMC notified of current status.

Another vehicle was parked in the handicap spot without displaying a handicap placard at Cumberland Farms. The vehicle was issued a $300 parking ticket for the violation.

A motor vehicle was parked on Revere Street completely blocking the cross walk. The vehicle was issued a $100 parking ticket for the violation.

Owner of Kendalls called in response to a customer receiving a parking ticket for a crosswalk violation and stated that there is a commercial vehicle parked near her restaurant and she wants it tagged. W93 returned to the scene and spoke with the caller and had her facilitate the moving of four additional vehicles that were blocking her driveway and then was made aware that the commercial vehicle that had already left the scene would have to be observed by a police officer and timed for one hour before a violation is considered to have taken place.

W91 reports being off with a vehicle at Halford Beach.

Saturday, February 13

Motor vehicle stopped for speeding in excess of 50 mph from Main Street onto Saratoga Street. Officer reports he will cite the operator and seek an immediate threat on him.

Lifeline alert operator called to report party has fallen out of bed and cannot get back up on Golden Drive. Call transferred to WFD.

Numerous calls regarding a motor vehicle in to a pole on Pleasant Street. Male and female fled in separate directions. Officer reports one subject was injured and is being transported to the hospital. The vehicle was towed and pole checked by National Grid. The female driver was not located in the area.

Party reports that his wife’s iPhone 6 valued at approximately $800 was taken from Off The Boat in Revere last night. The party states the tracker devise on the phone is pinging to an address in Winthrop. Officer responded and called the phone number at which time a female answered. The female claimed that she picked up the phone in error last night and was making arrangements to return it to the owner. She also stated that her phone is the same one as hers. Officer reports viewing both phones and they are identical. The phone was brought to the station and returned to the owner’s family.

Wakefield PD was called regarding making a notification and check the well being of party possibly involved in an earlier motor vehicle accident. Wakefield went to the address and no one was home. Father called back and reports the daughter actually lives in Malden. The Malden PD was contacted and sent to the address. No answer. The officer left a card with a message to all. The party’s father notified and he will look more on his own.

Social Worker from Boston Medical Center called trying to find out information on a patient there regarding family members on Pauline Street. Some information was provided from a party at his residence as well as a roommate’s number provided to assist.

Party stopped W91 on the street by Metcalf Square asking for assistance as he stated that he was in fear for his life due to the weather. The party came into the station and stated that he cannot feel his feet. He was concerned for his right foot and toes. WFD came to the lobby and then left. An ambulance arrived.

Caller on Woodside Park reports vehicle parked for days obstructing her walkway. Vehicle displaying parking sticker for town and registered out of town. Unit dispatched to attempt to locate the owner. Unit unable to locate the owner but confirmed a resident sticker. Message left for parking clerk with call number to look into this matter regarding enforcement of out of town registration with resident sticker.

Party came in to the station to repot a stolen iPhone from the locker room at Winthrop Middle School. Officers performing a followup investigation at several addresses. There were two phones stolen.

Inspector for the Six City Initiative came in to meet up with detective to respond to Kasbah Restaurant to check for continuing violations.

Sunday, February 14

Party on Beach Road is requesting EMS for her mother who took a fall. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Caller on Bowdoin Street is requesting an ambulance for his wife for shortness of breath. Fire and EMS notified and will respond.

Party fell out of bed on Lincoln Street.

Oceanview Kennel is reporting that they have a yellow Lab Shepard mix dog that has been there since last night. She is unable to get ACO. A message was left for ACO by us also to contact if anyone calls regarding a lost dog to have them contact Oceanview Kennel. Mother calling for a well-being of her son who has been ill and not answering his phone. W94 dispatched to Golden Drive and reports he spoke to the party and advised him to call his mother.

Caller on Enfield Road reports being locked out of her motor vehicle and her child is in need of going to the doctors. WFD requesting officer for verification of identification. Officer verified identification and WFD assisted.

Reports of a water meter that froze and then burst on Shirley Street. Water is spilling out all over. Party wants someone from the water department. DPW notified.

Reports of some detectors going off as a result of burnt food on Shore Drive. Fire needs to go and reset.

Party at Governors Park reports a tire to his motor vehicle has been slashed once again. The caller states this is an ongoing issue and she has had multiple tires slashed on two different motor vehicles that she and her husband own.

Reports that a problem may be brewing similar to last year regarding the sewer lines on Cliff Avenue. DPW was notified.

G&J Towing called stating that they had the owner of a vehicle which was involved in an accident at their company looking for her vehicle. We spoke to the individual who identified herself. She had requested her belongings including case and identification in her handbag she left in her car. She was informed to come to the station to give a statement to retrieve her property which has been secured. She was informed to report to the station in person to have the property released at which time she hung up.

Party called to report that he had his 9-year-old daughter for visitation and he was bringing her back home. His wife and her mother were acting up yelling and swearing. The caller stated he removed the child and is taking her back home with him. He is going to court on Tuesday regarding their behavior in front of the child.

Caller on Wilshire Street reports a water pipe break shut off from issued switch but water is still coming in from outside. DPW notified.

Party on Bartlett Road reports a large pipe broke in his house.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a pipe broke and water is coming in her apartment. Also it is coming through the light fixture. The caller reports that her upstairs neighbor came down and reports her ceiling came down. Transferred to fire. Fire called and wanted us to note that they had to force entry into an apartment to check on the damage.

Reports of a pipe broken on Court Road and water is pouring in. Fire notified.

Woman on Marshall Street requests an ambulance for her sister. Officers report a signed waiver. Two adult sisters having a disagreement. One will leave for now.

Reports of a  possible water break on Waldemar Avenue. W94 responded to the area to check it and DPW notified.

Caller on South Main Street reports that her pipe burst and is flooding the downstairs. Fire notified and will respond.

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