Police Blotter 10-29-2015

Monday, October 19

Safety officer reports that a passing motorist stated there was debris in the road on Revere Street causing traffic concerns. DPW notified.

Call from Atlantic Street that a female needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Received a fax from the Registry to request we hand deliver an immediate threat license suspension form to Beach Road. Officer reports no one answered the door, plus he checked the other units and not one was home. A second attempt was made by Off. Ramadani and the party is still in the hospital.

Party on Palmyra Street called to report that someone has gone through and opened up his mail. He also stated a few of his neighbors have had the same thing happen.

Caller on Winthrop Street called to report that her father is dizzy and may need to be looked at. WFD notified.

Complaints of kids on Winthrop Street making lots of noise. 91 Ramadani reports the area is quiet but a group of four known to him were walking from the area.

Party came in to request some paperwork in regards to an accident from earlier this month. The information was located and the party was given a copy that he was allowed to receive.

Caller on Wilshire Street reports a CO2 alarm going off in the home. They were advised to leave the house immediately and dispatched WFD to the scene.

Three outstanding warrants (defaults) out of East Boston Court were tried to be served to subjects on Temple Avenue. No one home, all locked up.

Party from Beach Road called the station wondering why the police have been at her house. She stated that her roommate called to inform her we have been there. The caller was informed over the phone that her license has been suspended for immediate threat and we have been trying to give her the RMV letter. The subject stated she will stop by the station tomorrow and pick it up.

Possible drunk male in the street near the Public Landing. 91 Ramadani located him and requested WFD and EMTs. Subject was treated and transported to the Whidden.

Tuesday, October 20

Caller on Willow Road reports that his wife is having an asthma attack. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Female on Harvard Street called to report that two black dogs running around the area and they have attacked people in the past. ACO was notified.

We received information that a motor vehicle has been parked in the same place for at least a week on Edgehill Road. It’s on the 72 hour list as of 10/17. Officer will issue a ticket and G&J will tow.

Chelsea Police called and reported they received a vehicle we put out as stolen. An arrest was made. We cancelled from the computer with the help of the stolen motor vehicle division of the registry.

Cashier at Cumberland Farms reports that a customer is complaining about lost money, but there is an apparent language barrier preventing a resolution to the problem. Unit 92 responding to assist. Officer requesting fire and EMS for an evaluation. Officer reports the individual transported to MGH for an evaluation.

Report of a motor vehicle being vandalized sometime last night on Revere Street.

Call from Dr. Pransky’s office. They have an intoxicated male there that says he has issues. Fire notified.

Caller from Crystal Cove Inn reports a woman walked in trying to sell him jewelry. He thinks that it may be stolen. He stated she left and took a right on Shirley Street (walking) wearing a jean type jacket.

Officer responding to Temple Avenue with a warrant. They report the subject not in the area.

Male caller reports a male in dark clothing looks like he is doing something behind the orange church building. Officers report the building is unlocked. They report a priest and a worker is inside and all is okay.

Mother from Beal Street called to report that someone who made a purchase of a back/neck massage on Craigslist from her son. She went to give the unknown subject the item and the subject made very disturbing remarks to the mother.

Winthrop 98 reports having two subjects under arrest on Nevada Street. One from Winthrop for three outstanding warrant and one from Chelsea for one outstanding warrant.

Call for medical on Lincoln Street. Transferred to EMD.

Saugus PD called to make a notification involving a larceny that took place their town. W91 reports no one answers the door on Ocean View Street and they will try back later.

Officer tried again to Ocean View Street to make a notification. He reports no one is at home at this time. He gave the information to a family member and they will pass it on.

911 for a possible stoke on Chester Avenue. Transferred to EMD.

Wednesday, October 21

W93 reports a motor vehicle stop on Shirley Street. A citation was issued.

W92 reports a motor vehicle stop at Veterans and Cutler Street. Officer reports a citation was issued.

Officers will transport two prisoners to the East Boston Court.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that sometime overnight someone slashed the rear tires of his motor vehicle.

Safety Officer was informed of a blocked driveway on Pauline Street. Officers report the owner will move it.

A grandmother came to the station to repot that some type of a scam involving her granddaughter. Officer responded and had the matter settled, a misunderstanding of the clothing store on Putnam Street return policy.

Party at Governors Park rerouting that his motorcycle was stolen. He contacted GP Security and they did not tow it. It was entered in NCIC.

Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer are visiting residents on Revere Street and Fairview Street to check on the report of possible violations.

Caller on Beach Road reports that a male came by the house in violation of a restraining order. Officer reports the calling party does not have an order on the subject. She thinks the next door neighbor does. Stated the person walking down the street made her nervous but was not sure if it was him.

Female came into the station and picked up her suspension notice from the Registry. Registry was notified.

W98 reports they were approaching a vehicle on Atlantic Street and it drove straight at them in an attempt to escape them. All Winthrop units and surrounding communities  notified. Vehicle is listed out of Brockton. The operator is a male. Everett Police report they have the vehicle stopped in their city. W98 and W92 will respond to make an ID and transport the prisoner. W98 reports they and Everett have two under arrest. W92 transporting one prisoner and Everett transporting the other. Tow company used by Everett Police will tow the vehicle to our station. One subject from Hyde Park for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, failing to stop for police and operating recklessly so as to endanger. The other subject, from Framingham was arrested for an outstanding warrant.

SRO off with male with a bicycle that does not appear to belong to him on Main Street. One under arrest on a warrant.

Caller from Main Street reports that her tenant is giving her a hard time. Just wanted it logged for now.

Reports of a drunk male on Shirley Street and requests a second unit. K9 Brown responded. One in custody.

Female reports her boyfriend needs medical. They are on Winthrop Parkway. WFD notified. 92 broke off call and responded. The patient refused medical.

Caller from Dalrymple School Apartments reports a male stepped out of a small black foreign sports vehicle. She saw him point to the trees and she heard a pop, pop, pop. The male left in the car. K9 reports walking the length of the school, around the trees and does not report any metal casings on the ground. The caller does not believe it was gunshots but was something else. No other calls from the neighborhood. The area is clear.

Driver from Boston Cab state someone in the Lewis Lake area shot a paint ball at the cab. Units checked out entire area and were unable to find any evidence in the area.

Officer conducted a follow up investigation and one juvenile is in custody for attempt to commit a crime, possession of burglarious instrument, two counts of destruction of property and receiving stolen property.

Thursday, October 22

Party on Birch Road reports two individuals acting very suspicious in the area. Officers report stopping two subjects who were walking through the area.

Caller on Chester Avenue requesting EMS for her husband. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Party on Winthrop Street reports an elderly female has fallen and may need medical assistance. WFD notified. Unit responded and reports no apparent defects in the street. It appears she may have lost her balance. Medical was declined and officer assisted 70 year old female in getting home.

Reports of a strong odor of gas on Plummer Avenue where construction is going on. WFD notified to investigate. Detail officers also notified.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting ambulance for chest tightness. Transferred to EMS/WFD.

Several reports of a person falling by the pumps at Energy To Go.

Reports of a car behind the building without plates on Crest Avenue. Offer spoke to the restaurant workers and it is one of their worker’s who is waiting for plates today. The car had ben moved from the other property after the caller contacted us. All private property and all issues taken care of.

Request check for vehicle on Locust Street. It comes back revoked. G&J notified and is on the scene.

Party reports receiving threats over Instagram.

Caller reports that he was informed by human resources that someone attempted to file an unemployment claim in his name with his social security number.

Party reports that there is an unleashed pit bull running around at Bolsters Auto Mall and is concerned for public safety. Unable to contact ACO and W92 dispatched and unable to locate a dog in the area.

Mother on Shirley Street reports there could be problems at the apartment where her daughter is staying with her boyfriend as she has just learned through a co-worker of her daughter’s that the woman whose apartment they are living in has died, possibly from an overdose.

Caller from The Arbors reports that her father has had erratic blood pressure readings His doctor recommends a transport to the hospital. Call transferred to WFD.

Trooper reports taking a report of an erratic operator on Revere Street. All units notified to BOLO.

Friday, October 23

Caller from Governors Park reports a large group causing a disturbance near the tennis courts. Units report clearing the usual neighborhood after having them police the area of trash.

Party from Washington Avenue would like the commercial vehicle ordinance enforced in the municipal lot behind her building. She states that there is a construction truck parked there right now and “we” should set the tone early so when it snows “we” don’t have problems. Off. Pena will time and tag all commercial vehicles, and any other vehicles that are in violation.

Detail Officer on Main Street reports  trash/haul truck possibly did not cover its load and spilled trash on the street. Officer will keep an eye out for any further trucks.

Detail Officer requesting medical for an evaluation at Revere and Crest Avenue. WFD/EMS notified. Individual checked out and officer was able to contact the landlord who will assist the party in getting to his residence.

Caller reports kids fighting at the basketball courts on Walden Street. Officers report minor altercation between two 16-year-old males. No one was injured and neither one wanted to pursue charges. Officers have their names in case further action is needed or if it occurs again.

Lifeline called from Walden Street stating a 98-year-old woman is requesting police as her caregiver is outside her apartment seeking entrance but she has a stranger with her and the woman is nervous. Officer reports that the stranger with her caregiver was a new visiting nurse. All parties satisfied with our response.

Caller from Cliff Avenue reports a drunk male party stumbling into motor vehicles. Officers located the party known to us. 91 will give a courtesy ride to Orient Heights.

Saturday, October 24

Caller on Shirley Street requests an ambulance for his wife due to stomach pain.

Probation warrant faxed over from the Electronic Monitoring Program. GPS had last known address on Pleasant Street. Officer will check the area. Area search negative. Information will be forwarded to the day shift.

Party on Circuit Road reports Halloween decorations missing from his porch.

Female caller requesting medical for her father who lives in Winthrop on Court Road, Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

Landlord on Main Street called regarding access to her tenant’s apartment tomorrow. The caller claims it was set up during the week and now the female screamed at her and said she can not come in tomorrow.

Calling party from Hillside Avenue states one of the above ground water pipes are leaking. DPW notified and said it was normal.

Party reports that someone called him reporting they had his sister-in-law and to send money. The reporter checked and his relative is fine.

Party called and wants to report a road rage incident that just too place at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks. Sergeant reports speaking with the caller who was upset. The registration of the other motorist was given to the sergeant and they went by the address to follow up on it. A phone message was left for the motor vehicle owner. The vehicle was not in the neighborhood when they checked the area.

Caller on Court Road reports he an not get into his driveway because it has been blocked for a few hours now.

Party on Washington Avenue reports a person in his building seems very confused and at one point she was on the floor on the hallway. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Fire requests an offer at medical aid on Washington avenue. A female was transported.

Party at Nick’s Place requests EMS for a party that fell down and has a laceration. WFD and EMS notified.

Sunday, October 25

Report of a female roaming around the Dean Avenue area. Officer report speaking with her and she was out walking with her two cats. The party then headed home after speaking with the officers.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports a blocked driveway. Unit dispatched and reports complete blocked driveway. The vehicle was towed by G&J. A second vehicle was placed on the 72 hour list. Both vehicles are active and registered out of PA.

Party on Franklin Street located items in his recovered stolen vehicle. They were turned over to the police.

Caller on Sewall Avenue requesting medical as she is not feeling well. Transferred to WMS.

Landlord on Main Street requesting an officer stand by while she shows the apartment. he states that arrangements were made with the tenant. This is an ongoing civil matter. The officer will stand by for a few minutes.

Party reports losing his wallet on October 24 at JW’s Restaurant. The wallet is black with cheetah spots on it. It contained $150, debit cards and social security card.

Party came into the lobby to report damage done to personal property, larceny of an additional item and threats. W92 took the report in the lobby and performed a followup at the residence of the suspect and reports nobody home at this time.

Caller on Main Street reports that a poodle type dog escaped from her yard. She has been all over the neighborhood searching to no avail.

Party from the extension of Hagman Road reports observing a syringe on the cement walkway. W94 reports floating it and safely placing it in the Sharps container.

Caller states that her agency reported a life alert activation on one of her patients at Viking Gardens. She was in the area and responded to find no response at the door and no lights on in the apartment. When WFD was called, they confirmed that the alert went directly to them and the patient was transported to the Whidden. Message was related to the caller.

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