Police Blotter 10-15-2015

Monday, October 5

Party from George Street came to the state to report that his son just threatened him. Officer and father report son needs to be evaluated. Officers report they will respond along with EMS to have subject evaluated. The officers report that Action will take him to Mass General.

Report of a seal in distress on Shore Drive. The seal is in the area of Myrtle Avenue ACO will respond.

Report of a male driving around Winthrop who is drunk in his Chevy. All units on a call. Off. Carter while checking the alarm at Magee’s Corner, he also checked the Point area to no avail.

Report of a large wire down on Tafts Avenue, close to the street. Officer reports he would like the WFD to check it out.

Female at the Holy Rosary Church called to report that her husband wants to burn the house down. All shift officers, detectives, Sgt. Dalrymple and the Chief respond. The subject has barricaded himself in the basement, has a weapon and stated he wants to “Die by Cop”. The Chief reports the subject is in custody. One detective is being treated by Action at the scene. The building is being searched. K-9 Brown on the scene. Officers Gregorian and Carter will assist with an Action Ambulance transport to the hospital. The building is being cleared by SWAT and the WFD. An “excellent job done by all”. One subject is in custody for a threat to commit a crime, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and three counts of carrying a dangerous weapon.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports that her car parked in front of her house was “egged” last night with at least a dozen eggs.

Off-duty officer requested an assist with a subject well being check at 7 Eleven. A possible transport to the hospital.

Report of power line down on Irwin Street. Off. Bettano reports line is a cable wires secured off the street, it still low enough that can be pulled down again. Fire notified.

Caller on Hermon Street reports that his wife lost her cell phone while walking the baby this morning. It was described as a Samsung S5.

Ambulance needed for party on Shirley Street.

Caller on Winthrop Street came in to report that their yellow kayak was taken from the front of their home. They will fill out more information and will return to add to an incident report The party never returned. Message let so as to complete the incident report.

Party on Read Street reports a male in the area was observed tapering with motor vehicles, pulling on doors, etc.

Party fitting the description from the previous call was observed on Beal Street.

Tuesday, October 6

A motorist was stopped for violations Revere and Almont Street. Warrant check revealed outstanding warrant on the subject from Chelsea District Court.

Caller on Tewksbury Street reports an unknown party is on her porch and keeps ringing her bell. Officer reports it is a neighbor trying to inform her of a power line issue outside her home.

911 call from Irwin Street requesting EMS for an elevated temp. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Report of a motor vehicle broken into on Main Street. W91 reports that while on call, it was discovered two more vehicles were broken into.

Party on Beal Street reports that her motor vehicle was entered overnight and a GPS and an Ipod was taken. The caller has no information regarding her and she is not at home now. She will call later when she returns home from work.

955 reports a crew working the area of Argyle Street located five syringes. W91 responded with the Sharps container for disposal.

Party found large amount of keys in a small black bag at Walden and Heron Street. Message left for Pillar House. Keys placed at front window if owner comes in.

Request for ambulance on Golden Drive.

Report of finding a little dog with one eye on Shirley Street. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller on Pauline Street reports a heating truck almost struck him in the crosswalk there. W92 located that party at Nick’s and the operator was unaware of the situation but did apologize to the caller. All satisfied.

Party on Pleasant Park Road called about a man and woman arguing in the street. W91 and W92 responded and W92 requesting help and also the ACO. All units, detail and and ACO along with inside officers responded to assist the officers requesting help, the state police were also notified. Fire and EMS requested and responded to treat subject who reports pain and being hurt following the arrests. Also an officer’s uniform was damaged during the arrests. One subject under arrest for disorderly conduct and the other for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, two counts of assault and battery on police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Party on Overlook Drive called to ask for an assist as she fell and just need help getting up. She reports her afternoon helper called in sick today.

Mother came to the station to report that her daughter’s Iphone 600 Plus was taken from the Cummings School today. The phone was pinged and located at an address in Winthrop. W91 responded to the address and the parent was not home. A message was left for the dad to call us. The party there denied having the phone.

Party on Russell Street came in to report that his keys were taken out of his unlocked motor vehicle along with a weatherman knife. Keys were turned into police earlier this morning and returned to the individual. He was advised to keep his doors locked.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a delivery truck had some wood drop off the back of the truck. Officer reports locating the debris in the road, but the truck driver has returned to remove it.

Party on Irwin Street requested EMS for herself. Call transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Wednesday, October 7

Confused patient at East Boston Neighborhood Health called on the 911 line. We were unable to ascertain any information. An officer reports speaking with the staff regarding the patient. They will keep a closer eye on him this evening.

Woman on Revere Street reports her mother is sick.

CVS Pharmacy report a woman just shoplifted an item. The caller expects the subject to return to pick up a script she left. W91 responded to the store to view the tape officer reports the motor vehicle involved is a Toyota Camry. CVS will all us when and if the party returns.

Caller on Coral Avenue found a hypodermic syringe on her property.

Father called to report being on Veterans Road and he belives that his 22-year-old daughter is being held against her will in the apartment. Officers checked the apartment on the permission of the resident grandmother and no female was there. Mother of missing adult daughter called from the Chelsea Court and they located the daughter. She has been put into a room by the court officers at the request of the DA pending the hearing. All is ok and the mother thanked the officers for their quick and thorough response. The father called back to report the same information as the mother and he also thanked all the officers for their response

Caller on Locust Street reports that his landlord fell down the stairs. W91 assisted and fire notified.

Mother called to find out if we knew anything more regarding her daughter’s missing phone. The caller was informed that it is under investigation. The caller also reports that other chill that may be involved with the missing I600 PLUS told her daughter that she saw the phone in pieces in one of the ladies rooms and school. She has now threatened to beat up her daughter. The caller was advised to report this immediately to the school. The other was going back to the school right away to report the latest in this matter.

Caller on Kennedy Road heard a loud thud and believes that her neighbor needs medical attention. Officer spoke to the resident, all is fine.

Party at Veterans and Shirley Street reports an audible alarm sounding it the area. Officer reports it appears to be W93 parked at Expert Auto. The siren appears to be shorting out. Off. Delehanty will respond with the cruiser keys and attempt o secure the siren.

Thursday, October 8

Party on Shirley Street reports a male just attempted to steal a motorized scooter by cutting the chain, but when he saw the caller pull up in his motor vehicle, he fled on other motorized scooter. W94 reports observing two individuals on a motorized scooter exiting Point Shirley along Shirley Street. When he and  W92 stopped both subjects, they both claimed to be 16 years old and had no license, permit or ID on them. The scooter that was being operated had cut ignition wires and appears to be stolen. Both subjects were in possession of burglarious tools as well. Both parties were placed under arrest and brought the station. Both juvenile were booked for attempting to commit a crime, possession of burglarious instruments, malicious destruction of property and receiving stolen property as well as unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports that his Ford Mustang was vandalized overnight while parked in his buildings parking lot. W92 responded and the vehicle was not there. The owner was contact and reports that the auto body may have already taken the vehicle for repair. W92 then responded to Cimino’s Auto Body to view the damage to the car.

An East Boston Savings bank employee called concerned regarding one of their customer that they have not seen for a while. W92 responded and spoke with the landlord who reports that the party and her daughter moved out in August to a shelter in Boston ad he is unaware of where they are now.

Friday, October 9

Report of a male sleeping in the lobby on Golden Drive. 92 Brokmeir and 91 Sorrentino report the subject was taken in by a friend there.

Caller on Overlook Drive report that she has fallen and cannot get up requesting assistance Call transferred to EMS.

Party reports she has been in MGH under Section 12 She reports wanting to leave. She cannot understand why she cannot leave She anted assists in reporting that she was flipped by security in the lobby upon her attempt to leave. MGH notified and they area ware of the situation The caller was advised that MGH will handle it.

Caller on Palmyra Stet reports a large tree limb down blocking the street. He believes it is an electrical wire. WFD notified and DPW as well.

Party on Main Street reports a silver van just left his business and he belies the operator was intoxicated BOLOed to all units. the vehicle was listed out of Revere. State and Revere PD were notified. Original caller reports that the party is back at the hardware store. W93 assisted W91 and W92. One under arrest for driving under the influence, 2nd offense and possession of open container of alcohol in motor vehicle.

Several 911 calls reporting large limb down on wires and obstructing roadway on Cross Street. W91 dispatched along with WFD. Unit requesting DPW be contacted. Units report a large tree needing to be removed. DPW will handle.

Party came to the station looking to go to the hospital.

Caller on Court Road wishes us to check on her elderly neighbor who is sitting in his car with it running for over an hour. Officer requests EMS. The officer report subject is alert and okay, just listening to the radio.

Report of neighbors fighting at Plummer and Dix Street. Officers report a verbal dispute regarding accusations of a motor vehicle being “egged”. Officers settled the matter for now and advised all parties of their rights.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments request fire because he dropped his keys down the elevator shaft.

Caller at Summit and Grovers Avenue reports a suspicious dark colored SUV running with two males sitting in it for some time. Officer reports the while is not in the area.

Party on Shore and Pearl Avenue reports a large fight. State Police notified. No fight upon arrival. Located some subjects leaving the area.

Saturday, October 10

Caller reports an older male sitting in the parking lot at Energy To Go. He has been there for the past 40 minutes. Officer report it was the owner of the property.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue states that there is a suspicious male subject checking out houses near Beacon Circle. Units report checking out the area by cruiser and by foot and found the area to be clear.

Caller on Golden Drive states that there is a man sitting on the bench outside arguing on his mobile phone disturbing the neighborhood. Units report speaking with the subject and sending him back inside to his apartment.

Male on Morton Street called to state that his wife may have electrocuted herself. She is conscious.

Party on Shirley Street states that she needs to go to the hospital for an evaluation.

Report of barking dog on Hutchinson Street. ACO did come and out to respond to the call and he reports no barking at this time.

A wallet was found on Winthrop Street. Owner picked up the wallet.

911 transfer from Governors Drive reporting a female having a problem with her stove. The alarms are now sounding in her apartment. Fire notified.

Caller on Sea View Avenue reports that her landlord told her a male party was walking up the street checking car doors. There was no description and this happened a while ago.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports that his wife has a 103 degree temp.

Report of a large party in the area of Beacon Street and it is loud. Party was taken inside.

Sunday, October 11

Caller on Temple Avenue requesting ambulance stating he cannot move. WFD/EMS notified.

Mother of resident on Forrest Street requesting a person check on her daughter. W91 responded and reports the party is at home and will call her mother. The calling party notified.

Caller on Fairview Street reports that his mother found a lost dog. No collar or tags on the dog. ACO contacted and will call the dog officer. The caller called back to say that the dog got out of his yard and he no longer has the lost dog.

Party on Circuit Road requesting ACO for a very large raccoon in his yard which appears to be dead or sic. Message left for ACO.

Caller on Lincoln Street requesting assistance for her husband who has fallen. Transferred to EMS/WFD.

Peabody PD requests a notification for a hit and run. Motor vehicle accident was on Pleasant Street. Unit dispatched and reports unable to make contact with party. Message left on cell phone on record and Peabody notified.

Party on Bowdoin Street reports finding a lost dog. This dog appears to be the previous lost, and then found dog who escaped from original finder on Fairview. Caller will hold onto the dog until ACO contacts her. Message left for ACO.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that he saw a female try car doors on the street. She then went into his car. He found her in this front seat and kicked her out. Last seen heading down Plummer Avenue.

Party on Main Street is looking for his lost dog. Same one on Bowdoin Street. We called person who found the dog and she stated it was okay for him to come get the dog. Owner informed.

Walk-in from Walden Street to report that she has been getting harassed by an unknown person on Instagram. She has notified Instagram and they stated they cannot do anything. She was informed by me to keep a log of everything and if she knows who is doing this, she could go to court for HPO.

Nurse at East Boston Neighborhood Health reports a female fell and hit her head. Transferred to EMS.

Caller reports male possibly sleeping by dirt pile near Payson Street. She kicked him and he did not move. W91 sent to check on the party who is requesting medical for chest pains. Male party transported to the Whidden Hospital.

Party on Revere Street reports that her son is fighting and was trying to hurt himself. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report male party to MGH.

Female on Beach Road came to report that her tire was slashed while parked in her driveway.

Caller on Governors Drive reports unable to contact his brother. Security is on the scene and is worried something has happened to him. Fire department notified for an entry into the apartment. Entry made, some damage to the door but the party was not home.

E911 hang up on Prospect Avenue. Male out of reach after arguing with his wife. Units dispatch and request medical for an evaluation. Its report the female checked out at husband’s request and has been cleared.

Two 14-year-old males found a beige pocketbook with money inside the wallet in French Square. No ID in the wallet. A receipt was given to the males.

Caller on Bartlett Road reports a loud party Units respond and report a small group on the balcony residents will go inside.

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