Debate Was a Success

The Winthrop Council President Debate was a success in that the two candidates — Craig Mael and Bob Driscoll Jr. — directly answered the questions posed by the panelists and articulated well their vision for the town and the advancement of development and local businesses. Both men understand the issues facing our town and are well qualified to take over the town’s highest elected position that is currently held by Peter Gill, who decided not to seek re-election after two very productive terms in office.

The Sun-Transcript was proud to be an active participant in the debate, represented by our reporter, Sue Ellen Woodock, who joined Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Paul McGee and WCAT board member George Rainville on the panel of questioners.

Paul Leavy proved to be an excellent choice for the key role as moderator of the debate, keeping the forum flowing smoothly and posing some well-thought out questions of his own. Leavy was poised and confident at the main podium and was unaffected by the bright lights of the live television broadcast.

We join the town in thanking Chamber of Commerce executive director Betsy Shane and WCAT executive director Mike Cabral, whose leadership made this debate happen. A lot of advanced planning went into the debate and the result was a professionally-done public forum that benefited Winthrop voters who will decide on Nov. 3 who will lead our town for the next two years.

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