Wickham Announces for School Committee

Jared Wickham has announced for Winthrop School Committee.  The following is his statement:

“I am a candidate for Winthrop School Committee and am a life long resident of Winthrop.  As a former paraprofessional, special education teacher and current special education administrator, Jared Wickham understands the needs, difficulties and complexities of working in a public school system.  With a child at the Arthur T. Cummings School and wife working at the Gorman Fort Banks School, Jared Wickham is an advocate and fighter for all involved.  His professional and personal background provides a unique candidate in the field, with a high level of respect, understanding and experience in all aspects of the educational realm. It is this dedication and commitment to education and family that makes Jared Wickham an ideal choice for School Committee.  He will work with the community to create a better, stronger and more positive environment for the students and teachers.  Realizing that change is needed, and that the students of the town must always come first, Jared Wickham refuses to look at the “who” in current and future issues, but rather the “what” we as a community and School Committee can do to correct them.

Jared Wickham believes in:

  • Becoming an active, passionate voice for our students.
  • Creating a network for parents to stay connected to the schools.
  • Proper and meaningful professional development opportunities for our teachers.
  • Providing better program accessibility to our students.
  • Developing strategies and working with the schools to increase achievement scores.
  • Working with, not against our teachers to ensure all needs and concerns are addressed.

To learn more about the candidate and to stay connected, please like and share the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/wickhamforwsc

If you would like to join the Committee to Elect Jared Wickham for WSC, or if you have any questions, please email the campaign directly at: [email protected].

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