Thank You, James Cunningham

James Cunningham is a pioneer in the elder care industry, having overseen Massachusetts’ first home care agency that became the model for the rest of the state.

It became a model because James Cunningham, who retired this past June 30, understood the most vital needs of seniors in his important role as the executive director of Chelsea, Revere, Winthrop Elder Services. James Cunningham built his agency and assembled his staff of professionals in a way that would best assist the agency’s clientele.

James Cunningham became a well-known and highly-respected administrator in his field.  What made him even more illustrious in a deeply-personal way was that he was visible at community events in the communities that CRW served. He always was accessible to our seniors, public officials, and residents.

Cunningham earned a number of awards for his work, but he humbly deflected credit to others when it came time to accept his accolades.

James Cunningham truly made an impact on the lives of seniors every day during his remarkable 39-year tenure as executive director. We know we join with the thousands of individuals and families whom he served so well for so many years in wishing Jim the best in his retirement years and in saying, “Thank you, James Cunningham, for a job well done.”

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