Police Blotter 07-09-2015


Nicholas Vaccaro, 21, 62 Temple Ave. #1, Winthrop charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on June 29.

Christopher James Barbarisi, 20, 30 Broadsound Ave., Revere charged with assault by means of a dog on June 29.

Michael Eric Kessel, 26, 335 Revere St., Winthrop charged with public drinking/alcohol possession on July 4.

Winthrop Police Blotter

Monday, June 29

Caller reports that there is debris in the street and cars are going around it on lower end of Revere Street. DPW notified.

Call that a person used her ATM at Belle Isle Seafood and the numbers were obtained and used in Texas.

Caller reports finding a small dog roaming outside on Revere Street.

Another call to report finding a lost dog on Revere Street. ACO will pick up the dog and bring it to the owner.

Report of a possum under front porch on Chester Avenue. ACO will handle.

Party on Plummer Avenue came in to report that he couldn’t find his wallet. Contents of the wallet are Mass ID, Citizens Bank debit card, dental insurance card, American Express gift card and $60.

Report of a locked child in a car at Elmwood and Washington Avenue. Fire and officer report the car unlocked and the child is okay.

Reports of power outage on Main Street. National Grid was called and Fire also notified.

Party on Crescent Street called to report that there are kids and a man on the baseball field and the kid hit her house three times with a ball and her husband’s van once. Officer reports it is a Winthrop A-team All Star practicing for the Home Run Derby. The caller and her son came to the station with a bag full of baseballs that were hit over the fence and onto her property or hit her house. The son was asked “are the kids standing at home plate; when they are hitting the ball?” He stated yes. He was then asked “is your house in fair territory?” he stated yes. They were told it is not a police matter just because a kid is a good hitter, but we would call Parks and Recreation to inform them of the situation. They were given the number of Parks and Recreation if they wanted to speak to them directly. The kid is a little Leaguer and the man is his coach or father. They left upset that we did not do more.

Detail Off. Lt. Scarpa reports a dog just went after him at Crest and Revere Street. Dog and the owner are running up Highland Ave. Units will assist. They report finding a friend of the dog owner. One under arrest for assault by means of a dog.

Report of a 17-month-old child crying on Sea Foam Avenue and ha blue lips. EMS notified.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports a neighbor put a pole up on her property. W92 responded and spoke with both parties who will have a survey done to determine.

Caller on Hermon Street called to notify us that she was issued a RO today in court on her brother who was involved in an incident last night.

Boston PD reports a shoplifting at the CVS on Saratoga Street. The suspect is a white female pushing a baby carriage on foot towards Winthrop.

Medical aid needed at Coughlin Playground.

Tuesday, June 30

Reports of aloud noise coming from a house on Cutler Street. W93 responded and reports that they are going to bring it inside.

Report of a female stuck in the ATM area of the Citizens Bank. Fire will handle.

Party on Beach Road reports that there is a needle in the street behind a tan Chevy. Officer reports he cannot find any needle on the street.

Report of a large tree branch down near the statue of the World War I soldier at Winthrop and Pauline Street. DPW notified.

E911 call for man having difficulty breathing at Richard Honan Sign Co.

Mother called to repot that her 11-year-old son was approached by a white male, in his 60’s, operating a silverfish green 4 door vehicle, possibly a Honda. The subject was alone and then drove in the direction of the school. All units and detail officers notified. Detail Off. Sgt. Dalrymple reports seeing a vehicle leaving Winthrop into Revere, could not obtain the plate. BOLO and information put out over “Area Wide 3” to surrounding communities.

Report of a dead skunk in the middle of Revere Street.

Caller reports a customer at Rosetti’s Restaurant may be having a stroke.

Call of a neighbor dispute over parking on Paine Street.

Party on Shore Drive reports he received information a client who is hospitalized that his girlfriend is very despondent and may want to hurt herself.

Caller on Nevada Street reports a motor vehicle has been obstructing her driveway for about 2 hours and now she needs to pick up her child and cannot get out. Officer reports vehicle needed to be towed. G&J contacted and responded. Vehicle was being towed and the owner suddenly showed up. The vehicle was released after tow company was paid on the scene.

Party came to the station with a MA license and 3 Visa cards list which was found in the lobby of Bank of America. Officer went by the address to make contact with the owner and reports the property was returned to the owner.

Wednesday, July 1

Winthrop Beautification Committee person called to report that the sign on the Island on Pleasant and Main Street was run down and smashed. DPW was notified. No accident reported in this area.

Report of identity theft.

Three-car motor vehicle accident at Pleasant and Bartlett Road. Two vehicles were towed. Two injuries, one went to the hospital by ambulance and one taken by family.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that her motor vehicle was vandalized.

Party reports motor vehicle parked in a handicap spot at French Square without a placard. W92 reports vehicle was tagged.

Party on Cliff Avenue called to report that approximately 19 pieces of mail were removed from her mailbox. This is mail that she put out for the mail carrier to take. The caller checked with her usual mail carrier and he informed her that he had not taken it and her mailbox was empty when he delivered the mail today. The caller has reported this to the Chelsea Postal Annex and to the Postal Inspectors.

Party came to the station to report that a tenant she had allowed to use her contracted cable equipment will not return the equipment to her so that she can return it to Comcast Cable Co9. As a result of this, she has incurred a large bill of over $300 to Comcast.

Party reports that her husband may have left his cell phone at the Woodside Hardware and they are now closed. The caller thought that someone might have brought the cell phone to the station. It is described as a very large black Samsung phone with a case. Please call her if someone brings it to the station.

Reports of fireworks going off in the cemetery on Bowdoin Street. The caller called back and said the young males had left the area. Officer will check around.

Party on Washington Avenue called to repot that her downstairs neighbor is banging on her door. W91 reports delivery person rang the wrong doorbell. All is clear.

911 call from female requesting ambulance for her son on Bates Avenue. Call transferred to fire.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments called on the 911 line to request an ambulance to go to the Whidden. Transferred to fire.

Resident at Governors Park complaining of noise/disturbance coming from another apartment below her. This is an ongoing issue. W93 reports hearing no noise from that unit. Upon speaking with the resident, she said she had been sleeping.

A resident turned in a phone/wallet case that she found in Boston.

Thursday, July 2

Calling party on Bowdoin Street stated that she has an unwanted female party in her house who has been staying there for two weeks. Calling party stated there has been past larcenies and violence from the unwanted guest. Officers report the unwanted guest left the house and peace has been restored.

Report of a two-vehicle crash in front of Winthrop Marketplace. Officers report a minor crash. The parties exchanged information.

Officer did a follow up investigation on Shore Drive.

Caller reports finding an item on the rocks at Tafts Avenue. Would like an officer to look at it. Officer reports a sports equipment left behind (mouth guard).

Party on Walden Street states there is an older man with white hair, backpack on a bike near the park. He looks like he was taking pictures of the children in the park.

Party reports a large cement truck working near the entrance to the Landing is obstructing traffic. Officer reports speaking with the company who will cease and we have had two separate complaints on it.

Report of a squirrel in a house on Revere Street. ACO notified and will respond. ACO reports being able to assist the caller.

Party on Siren Street reports that a person, he believes to be in his 30s, has a loud TV going and two people are talking over the TV and using foul language that the whole neighborhood can hear. Officer reports the address is in darkness and is quiet. He checked the entire neighborhood, but could find no disturbance.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports that the house behind her has what appears to be a 5×7 foot grave in the backyard. She is nervous about this and would like to have an officer come by and check it out. The officer reports it is just a large hole in the backyard. The caller will keep watch on the situation and inform us if anything suspicious happens with it.

Report of a loud group at the basketball court on Walden Street.

Report of group of kids with fireworks behind th4e water tower. W92 and W93 moved a group out of the area.

Friday, July 3

Owner of Suds N Surf Laundromat called stating he is viewing a naked female dancing around his Laundromat on his security video camera from home. W91 and W92 requested WFD and EMS and one female was taken to the Whidden.

Caller on Enfield Road states a loud party somewhere on Enfield. W91 and W92 report party has quieted down for the night.

Complaints of a loud party on Elmwood Avenue from another party.

Officer reports he is checking an individual on a bicycle who is trying to get into an address at Lincoln and Walden Street. Owner of the painting business was notified regarding this subject. He does work there but resided on Trident Avenue. Officers will take the subject to that address so he can sober up a bit.

Alarm activation at Crest Avenue. Officer reports the above male subject as well as other workers is doing some work at the restaurant.

Todisco Towing towed a vehicle from Governors Park for a no parking zone. They also removed another vehicle there for violations. Still another tow for a trespass vehicle.

Neighbor at Viking Gardens called to report a female is yelling that she needs help. WFD notified and officer reports the party does not need assistance.

Caller on Court Road reports kids trespassing in her yard to play ball. Officer reports clearing 4 youths out of the yard.

Party reports a male is living in the elevator shaft t Executive Apartments. The officers report the area is devoid of any person or property. The caller was advised to call in the future when he observes the person.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that the people at another house are putting a dog at risk. He stated they have a criminal record and the ACO should look into it. No other information was given.

Party on Revere Street reports there are 12 kids on bikes riding into Winthrop in the street. Thinks they are from out of town and must be up to no good. Officer spoke with the children and all is okay.

Medical needed on Golden Drive.

Party on Kennedy Road reports that her 10 speed was stolen. Officer repots a male left his old bike and took her new bike.

Officer reports seeing the bike that was just stolen on the ground near the basketball courts on Walden Street.

Report of smoke alarms going off on Circuit Road and house has smoke in it. Fire notified.

Report of water backing up in house on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Female on Johnson Avenue called to report that the electric power box just blew. Fire will respond and National Grid notified. Officers report no safety hazard here. Fire checked it out. All units cleared.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that people on porch next door are bothering him and his wife. He stated they had to go across the street to get away from them and call the police from there. Units report a verbal argument. All parties advised of their rights. It is currently a civil matter.

Report of an unattended loose dog walking form rovers onto Shore Drive. ACO reports checking area to no avail.

Male on Shirley Street (would not give name) stated a Ford SUV is parked in front of the house and may be selling drugs. Officers report vehicle was checked out and is being driven by owner’s daughter. No drug activity.

W91 was flagged down and told of a fight at the intersection of Shirley and Bayview Avenue. Officers report fight over and they checked for the combatants to no avail.

Party on Shirley Street called of an unwanted guest. Officers report party left before their arrival. The caller was advised of her rights and will call if they return.

Two calls of a man sing a chainsaw in his yard on Myrtle Avenue and making too much noise. Detective reports speaking to the man and he was cutting his last piece. The subject went inside.

Report of family lighting fireworks off in the street on Wilshire Street. Officer reports all is quiet.

CVS security called to report they are receiving burglary alarms from the CVS. Three alarms are form the pharmacy area. Officers and a detective report speaking to a female who was there. All units clear.

Caller on Banks Street reports a group of kids walking around and some of them threw beer at his house, and as they walked away they yelled racial slurs. Officers report they moved a group only to come across another group. They moved the group out of the area.

Officers report they are off with a group at Shore and Charles Street. All checked out and moved out of the area.

Caller on Wilshire Street worried about houses catching fire due to fireworks. The fireworks could be heard upon W91 and W92’s arrival. Residents on the street were advised.

Officers report they are off with a group on Shore and Sturgis Street. They were checked out and sent on their way.

Party called to repot there is a loud group at the intersection of Pleasant and Sargent Street. Officers report they are waiting for a cab.

Report of kids shooting off fireworks behind the car wash on Main Street. Officers report they sent the group out of the area.

E911 call and several 1212 calls of two carloads of kids lighting off fireworks at Governors Park.

Saturday, July 4

Report of a loud party on Shirley Street. Officer reports speaking with residents who agreed to end the party for the night.

Another report of a loud party on Beach Road. Officers spoke with subject’s party over peace restored.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports a NJ motor vehicle hit his metal fence. Drier exited the car stating he was there for his girlfriend. He then got back in and drove down Pleasant toward the point. Possible OUI. Described as male, possibly Hispanic, mid to late 20’s. He had a diamond earring in his left ear with a hat on backwards. All units BOLO.

Calling party states while walking his dog near the back entrance to the rink, he found a manhole missing the cover and there are exposed wires. Officer was able to put the cover back on but the bolt to lock it is broken. DPW notified.

Report of a man sleeping on the second floor in the hallway in house on Shore Drive. Officers report subject is leaving town for the day and has cleared the scene.

Report of a dog attacking another dog on Francis Street. Officers report all parties have been advised and ACO was notified of this situation.

Calling party on Shirley Street states a baby at her home is having a seizure. EMS notified.

Party on Loring Road reports he observed a light blue motor vehicle with Florida plates driving slowly through the neighborhood. Caller thought the party was acting suspiciously. Units notified to BOLO.

Caller reports a car on Shore and Hawthorn Avenue hit a person on a bike. Fire and medical notified. Officer repots talking to the male on the bike. A door that was being opened hit him. He is okay and wants not action or medical attention.

Sgt. Hickey off with rowdy mariners at the Public Landing. All checked out and they were sent on their way.

Daughter on Locust Street called to report that her father needs a transport to the hospital. Fire and EMS will handle.

Call of a disturbance on Hermon Street. Detective reports he had them quiet down and they will leave shortly.

Party on Somerset Avenue stated he was on vacation in the state of Washington a year or so back and he lost his Ugandan passport. Something written by the police is needed to renew his passport.

Reports of people in the middle of Pleasant Street lighting off fireworks. Officer reports no noise or people in the street.

Very excited young female Main Street called to report that her mother can’t breath. Fire, EMS and an officer notified and report the mother is okay.

Party on Siren Street called to report that people are shooting off very loud fireworks and embers are landing on houses. Officers report speaking with subject who will stop.

Female called to stay her sister is near the water on the left of Main Street when you enter from East Boston and someone in a moving car threw water on her. Officer will check the marsh on Morton Street and he reports a few small groups but n one waved him down. A few minutes later a lady came into the station and stated she was the victim of this water-throwing incident. She also told us that the car came by a second time. She did not obtain a plate number. It was black, four door full of white males.

Report of massive fireworks display across from the Arms. Officers report having them stop.

Officers assigned to Delby’s Corner report a fight near Irwin Street. All units report moving the group and sending all out of the area.

Report of kids lighting fireworks on Veterans Road and now there is grass smoldering. Fire notified.

Kids drinking open containers of alcohol in Coughlin Playground. Parent is in the area and will take them home.

Delby’s Corner officers report people walking by with alcohol. W94 officers report they have one under arrest for public drinking.

Officer reports drink female with three children on Shirley Street. Requests medical, one transported to the Whidden. Children with her brought to the station and the grandfather arrived at the station after calls were made to the father. The father gave permission for the grandfather to take the children.

Father on Loring Road called to repot that his daughter is a problem and very drunk. Officers report she is being transported to Children’s Hospital.

Mother on Cliff Avenue called to repot that her daughter is in the garage burning stuff. Officers report they would like Det. Armistead to respond. They all report that the female needs to go to the hospital for an evaluation under Section 12. Officers report EMS responding for transport.

Call of fireworks in the area of Yirrell Beach. Officers report he has had them stop and move on.

Report of fireworks in the area of Undine Avenue. Officer reports nothing showing.

Young female called to report she is being harassed by a male in a grey 4-door vehicle at Pleasant and Bellevue Avenue. He keeps driving by her and asking her what she is doing and if she wants to go with him. Officers report they checked the area to no avail. W96 Carter and Dutra took the young lady home.

Report of people breaking glass near the Revere Street Dunkin Donuts. Officers had them clean it up.

Sunday, July 5

Calling party on Elmwood Avenue stated there is a large party in the area. Sergeant and officers report they had the crowd go into the house with a stern warning.

Party on Shirley Street stated that her mother is having stomach pains. EMS notified.

Call from a party on Elmwood Avenue reports that kids will not disperse. Officers report (as officers were being sent, another call of a fight in the street), they have a large crowd. Chief reports they split the crowd into two groups, one sent down River Road and the other up Washington Avenue. Cruisers are following the groups.

Caller reports a group on a front porch on the corner on Beach and Myrtle Avenue being loud and obnoxious. Officers report nothing going on.

Party reports almost hitting someone walking in the street hitchhiking on Revere Street. Officer located the subject and sent him home.

Off. Brokmeier responded to Pearl Avenue to have the subject stop making remarks on Twitter regarding an arrest made earlier on July 4th.

Caller on South Main Street requesting EMS for mother-in-law.

Clerk at Cumberland Farms states that there is a person refusing to leave the store. Subject was sent out of the area.

Party on Hawthorne Street reports that his brother is acting up tossing things and shouting. Officers report speaking to both subjects who will try to get along.

An off-duty Chelsea Police dispatcher called to inform us that on his way home to Main Street he came across a stolen vehicle that was stolen out of Chelsea last night. It was last seen in East Boston heading towards Revere. Officers notified. BPD located the car and arrested the subject.

Party came into the station to report he believes someone is up on the roof at Executive Apartments sleeping and staying there at night. Officers report no signs of anybody entering the roof area. Calling party was advised to call via phone the next time.

Male party walked into the station to report that his motorcycle tires were slashed and he believes it is his ex-girlfriend.

Party on Cutler Street believes her boyfriend is having a heart attack. Transferred to EMS.

Employee at Cumberland Farms called regarding a male sleeping in a car out front. Party has been sent out of the area once again.

Party came to the station and reports that her ex-boyfriend just struck the rear end of her rented motor vehicle near Thompson’s Towne Liquor and continued up Washington Avenue. Officer erupts damage done to the vehicle.

Report of person stuck inside the lobby of the ARM at Bank of America on Main Street. Two people were let out.

Medical aid for a person who hit his head on Hermon Street. EMS notified.

Caller on Banks Street reports he thinks a motor vehicle is following him around. He wants it on record.

Party reports someone going nuts in the area of Shirley Street. Officers report peace restored after a small disagreement.

FAA reports five kit flyers in the area of Court Road. This is off 22L. Officers reports unable to locate the source. The deputy EM Evans also checked the area by boat to no avail. MSP Logan Sgt. reports the kite flyers were locate don Constitution Beach in East Boston.

Dep. Evans reports a vessel aground off of Court Road. The parties are safe and awaiting high tide.

Party on Sunset Road reports she could hear a female shouting at her mother inside. Officers spoke with a couple of parties in the area and have not heard a sound.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue would like to see an officer regarding a past breaking and entering.

Caller on Wilshire Street states that her sister is having a reaction to medication.

Party on Bowdoin Street states that several days ago she was awakened by a woman calling out for “stop, stop” and then all went quiet. Several minutes ago she heard it again and she believes it could be domestic violence. Units responded to the area. All quiet at this time.

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