Police Blotter 05-21-2015

Monday, May 11

Visiting Nurse on Main Street called to report that her patient needs to be transported. EMS notified.

A nurse at the East Boston Neighborhood Health called to report that a patient fell and hit her head. EMS notified.

A call from the Health Department that someone had called them to say there is a raccoon in their yard on Cottage Avenue. It is hissing and foaming at the mouth. Officers report the calling party stated the raccoon fled the area.

Male on Thornton Park called to report that his friend is down and they cannot get him up. EMS notified.

Lt. Scarpa reports the patch at Magee’s Corner is sinking. DPW notified and is aware of the situation.

Female on Perkins Street reports a damaged car because of street debris put there by someone on the street. 92 S. Hickey and 94 Racow settled the matter and exchanged information with each other.

Woman at Governors Park claims that another woman in the same apartment building is blocking her phone calls. She was advised to contact Verizon.

Kids have a bonfire on Andrew and Otis Street. WFD and 92 S. Hickey reports dispersing the group. WFD handling a small beach fire.


Tuesday, May 12

92 S. Hickey stopped a motor vehicle on Revere Street and placed subject under arrest for driving with license suspended and failing to stop/yield.

Lt. Scarpa reports a large crane stopped for being off the truck route near Donovan’s Beach. Driver will be cited for violation.

W94 reports alarms on Woodside Avenue. Fire responding to the scene.

Male called from the Belle Isle boat yard to report that someone just dropped a boat and left. When the Harbormaster was called, he stated it belongs to a resident and it checks out.

Am employee of Brown’s Drugstore came in to report that someone is trying to use a bad script.

Chief received calls, text messages and photos over the last few days of cars parking no the causeway into the island. Officers will tag cars that are in Winthrop. He reports that all the vehicles must have moved.

Off. Carter reports that in front of the EB Newton there is a 3” metal sign pole sticking up from the sidewalk. DPW was notified.

Report of an adult male with a child’s backpack loitering in the children’s section of the library with no child apparently accompanying him. He may also be possibly consuming alcohol. Units report the party not with any child, was simply using the library’s restroom. He was sent on his way.

Caller on Locust Street reports that her driver’s side mirror was broken sometime last night when she was at work. She would like this logged in case of any further incidents.

Female on Read Street reports in a back yard involving her brother. Units request an ambulance to the scene on Walden Street. Units report assault and battery with a weapon. Units heading to Lincoln Street for possible suspect. Suspect came to the station to turn himself in. He was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Caller on Loring Road reports that his grandkids are on their bicycles and have yet to return home. He then called back to report that the kids have returned home safely.


Wednesday, May 13

Male on Shirley Street reports a larceny of tools. 91 Pena reports that the suspect was identified.

Kids are making noise near 40 steps on Cliff Avenue. Unit reports two parties known to officers and were advised to leave the area.

Caller on Maryland Avenue reports some type of road construction is taking place near the end of Maryland Avenue. Officer reports speaking with the National Grid crew who claim to be wrapping up the emergency repair of a leak within 20 minutes. They were advised to contact us in the future regarding potential public safety issues.

Party on Myrtle Avenue states that individual being noisy and having fires in his yard. He is constantly revving his motorcycle in the neighborhood, especially late at night. He was making noise at 3 a.m. this morning but he did not call. The caller was advised to call the police immediately when this type of behavior is going on so that appropriate action may be taken.

Off. Jaworski called in for assistance on Somerset and Pleasant Street, which resulted in an arrest. All units responded. One in custody for disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Caller from Energy To Go reports a suspicious package left by the dumpster. W92 reports an empty suitcase, no threat to the public safety.

Party on Brookfield Road reports that her employer called and threatened her. Units report that the female was terminated from TSA and they want their property back (specifically a TSA uniform). The party was advised to return all equipment issued.

E911 call from Nevada Street from a female stating that a male with a knife may be harming himself or someone else. Fire and ambulance notified. Units report the matter has been resolved with the male party going to Whidden for cuts to his left arm. The female party advised of all rights.

Mother called to report that her kids found a backpack containing illegal pills in the woods off the path at Short Beach. She will drive her kids back to locate the item in the woods. Units report the backpack comes back to a local party on Grovers Avenue and the pills are prescribed medication. We were unable to locate the owner and the backpack was brought to the station.

Det. Armistead reports coming across one of her students crying on Revere Street who just lost her beagle puppy. She is returning to her home on Pleasant Street. The puppy was located by a neighbor and brought home. All parties grateful for our assistance.

Caller reports kids on skateboards are at the skate park and making noise. Unit reports the area is clear.


Thursday, May 14

Store clerk on Revere Street reports that a male came in and is attempting to sleep on the floor. Officers report he should be evaluated by EMS. WFD and EMS notified and the subject will be transported to Whidden for further evaluation.

Dispatcher reports a call received on the 911 line from Lincoln Street. No floor given, or reason for medical aid. WFD and EMS contacted and responded. Assistance rendered, no EMS transport.

A woman came into the station talking on her cell phone to what she believed was an IRS agent. When we obtained the phone and spoke to the individual who identified himself as Agent Eric Martin. He advised me I was interfering with a federal investigation. He was advised to call back and speak to Lt. DeLeo. He never called back. Female sent over $1,700 to the caller via money cards. When she was advised that this was a scam she left the station. Waiting for her return to prepare an incident report.

Caller stating that he was concerned for the water main break patch that is located on Revere Street at Magee’s Corner. He states that the sinkhole is getting bigger. DPW coordinating to repair the patch.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation at Brown’s Drug.

E911 hang-up from East Boston Neighborhood Health. Continuing issues with an elderly patient misdialing to reach an outside line. Lt. DeLeo spoke with administrators who will address the issue.

E911 transfer reports a possible domestic originating in Revere and phone number traced to Winthrop. Units report no one home at address. Call back to a female who stats that she is in the lobby of Revere PD and then hung up. Called back Revere PD who confirms the female is in their lobby.

Party at Governors Park reports being approached by a female from another apartment that reports having an incident with female after almost being hit by a car. His license is suspended, and was located walking and states he apologized to the female for a verb al confrontation but denies driving a silver car. All parties informed of his license status and will BOLO.

Caller on Madison Avenue reports a pink girls bike was left in her backyard and may be stolen. Units took the bike and items were brought to the station.

Mother on Madison Avenue called to state that the police just took her daughter’s bike from same back yard. A misunderstanding between tenants. Pink bike returned to the owner.

Unit repots that someone flagged him down on Veterans Road and stated that to males fighting in the street. Unit reports finding males who claimed it was all a misunderstanding and they were not fighting.

Reports of someone missing from Revere and supposedly are in Winthrop on Hermon Street. 92 Jaworksi has him and he is speaking with his mom in Revere. Sgt. Presley reports he is missing and reports that he can leave with parents who are now here in Revere for tonight and be at Boston Juvenile Court in the morning or we can call the new 211 system and they will make arrangements to pick him up on a CRA warrant. Det. Jaworski will speak to the parents and the juvenile has agreed to stay home for the night and go to court in the morning. When brought into the lobby with the parents, the kid was outside and he bolted and ran away again. We drove around to look for him and could not locate hi. The Revere Pd was notified.

Manager of Blackstrap Café reports that two rowdy patrons banging on the window. 91 Pena reports a dispute over a stolen cell phone.

Party from Washington Avenue came in to report a suspicious motor vehicle parked in front of her home with two male parties inside. Her daughter has a RO against her ex-boyfriend and she drove past her home to repot this to police. Units report no vehicle in the area and she will meet the officer at her home.

Party called to report the whereabouts of a missing juvenile from previous incident. W91 and W92 responded to Shore Drive and located the missing youth by the Temple Avenue extension. The juvenile was brought o the station and the juvenile probation contacted. Revere PD had entered a missing report. Lt. Scarpa contacted the new 211 system and they are to call back with instructions for the juvenile.


Friday, May 15

Report of a disturbance on Temple Avenue. W92 reports telling the tenant to keep it down.

Calling party reports a fire in the driveway on Hermon Street. Fire notified and reports a trash barrel fire outside in the backyard put out.

Caller reports a suspicious situation on Beacon Circle. 93 reports that it was unfounded, and the calling party was advised.

Property owner on Summit Avenue walked in to report water leaking from the 2nd floor apartment. He was unable to make contact with the residents. He filled out a statement and 92 was dispatched for a wellbeing check. Officer states a large amount of water coming from the above apartment. The officer was able to speak to the person on the second floor He is okay. Everything else is a civil matter and everyone advised of their rights.

Party walked in to report desctruction of property and a larceny on Pauline Street.

SRO requests officers for group of males fighting on Pauline Street. 92 brought one juvenile to the station and contacted his parent to pick him up. 93 brought one male to the station under arrest for assault with a dangerous weapon and wanton destruction of property over $250.

Walk-in to report she was harassed and threatened at the Blackstrap last night. She does not know the other girl’s name or who she is. She would like this on record.

Detective requests check on a female for outstanding warrants. One in custody for three outstanding warrants.

Party on Walden Street states he is receiving harassing phone calls at the Northeast Voke School from his ex-girlfriend’s mother.

Disturbance on Pauline Street leads to one in custody for malicious destruction of property over $250 and larceny over $250.

Brigham and Women’s Hospital requests we check on a subject who left against doctor’s advisement. Officers report the subject not at home on Shirley Street. His girlfriend does not know where he is but if he locates him she will call us. Girlfriend called to ay he is now at home and is staying home. If she needs medical attention for him, she will call 911.


Saturday, May 16

EMS sent to Chester Avenue for a medical aid.

Party reports he is off with a male that just experienced a seizure on Golden Drive. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Calling party on Grandview Avenue states that her orange tabby cat went missing last night. If anyone finds the cat, please call her phone number.

Party from Revere states that her 15-year-old son never came home last night from a house party that might have been in Winthrop. She gave us a description and what he was wearing.

Calling party wanted it on record that a male party lets his dog run on Donovan’s Beach with no leash on. ACO notified.

Reports of two men out of a blue pick up truck fighting on the bridge at Main Street. Officer reports nothing showing on the bridge and he will investigate further.

Caller reports he is trying to get some of his items from his old apartment on Cutler Street and they will not let him. You could hear yelling in the background. Officer request medical. A verbal over property. Female declined medical and all were advised of their rights.

Caller on Lincoln Street has been having an ongoing problem with a youth ringing his doorbell every Saturday night and then fleeing into the park. He installed a surveillance camera and now has a video of the youth who just rang his bell and would like to see an officer. Officer spoke with the caller and suspect. He informed the suspect that criminal charges would be pursued if this behavior continued to occur. The caller was satisfied with the respond.

A man called from out of state reporting a harassing call to his wife on Sunnyside Avenue from an un known person claiming to be a neighbor who was upset bout the noise her kids were making and threatened to come over and kick her door in if they did not quiet down. She wanted this logged in case of possible problems. He was advised to tell his wife to call us immediately herself if there is anything further.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a loud party and it has been keeping her 4 month old up.

Reports of a loud party on Shirley Street. Units report that the parties have been advised and the music has been turned down.

Caller reports a loud group on Yirrell Beach at the top of Bayview Avenue. Units spoke with the group and they will quiet down.


Sunday, May 17

Party on Shirley Street repost the house across from her has been empty for a while now but the alarm is sounding/ Officer reports the home is secure, but a fire alarm buried in the trash may be the sound that was heard.

Party came to the station to report she’s having an ongoing civil matter with her downstairs neighbor on Washington Avenue. Recent issue has to do with cable and Internet service being turned off and a new appointment being cancelled.

Caller on Douglas Street wants on record that a 12-year-old girl riding her bike next to her yard is yelling, “am I being too loud.”

Party reports a female subject is hitchhiking in the street near Pleasant and Buchanan Street. Officer reports the female was advised of the law.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports abandoned backpack on the sidewalk. Officer retried backpack and brought it to the station.


David M. Kerns, 40, 321 Pawtucket St. Apt. 708, Lowell. Arrested on May 12, charged with suspended license, operating a vehicle with subsequent offences, failure to stop/yield.

Matthew Hoppe, 28, 43 Read St. Apt. 1, Winthrop. Arrested May 12. Charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon, two counts of domestic assault and battery.

Gilbert Starble, 60, 91 Faun Bar Ave, Winthrop. Arrested May 13. Charged with disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

Jacqueline Buchman, 31, 93 Court Road, Winthrop. Arrested May 14. Charged on an East Boston warrant for larceny of a firearm.

Juvenile, 16, arrested May 16. Charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, destruction of property over $250.

Kelley Willette, 32, 37 Edward St., Winthrop. Arrested May 16. Charged with warrants from Peabody, Wrentham and East Boston.

Stephan K. Dimitrakopoulos, 26, 5 Pauline St., Apt. 5, Winthrop. Arrested on May 16. Charged with destruction of property over $250 and larceny over $250.

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