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Fundraiser to help a wounded vet, May 29

Dear Editor:

In 2004 James Crosby, a Winthrop resident, went to Iraq as a United States Marine to serve his country. Shortly after arriving in Iraq, James was severely injured by shrapnel, became paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

In January of 2014 Veterans Assisting Veterans, a non-profit group of veterans raised $17,000 and bought James a Trac Chair. The Trac Chair is a highly specialized wheelchair designed to give people like James freedoms they could only have prior to their injuries.

James is extremely grateful for the chair, he can now enjoy all outdoor activities because of the new Trac Chair. The Trac Chair allows James to go to the beach, visiting the woods or driving through snow. In addition with this new chair he’s able to push a button and stand up to look someone in the eye, which is something he could never do prior to his injury.

However there’s a big challenge. James needs someone with him or he can’t use the chair to go anywhere except near his house. He’s able to drive the chair up a ramp onto the back of his pick up truck, but because he can’t walk he can’t get down from the truck. James appealed to the VA Boston for a wheel chair lift but was denied because someone stated that the Trac Chair is considered recreational. When members of VAV heard this we were outraged. “How does giving someone a somewhat normal life, a war hero, being considered a recreational. Prior to James going to war he had a normal life.” said VAV President Dennis Moschella.

James Crosby served his country honorably, was wounded and sacrificed his ability to walk. He made a commitment to his country and we as veterans are not going to wait for a government bureaucrat to help James. Veterans Assisting Veterans board members have served in different wars and conflicts. As veterans they know what to do.

On Friday May 29, at 7 p.m. VAV will be hosting a comedy show fundraiser at the Mottolo Post VFW 10 Garafolo St. Revere. Proceeds of this event will be for the purchase a wheel chair lift for James.

The price of this lift is approximately $4,000.

Dennis Moschella

President, Veterans Assisting Veterans


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