John Munson and Beacon Studio

Anyone who has seen John’s Munson’s photographs knows what an outstanding photographer he is. He has put together a calendar of Winthrop photos and it’s become a popular gift during the holiday season. Munson’s Beacon Photography and Framing Studio has been the venue for some interesting events and the accomplished photographer is hosting a “Seaside Vibes,” event Saturday, with an artists reception and complimentary refreshments beginning at 7 p.m. Artists Cassandra Schramm and Nick Shea and musicians Jessica Santacroce and Henry Nigro and Melanie Hedlun will be featured at the event.

John Munson has contributed to our town in a number of positive ways since his arrival here. He has become a go-to photographer for events and special occasions of all kinds and has been a supporter of local groups and organizations. John is proud to be a Winthrop resident and he and his wife are raising their two children in Winthrop.

When we talked to John this week, he told us that the construction of the new $80 million Winthrop middle/high school was a deciding factor in his family choosing to stay in Winthrop and that he was looking forward with much excitement to the day when his children begin attending the new school.

So there you have it — John Munson, who has a business in town, says, “Thank you,” to the School Building Assistance Committee, town leaders, and all the residents who helped make the new school project a reality. And we echo those sentiments.

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