Police Blotter 02-12-2015


(People arrested are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.)

Tara Anne Perna, 37, 48 Shore Drive, arrested on Feb. 5 and charged on a fugitive from justice warrant.

Jonathan Falzarano, 22, 90 Shore Dr., Apt. 14A, arrested on Feb. 6 and charged on a warrant of apprehension.

Monday, February 2

Caller reports an employee is not feeling well, unresponsive in his motor vehicle parked in the lot. Officer reports party was resting after plowing. He reports being fine and refused any medical treatment.

A party at Fort Heath Apartments reports that her husband fell in the hallway.

Several calls of smoke showing in a building on Irwin Street and alarms going off. WFD reset alarm, food on the stove on third floor.

A party on Mermaid Avenue reports a delivery man just came to her door requesting some water and told her he is stuck outside. Officer reports the vehicle had a damaged transmission. It was towed to the owner’s home by GJ Towing.

Caller on Wyman Street reports her street has not been plowed at all. She was advised we will notify DPW of the situation.

A party on Lincoln Street reporting a dispute with her landlord. She states she does not feel safe and would like to speak with an officer.

Tuesday, February 3

A caller complained of noise occurring at Governors Drive all night. Officers spoke with caller, subjects. Parents upset with minor son for being away for two weeks.

A party on Willow Street reports the street has not been plowed. DPW notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports he is involved in a motor vehicle accident with injuries. Units dispatched along with fire and state police.

A party on River Road reports that her motor vehicle was hit overnight by a plow.

E911 caller requests a police officer for a car accident in the CVS parking lot in East Boston. Boston Police notified.

Chief requests signs be posted on Crest Avenue for no parking because traffic is being obstructed.

Several calls of a Jordan Furniture truck stuck at Pleasant and Cottage Park Road.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports a private contractor is putting snow in the middle of the street and it is over 10 feet high now. Officer reports talking to all parties. All okay, vehicle just moving and clearing snow.

Party came in to report an on-line scam. After reviewing the victim statement, the party needs to go to Quincy PD for the report. Owner of item is from Quincy. The reporting party was just helping him sell it.

Connect America called to report a medical alert at Governors Park. Fire and medical notified.

Caller on Sea View Avenue reports neighbor dumped snow on her property and would like assistance speaking with them. Neighbor is cleaning up the said snow on other property and states this was just an accident.

Party reports daughter being harassed by a female Winthrop resident. Det. Armistead will complete a report. Mother wanted it on record for now.

Call for medical aid on Kennedy Road. Party fell on the floor from seizure and is bleeding. Fire and medical notified.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports someone is threatening to damage his car. It is a parking matter. Peace restored.

Party on Veterans Road is upset that someone parked in her designated spot at an apartment building. Advised to contact the building owner for tow.

Wednesday, February 4

Caller on Pauline Street reports that a relative with Alzheimer’s attempting to drive and is no condition to do so. Request for EMS for assistance in gaining access to the vehicle, which is locked. Fire also notified. Party was reunited with his family.

A party at CVS reports a car blocking the exit and will not move.

Caller reports some sort of alarm sounding behind his residence on Putnam Street. Officer to investigate, WFD called to report a fire alarm activation at Michael’s Mall.

Report of vandalism to a vehicle overnight at Furlong’s.

Caller on Sewall Avenue reports private snow removal contractor plowing snow into the middle of the street. Units report speaking with contractor who will be cleaning up any snow piles left in the public way.

Reports of a seagull with a broken wing on Townsend Street. Animal Control officer will contact Animal Rescue League to respond.

Officer requesting fire be notified to uncover fire hydrant at Veterans and Washington Avenue.

Party on Overlook Drive needs help getting up.

Dispatcher calling from AAA stating they have a driver stuck in the snow and a child locked in the vehicle on Shirley Street. They request police due to the fact that the driver is not estimated to arrive until 5 p.m. Officer along with WFD responded and report the vehicle is not in the area and unable to locate. A misunderstanding between caller and AAA. All parties clear.

Party on Highland Avenue reports speaking to men in pickup truck tossing snow in the street. He reports they threw snow on his vehicle when he said something to them. Officer reports speaking with a male who denies throwing snow but was shoveling out the fire hydrants. He was advised to cease tossing snow in the street.

Caller on Pleasant Street requests snow clean up in the area of Bartlett and Pleasant. Unit reports they will notify the snow clean up crew.

Received a call from Victim Witness Advocate from Malden Court regarding the possibility of subject living on Shirley Street. Officer reports speaking with the residents there who moved in six months ago. The wanted subject does not reside there.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports a small dog barking on the porch who appears to be in distress. ACO notified and is in Chelsea for an injured dog and will respond. Unit responded and the owner brought the dog inside.

Thursday, February 5

Report of someone falling on Washington Avenue.

Concerned parent on Hermon Street reports numerous walkways on Hermon Street have not been shoveled, causing children walking to school to have to walk in the street. Situation referred to Inspectional Services.

A medical aid call for male having chest pains at Energy To Go, 55 year old male brought to MGH for an evaluation.

Caller reports the Country Day School sidewalks are not shoveled. Building Department called and stated that because it was on the corner, the DPW needed to be contacted because the snow was piled up because of the plows.

House being auctioned off on Beacon Street having problem with parking.

Caller on Amelia Avenue reports that he is having a problem with person next door who has thrown several feet of snow over the fence making it impossible for oil service to fill oil. He would like assistance in speaking with the person responsible.

Call from MBTA reporting location of missing person. Mother and father contacted and spoke with officers. Missing person has been located and does not want to have contact with mother at this time.

Caller on North Avenue reports some vans blocking the street. Units report motor vehicles moved to other location.

Party on Pauline Street reports that his friend’s grandson has not been heard from and they are worried. Unit reports going to home and a friend spoke to the grandson who will contact his grandparents.

Mother on Shirley Street came in to report she was told by IRS that someone filed false returns on her daughter’s SSN in 1993 and 1994. She needs this reported so that they can fix this situation.  .

Party came to the station to pick up lost property.

Caller on Governors Drive needs an ambulance for her daughter who is sick. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party reports that she has been away and her car is parked in the center lot. It is buried in the snow and she is unable to get it out as it is frozen. She wanted this on record as she is trying to find someone to get it out at this time.

Friday, February 6

Energy to Go called to report setting off the alarm again but wanted to let us know all was okay.

Woman reports having trouble breathing at Fort Heath Apartments.

Report of a lockout on Edgehill Road. Fire notified.

Woman on Sagamore Avenue concerned about her street and requests sand be put down. Message left for DPW.

Caller reports a car in the municipal lot behind the church pulled into “her” spot after she moved so they could clear lot of snow.

Several calls of slippery conditions on Court Road. DPW notified.

Several calls of icy road conditions on Myrtle and other side streets off of Shore Drive.

Caller on Neptune Avenue reports that his landlord has entered his apartment while he was sleeping, without his permission. Caller notified landlord to never do it again. Issue now documented in the Winthrop Police Log.

Reports that Buckthorn Terrace is completely iced.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road reports vehicle stuck on ice and can’t move. Unit reports assisting motorist.

Patient requesting ambulance transport for stomach issues on Revere Street.

Report of a large deposit of snow in the middle of Ocean View and Cora Street.

Officer flagged down by a manager of CVS relative to a past shoplifting incident.

Visiting nurse called for elderly male on Golden Drive who needs to be transported to hospital.

Caller reports that she has a back entrance to her property behind Methodist Church lot. She removed her vehicle from the back lot during snow removal cleanup. A car pulled into her spot after she pulled out and as a result the snow was not removed from the area around and in front of car. She states that she has called three times and was told that someone would come but has been waiting for a long time. The car has been tagged and there are gates leading to the rear of the property but not driveway.

Husband on Plummer Avenue called to state that his son called and informed him that his wife let a stranger into the home who’s car had broken down. Officer reports speaking with the wife and the car owner and all is ok.

Caller on Charles Street reports that someone threatened to come down from New Hampshire and shoot him.

Party on Walden Street reports a Jeep causing problems parked on wrong side of the street. Officer reports having the vehicle moved with a verbal warning.

Motor vehicle parked in handicap spot on Shore Drive.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports some sparks from an electric meter on the property. WFD notified and they state that National Grid was responding.

Saturday, February 7

Reports of an alarm again at Energy To Go. Officers spoke with the caller, same situation. Faulty alarm and code. Business waiting for a response from the alarm company.

Female came to the station to report that someone was allowed to guess her pin for her Sprint account and as a result was allowed to use Sprint account. A bill of between $600 and $700 was incurred with Sprint as a result of this unauthorized use. This occurred on Thanksgiving back in November 2014.

Party on Sargent Street request that someone check out a large pile of snow that is obstructing view of oncoming traffic while turning onto Johnson Avenue and it is halfway in the street. DPW notified and states that it is the same problem all over town its a pile created by a plow.

Caller on Main Street reports that her motor vehicle was struck by someone doing work in the neighborhood. She was going to exchange papers but the party drove off. Officer reports speaking with the caller. The parties are in contact with each other now and will square away the cost of any damages done.

DPW worker called requesting assistance in the Summit Avenue area due to cars impeding sanding operations.

Caller on Revere Street reports a neighbor dumping snow in his driveway.

Party reports that her tire blew out as a result of what she described as an overexposed curb at Belcher and Prescott streets. She requested we have it marked for safety. DPW notified. Officer checked the situation and reports that it is a result of someone plowing over the curb. No safety issue at this time.

Female on Overlook Drive activated medical alarm after falling down and needs help. Fire and ambulance notified and will be responding.

Party on Shirley Street reports a strong odor of gas. Call transferred to WFD. Officer reports heavy odor of gas, National Grid notified by WFD to respond ASAP. Investigation is in the area of Shirley and Wave Way. Both places were entered and the source of leak found on roof of Streeter Plumbing. Owner was contacted and will respond to secure the valve.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that someone acting strange inside a motor vehicle. Officer reports a male who uses free Wi-Fi to contact friends via Skype.

Party reports a red colored motor vehicle was being operated in an erratic manner along Washington Avenue and onto Pleasant Street. Units notified to BOLO for the vehicle.

Caller on Golden Drive requesting  ambulance for elderly male unconscious on floor.

Party on River Road reports someone in the rear of the building and has fallen down several times. Units report male who is refusing medical and is signing a waiver.

Caller reports an accident involving three motor vehicles in Elks parking lot and parties are getting heated. Unit requests medical for finger cut. Units report party refused and units cleared.

Sunday,  February 8

Report of a lockout at Governors Park. Fire will respond. Officer reports waking up a resident who let the party inside.

Plow driver reports a Jeep stopped in street near Donovan’s Beach. The driver appears to be asleep.

Caller on Summit Avenue states that there is what appears to be an abandoned vehicle obstructing the street.

Medical assistance needed for father on Fairview Street. Call transferred to WFD.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states that he needs an ambulance for his wife.

Party reports someone in a motor vehicle appears to be having some type of problem as he sat through two sets of lights and now drifted onto Highland Avenue. Officer reports male appears unresponsive and has blood on his face. WFD and EMS notified and are enroute. Party was transported to the hospital via EMS. The vehicle was towed from the public way.

Caller at Governors Drive reports loud music in apartment below her. Officer spoke to party and had the music turned off.

Party on Revere Street reports being threatened on Facebook. Officer spoke to subject who will be writing a victim/witness statement.

Walk-in to report that his Craftsman snow blower was taken from his driveway overnight on Locust Street.

Several reports of a water main break near Willow Avenue. DPW notified. WFD will respond as well.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue requests medical for his wife. Fire and medical notified.

Party on Woodside Avenue requests medical for her husband. Fire and medical notified.

Caller on Shore Drive requests medical for her mother. Fire and medical notified.

Party states he was involved in a motor vehicle crash at Ingleside and Lincoln Street. There was no injuries. W92 requests queries on both vehicles and operators. All active, no warrants.

CVS called to report an accident in the parking lot. Police requested by parties involved. Officer reports minor accident. He will assist in exchanging paperwork.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states that there is a vehicle parked in front of his residence for several hours. Officer issued a parking ticket. G&J notified to tow.

Medical aid needed on Overlook Drive.

Medic Alert bracelet activation on Walden Street. Canceled enroute.

Monday, February 9

Caller on Lewis Avenue states that his CO detector alarm is sounding. Call transferred to WFD.

Party on Johnson Avenue upset by plows pushing boulders of ice into driveway; she cannot break through them. DPW contacted.

Caller on Plummer Avenue stated that his girlfriend was attacked by neighbor’s dog that got loose and went after her dog. Woman sustained wound on finger but declined EMS; going to hospital on her own. Information relayed to ACO who will follow up. Officer went to residence, no answer at the door.

Party on Maryland Avenue reports she has not been able to contact her mother after calling her many times. Officer reports making contact with mother who will contact her daughter ASAP.

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