Town in Great Financial Shape

It was revealed at a Council meeting that  the Town of Winthrop has more than $2.2 million in free cash in its accounts and to that, we can only say, “Great job, Town Manager James McKenna and Chief Financial Officer Tom Gordon,” for leading this historic turnaround of Winthrop’s financial picture. We remember the recent years when Winthrop was facing a financial crisis and there was talk of closing the library and the senior center and today, through the leadership of McKenna and Gordon, we’re looking at a town that is on sound financial footing. It took a lot of hard work and major changes in the way the financial business of the town was conducted.

Our town department heads followed the fiscally-sound management of our town manager and CFO and helped implement new methods of oversight and reporting, with the result that today, there is a new Winthrop and much optimism about our future.

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