Winthrop Police/CASA Seminar

That was certainly a well-attended and informative alcohol awareness seminar hosted by the Winthrop Police Department, led by Chief Terence Delehanty, and CASA (Community Against Substance Abuse), led by excecutive director Pat Milano, with great assistance from Leigh-Ann Eruzione Callinan. We were pleased to see so many business and restaurant owners in attendance at the workshop which was held to help our local merchants understand the laws and ordinances that support safe alcohol vending practices.

The Winthrop Police has done an excellent job monitoring local businesses who sell alcohol and a WPD sting operation emphasized their point that alcohol should not be sold to any individuals without proper identification and those purchasers must be 21 years of age or older.

One of CASA’s missions is to educate the Winthrop community about substance abuse and the impact it has on the lives of youth and other residents and this well-organized seminar will help CASA attain its goal.

It was great to see Olympic hockey hero Mike Eruzione stopping by the seminar and lending Winthrop Charities’ support to his daughter, Leigh-Ann, and the CASA organization.

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