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History is being made

Dear Editor:

History is being made in Massachusetts political circles.  As we go to the polls on Tuesday November 4th we have the opportunity to elect the first woman Governor in Massachusetts, Democrat Martha Coakley.  To honor this historic election the Massachusetts Delegation hosted the Honorable Hillary Clinton at a Statewide Rally on Friday, October 24th at the Park Plaza Hotel.  This historic event not only hosted Hillary Clinton but greeted, cheered and celebrated the complete MA electoral delegation and elected officials.  Speaking from the podium, Senator Ed Markey greeted the cheering crowd by highlighting that “Martha is not running to be Governor of the Democrats, but Governor of everyone”.  He noted that by electing Martha Coakley “every child is entitled to a quality education;  issues of climate change and health care will be in the forefront and women will have an opportunity to increase their earnings and issues of equal pay for equal work will be addressed”.  This will not happen with her opponent.  He also highlighted that white women still earn $.77 to every dollar earned by her male counter-part, while African American women earn $.69 and Hispanic women earn only $.59 for comparable work.

Govenor Deval Patrick stirred up the crowd by highlighting that ‘this election is perplexing. . . like music we are hearing the same lyrics, same key.”  However, Massachusetts has thrived under Democratic leadership in the past eight years.  He noted that we were 47th in job creation until Democrats took charge.  Massachusetts is now at a 25 year high in employment, we have a balanced budget, are solving root core problems and addressing issues of homelessness, access to health care, the disabled, and the middle class.  By supporting Martha Coakley, Patrick noted, we will ensure that our strength and support increase, this will not be the case with her opponent.  Elizabeth Warren, a surprise guest at this Rally, received a rousing welcome and highlighted her support of Martha Coakley for Governor.  “We care about the same things, how do we level the playing field?. . .She has done this for eight years as Attorney General. . . stood up to the big banks and predators across the US. . . She will stand up for Massachusetts”  Warren noted.

The Delegation of elected officials stood to applaud as Martha Coakley took the stage.  “My opponent spent his career focusing on line items. . . I spent my career focusing on you – people” she highlighted as the crowd cheered she welcomed Hillary Clinton to the stage.  To a rousing applause, Hillary remarked that Martha Coakley “differs on every issue with her opponent – not just fighting for women’s rights, she’s fighting for actual women” she highlighted.

The Massachusetts delegation; Senator Ed Markey, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Lt. Gov. candidate Steve Kerrigan, Governor Deval Patrick and Thomas O’Connor (Coakley’s spouse) showed unified support for the Democratic nominee.  The effort is now focused on a statewide GOTV (Get-Out-the-Vote) with round-the-clock campaign phone banking, door knocking, outreach and publicity efforts.  Local campaign coordinator, Donna Segreti Reilly and campaign worker Tino Capobianco are rallying troops and lining up campaign workers.  Interested volunteers may contact Donna Segreti Reilly, Team Leader,”Winthrop for Coakley” at [email protected] or 617-240-1510 (c).

Sylvia & Maxwell Whiting

Setting the record straight

Dear Editor

I enjoy reading the transcript every week online.   I especially enjoy through the years segments.  But I do need to bring to your attention a few  corrections.

in the 50 years ago sports recap you had Ed Tipping  running for 47 yard touchdown. Ed graduated in 1961 or 1962  and is no relation to John Tipping who was a proud member of that record breaking team and  he scored 3 touchdowns in the second quarter vs Marblehead.

Keep up the good work but please check the facts. I have heard from many of my teammates and friends about the misprint

John Tipping

Class of 1965

Status Update On the Water, and a       Thank You

Dear Editor:

It was Blowing gale winds here on the east coast of New England last Thursday, Oct. 23,  when a call came in on my cell phone: Mike Inacio. “Art, your boat is in trouble better get down here right away.”

So, off I went after loading up my seven-foot pram and oars. Sure enough there was a derelict sailboat fouled onto my mooring and banging Little Top (my boat) up pretty good in the 30 mph and “gusting to yikes” wind.

After stopping in to see the Winthrop Harbormasters to tell them my plan to save my boat, I rowed out with the wind behind me being careful not to let the wind get under my pram. Harbormasters launched in record time to serve and save. Frank Fucillo gave expert advice on how to get this 30-foot sailboat off my mooring and stop bow banging to midships situation. Lo and behond, it worked.

My boat was now free of this kinetically disastrous renegade sailboat, but not out of danger totally.The sailboat had no mooring attached to the Ball; this we could not know until she was separated from my boat. It was dragging the mooring ball and was now headed for the Baseball Park shore to be grounded for who knows how long. I radioed the Winthrop Harbormasters of the new situation and, sure enough, they were on the scene in minutes with expert action. The Ace Harbormaster (Name unknown) lashed on to the sailboat and reversed off of the Beach. Keep in mind the wind was fierce and furious.

Now what?

Mike Inacio shot over in his skiff to ready some other mooring lines for the Rescue Town Boat to hook onto. The broadside-lashed maneuvering flotilla of the two 30-footers were battling extreme wind and steering was difficult, as I observed from my boat, now safely on her mooring.


They were hooked on to the emergency mooring in safe water. Wished I had my camera for some shots of this adventure. Thanks Winthrop Harbormasters for your very professional and resourceful rescues, taming the first Nor’Easter of our area this season. Thanks Mike Inacio for the shout out call and the assistance with this stormy dilemma. I am very grateful to the Town of Winthrop Harbormasters.

Arthur M. Mac Donald

Revere Assistant



Undermines the law

Dear Editor:

On Thursday October 16, Governor Deval Patrick announced he “has the ability” to dole out drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. This is an insult to citizens and legal immigrants of this state, because it undermines the law. It is the rule of law which makes this country great, and it is the law that we must obey as citizens. It is also appalling because:

This act circumvents the efforts of Homeland security and compromises our safety. Apparently, the governor and many politicians have forgotten the unfortunate history and connection Boston has with terrorism and terrorists.

This act bypasses ID Legislation and evades attempts to discourage ILLEGAL immigration.

This act simply encourages more illegals to come to our state. Last year Massachusetts spent $1.862 BILLION on welfare and other state spending for illegals. This money could have been used for the elderly, the children or education.

Illegals have a disproportionately large incidence of accidents and criminal behavior. This has resulted in thousands of deaths of Americans and legal immigrants yearly.

This act is scheduled to be filed after the election in an effort to insulate our current political “leadership” from voter backlash.

This is being done against the wishes of the public.

If U.S. citizens and legal immigrants are told driving is a privilege isn’t giving illegal immigrants licenses to be interpreted as a reward for breaking the law?  Again insulting to legal residents!

As Americans we are entitled to know if OUR leadership supports giving illegal immigrants Massachusetts licenses. As a candidate for State Representative many people have asked me where I stand. I am strongly against any issuing of licenses to ILLEGAL immigrants.

My position is clear. Where do you stand? Your current Representative, Robert DeLeo, claims to have no opinion on this important issue. I believe we are entitled to an answer from our current representative before we vote on November 4.  Don’t you?

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Caruccio

Candidate for State       Representative

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