Town Manager at Harvard

Town Manager James McKenna has brought so much positivity and accomplished so much in his administration —  but he isn’t resting on his achievements. He’s moving the town forward in every way ( and just look at the new project rising on the site of Temple Emmanuel and other developments that are forthcoming)  and he’s also enhancing his own credentials as one of the state’s most innovative and forward-thinking municipal leaders.

McKenna was invited by the prestigious Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University to participate in a major educational program for city and town leaders and public safety officials and he took advantage of that opportunity. McKenna exchanged ideas with other leaders and attended classes taught by professors at the Kenendy School.

We understand that Jim excelled in the classroom and at the seminars and several of his colleagues were well aware of the outstanding work he has done in Winthrop over the past few years, transforming the culture in town government to one that every resident in the town can be proud of.

We’re pleased that Jim — just as Police Chief Terence Delehanty did with his training and education program at the FBI Academy — chose to expand his base of knowledge and was amenable to listening to new ideas and programs that are happening throughout the country.

We’re not sure if they picked a valedictorian in the Harvard program — but we would wager that Jim McKenna was one of top “students” in this worthwhile program at the nation’s most esteemed university.

Congratulations, Jim, on your successful completion of this program and your acceptance of the certificate that you received at the final ceremony.

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