Organization Seeks Residents’ Help for Program

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Patty Foley and Bruce Berman are asking Winthrop residents to step up and help with the non-profit’s “Share the Harbor” program.

“We are asking for a contribution today of $10, $25, $50 or more if you can afford it, to help Save the Harbor “Share the Harbor” with more than 15,000 underserved young people and their families this summer,” said Berman and Foley in a joint statement. “Over the past 12 years Save the Harbor/Save the Bay has become the Boston Harbor connection for a generation of young people and their families.”

In fact, in late July, Save the Harbor’s free youth environmental education programs will reach a milestone, connecting more than 100,000 youth and teens to Boston Harbor and the harbor islands since we began them in 2002.

“Make a donation today to help Save the Harbor “Share the Harbor” with 100,000 young people by summer’s end,” said Berman and Foley. “Most of our site and program partners end their season on August 22, which leaves many low-income youth and teens and their families with no free activities during the last week of the summer.”

This year, with the community’s help Save the Harbor/Save the Bay would like to extend the summer season and invite all the youth and teens that take part in our programs to bring their families and join the non profit for free trips to the Boston Harbor Islands on Bay State Cruise Company’s Provincetown II, which can easily accommodate 500 people per trip.

“We know you support the work we do to restore and protect Boston Harbor, the harbor islands and our region’s public beaches,” said Berman and Foley. “We hope that we can count on you to [3]make an online contribution today of just $10, $25, $50 or more to support our free youth environmental education programs this summer. It means the world to us, and to the thousands of youth and teens we serve.”

Two local organizations from Winthrop recently shared in $31,500 in grant money from Save the Harbor / Save the Bay for summer and early fall activities on the beach.

Friends of Winthrop Beach will get $1,000 to support family activities on the beach here and the Friends of Belle Isle Marsh will get $1,000 for educational activities at area beaches.

The Winthrop organizations were chosen because they support free public events at the beach or along the waterfront.

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