Police Blotter 04-24-2014

Monday, April 14

Party at East Boston Neighborhood Health reports attended sudden death. ME notified and declined as the death was attended and in a medical facility.

W93 off to serve 209A out of Woburn District Court to Douglas Street. W93 reports the defendant still not at home. Likely still in the hospital. 209A left at last and usual place of abode.

Caller at East Boston Neighborhood Health requests an ambulance for patient.

Party reports that a woman in a black car at CVS harassed her and her husband. This was while they were walking. Party believes that she is mentally ill.

Report of vandalism at D&T Variety on Shirley Street.

DCF caseworker came to the station to report they have a warrant for a child at Seal Harbor. They request we assist them. Officers report they have the child and the DCF case workers will take him to Court.

Officer issued traffic citation for speeding on Shirley Street.

Male came in to report the theft of his ATM card. Card was used in Dorchester.

Officer issued traffic citation for stop sign violation on Shirley Street.

Woman on Walden Street reports a large truck is obstructing traffic. Officer spoke with driver and had the vehicle moved.

Three girls were walking near Lewis Lake and one appears to be legless and may be under the influence of something. W94 and W902 located the females on River Road and requests medical. Fire notified. W94 attempted to make a notification to a parent of one of the juveniles at an address found under a different name in house. No answer. Message was left on a cell phone. W93 assisted fire and Action and will issue a report. W92 checked the area of Daw Playground to make sure there were no other juveniles in the area and no one else in trouble there. Mother arrived on the scene and will accompany the child and ambulance.

Woman came in to report a white male was peering in first floor windows on Ocean Avenue. He was with a female in a white motor vehicle. No listing. This happened a while ago.

A sewer backup on Pico Avenue. DPW notified.

Tuesday, April 15

93 initiates a motor vehicle traffic stop at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. Operator issued a written warning.

An attempt to serve a harassment order out of Somerville District Court to subject on Shore Drive. W92 reports nobody home at the residence at this time.

Party on Douglas Street reports a party in her home has an active warrant. The warrant was confirmed and male party placed in custody.

Mother on Hermon Street called to report that her daughter was being harassed and assaulted yesterday afternoon. SRP referral. A report was submitted.

Reports of finding a dog wandering the street with tags at Atlantis Marina Condos.

As a result of an investigation, a sex offender was placed in violation for failure to register at new address on Revere Street.

Call for a sick or injured raccoon at Winthrop Arms.

W92 off attempting to make contact with party at Viking Gardens relative to a hit and run, which occurred in Revere yesterday evening. Daughter came to the station attempting to report vehicle as stolen earlier this morning. She was advised the registered owner must fill out and sign stolen motor vehicle report. Information provided by daughter also led to a warrant arrest and she may be involved in the Revere hit and run.

Male on Shirley Street called to report that a lady fell off the rear porch. Fire and officers report a 63-year-old female to MGH.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by Suffolk County Juvenile Court to subject on Bowdoin Street. He reports husband is home and will take his and his wife’s copy.

Caller on Siren Street reports that his landlord is moving his belongings onto the porch. Officer will ask if they can wait until he can get there. If not, it’s a civil matter. People moving the belongings will wait a few minutes and then put his stuff in the hallway.

Female came to the station regarding picking up a check from her estranged husband. He was contacted and he reports that he has mailed it to her East Boston address.

Officer attempted to serve 209A/ERO to subject on Girdlestone Road. Party not home. Officer will try again. It was served in hand by Off. Ramadini.

Multiple calls of a male bleeding in the hallway on Bowdoin Street. Fire notified. The male had an accident when glass door closed on his foot and sliced through to the bone.

Wednesday, April 16

Caller on Grandview Avenue states there is a motor vehicle parked with the engine running in the middle of the street with the operator inside. Units respond and report the operator was issued a citation.

Caller on Veterans Road is concerned about the well being of her neighbors. The rear hatch of the vehicle in their driveway has been left opened for the last few days, and she has seen no activity or lights in the house. W93 reports meeting caller at the scene. Fire notified and will gain entrance. Unit reports that everything is in order and tenants possibly on vacation.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that a female just lost her mother and just called him from a tub. He is afraid that she may try to harm herself because she is depressed. Units responding along with fire and ambulance. Female to Whidden voluntarily.

Caller on Shirley Street requests ambulance transport for her mother who has mobility issues.

Party at Seal Harbor came in to report someone has used her Citi Bank Credit Card in the past.

Over the weekend, a Revere resident pulled a knife on a Winthrop student. This was reported to the Middle School Asst. Principal and passed on for investigation by our School Resource Officer.

Middle School principal reports a number of youths from East Boston hanging in front of the CVS across from the Middle School as the students exit for early release day. Principal is concerned as there have been numerous issues with Winthrop and East Boston students in recent weeks. Units report all sent out of the area.

While on traffic duty, someone called W91 over to tell them that a house on Shirley Street is up for sale and the door is open and no one is around. Officers report building is secure. The wind may have blown open the door. Officers will lock the door.

Male on Bellevue Avenue came in to report he was scammed out of $3,000 from someone saying he was his grandson and needed bail money as he was arrested in Tennessee.

Report of water coming in basement on Shirley Street. DPW notified.

Caller called to report that someone placed a plastic bag near his house on Shirley Street and every day he changes what’s in it. Off. Dutra reports the bag has trash in it.

Report of a male hanging around on Summit Avenue that doesn’t belong there. W98 along with W91 responded and located the subject. He was dropped at the train out of the area.

Two women accompanied a male party to the station and stated that he wanted to harm himself. Fire notified. EMS transported.

A woman walked in to the station and she said she wants to hurt herself and others. Sgt. Dalrymple assisted in calming her. WFD requested and one voluntary to Whidden. She was a missing person from Salem.

Thursday, April 17

A motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street resulted in an arrest for operation of motor vehicle with suspended license, speeding and driving under the influence.

Female on Hermon Street reports a noisy apartment. 94 Sgt. Crisafi, Curran and 91 Freeman report two in custody. Request additional officer. 93 S. Hickey on the scene. A request for ACO for unlicensed dog. Matron requested for female prisoner. EMS called for male prisoner. Prisoner transported to Whidden. Two under arrest for resisting arrest and assault and battery on a police officer.

Female on Summit Avenue called to report that the man in another apartment is stealing her mail. Officer reports he will make out an incident report.

Reports of a hypodermic needle found on Shirley Street. W91 reports securing and disposing of same.

Female on Washington Avenue called to report that three youths might have taken her keys. Off. Curran has the information on the kids and will look into this. He reports unable to locate the youths.

93 Ramadini tried to serve a harassment order on female on Shirley Street. No luck, will try later. He tried again, no one home. Will hold for later.

Man reports a loose light pole between the skate park and kids playground. 93 Ramadini will try and locate. WFD will assist.

Mother on Winthrop Street reports that another juvenile threatened her daughter. 93 Ramadini will submit a report.

Male on Belcher Street called to report that he was called by a tenant on the first floor reporting noise coming from the 2nd floor. W91 and W98 responded and report no noise but an ongoing problem. 2nd floor will tell the landlord.

Friday, April 18

State transfer of a male in Winthrop Center near Somerset Avenue and an eatery who needs some help. There is a language barrier. Officers located the male outside of the Kasbah. Viking Cab responded and drove the party to Beachmont.

Report of a juvenile shoplifter in the CVS. Officer reports speaking with the manager and he will be taking the individual across the street to the school where is a student. Officer will verify his ID there and the school will inform the parent.

Party on Bowdoin Street requests an officer respond for an unwanted guest at the home. Officers report peace was restored and they will give the party a ride to her friend’s home.

Party on Golden Drive reports finding UPS packages opened and contents missing.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports that her kitchen is on fire. WFD notified. She then called back stating they put out the fire with an extinguisher. WFD confirmed the fire was out. All units clear.

Party on Governors Drive came to the station to report being informed by Citizen’s Bank that an unknown person or persons used her account number to purchase items totaling $251.93 from a company called East Bay. They credited her account, and asked her to report it to her local police department.

Smell of gas on Lewis Avenue.

Saturday, April 19

Party on Winthrop Street called to report damage to his fence from an incident last night. W92 investigation pointed him to an address on Winthrop Street, 2nd floor, who were heard arguing last night. W92 could not raise anyone at that address. Officer spoke with first floor resident who will speak with husband for any potential additional information when he wakes.

Party reporting a disturbance involving a taxi near Thompson’s Liquors.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that her boyfriend is texting her and saying he is throwing all of her property out the window and on to the street. She stated she is not home and would like us to drive by and make sure no clothes are in the street.

Party on Walden Street reports a group in the roadway creating a public safety issue. 92 spoke with a group and advised.

Report of a raccoon walking around on Coral Avenue and may be sick. ACO reports he is out of town but will swing by when he gets back.

Party on Charles Street reports that her husband took her keys and believes he is in the beach area. She reports that their relationship is estranged and he does not reside there. Units report speaking with the male who is back at the residence. He denied taking the keys. He left the area on foot and caller was advised.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states there is a squirrel in a cage. He does not think this is legal. ACO notified and explained it is legal for up to 24 hours but will check it out.

Party on Fremont Street received a disturbing phone call and requested it be placed on record. The caller from 617-752-2975 knew some pertinent information and then hung up. She was advised to call back if it continues to initiate a trap with the phone provider.

Report of a domestic on Trident Avenue. It was verbal only.

Sunday, April 20

Party on Pleasant and Sargent Street reports a suspicious male in the area going in and out of a yard and believes he is overdressed for the weather.

Caller states there are people working on the roof at Temple Tifereth and making noise. 91 reports work crew creating a disturbance on the roof and playing loud music. They were advised to c frees immediately per town ordinance.

Two calls of a man walking in the street near the Elks. WFD noised. Subject was evaluated and medically cleared by EMS. He was transported to his residence by the 92 and turned over to the custody of his brother-in-law.

Party on Shirley Street reports that his cooking has activated the smoke alarms in the building and is requesting WFD to reset them. WFD notified.

Party came in to the station to report a lost or stolen number plate.

Party came to the station initially reporting a past assault and battery at a family Easter function. She then stated she did not want to pursue anything, and left the station, prior to filling out a victim witness statement.

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