Police Blotter 05-23-2013

Monday, May 13

Two calls of a loud party on Tileston Road. Units report large group cleared out of house.

Family on Cottage Park Road came in to report that someone has taken the identity of a deceased family member.

Male from Tewksbury Street called stating that a lady fell in her driveway. Fire will respond.

Party on Trident Avenue reports that he was making payments for a motor vehicle accident he was in with a party out of Revere. He stated, that the party’s son came over and demanded payment. He was advised of his rights when he hung up.

Female on Girdlestone Avenue called to report that both tires on the operator side of her vehicle were slashed sometime overnight.

Lifeline activation for elderly female who has fallen in Viking Gardens.

Attempt to serve a summons to a party on Pleasant Street. Party was not home and a house member reports that the party will pick it up at the station. Party came to the station and was served in hand the subpoena by Lt. Scarpa.

Female called requesting medical aid for her mother on Golden Drive.

Party called from Seal Harbor requesting information regarding amending an active ERO. She would like to return the “keep away” and “vacate portions” to the order, which had been amended to eliminate those parts. She will come to the station. Off. Dalrymple will assist. W92 and W93 responded to serve ERO order issued by on call judge. No one home at the apartment and concierge stated that the defendant went out about 3 p.m. and has not returned. Female respondent home with her copy of ERO order and will call when and if the defendant returns.

Call to report that three kids are drinking with a black male at the bus stop shelter at Governors Park. 93 S. Hickey reports sending three from the area. No black male around.

Kids hanging around Governors Park bus stop and Housing Authority benches. 93 S. Hickey located the group and warned them off the private property and against loitering in bus stop area.

Female on Beacon Street requests information regarding her rights as she reports being harassed by an ex. W91 responded and reports caller was not forthcoming with information regarding the other party.

Female came to the station seeking an order regarding a threat made on her life through a third party by the father of her adult child. Paperwork completed. On-call judge did NOT issue.

Tuesday, May 14

Officers will try to serve an ERO issued to party at Seal Harbor. They report that he is not there and female stated she is not going to court. She was told it is going to expire at 4 p.m. and she still said she is not going to Court.

Officer Carter is off with fire department as they have a water problem at the Cummings School.

Party on Washington Avenue called requesting wellness check on male she hasn’t heard from in days. Caller and male party are on the scene. He is fine.

Mother called from Vermont to report that her daughter needs to be Sectioned 12. She has made some threatening remarks. Officers report that she is going to the Whidden. Mother was called back and given this information. She was told to call the Whidden with any information regarding this event. Mother was given the number.

Female on Seal Harbor called to report that the family of the male she has a 209A on was knocking at her door. She stated they did not say anything, but kept banging. The male’s mother was told about the third party contact and if she wants to show someone the apartment, or do anything in the apartment, she needs to get permission from the Court.

Call for a large group of youths chasing another young girl. W92 reports speaking with two young girls who were having an argument. Peace restored.

Report of a stolen cell phone on Strand Way. 93 S. Hickey will file a report.

A modified version of an existing 209 order was received via fax from EB District Court. This is the order from the ERO modification obtained last night from the on-call judge for incident at Seal Harbor. Concierge will call if defendant returns so we may make service.

Walk-in from Park Avenue to report a larceny of a firearm from his home.

Woman found a hypo needle on Cross Street. 93 S. Hickey reports he picked it up and placed in container.

Owner of the plate that was recovered which was attached to another motor vehicle on Saturday night, May 11, called as he just learned that his plate was stolen. Caller and owner of the plate was told by the father of the party who attached the plate that his son stole the plate and the caller was told that we have his plate. Caller was advised to make his report to Beverly PD where the plate was taken from and to bring the report here and he could retrieve his plate.

Mother came to the station to report that her son has been a victim of bullying at the Middle School.

Wednesday, May 15

Caller on Locust Street reports loud music. Units report they spoke to the party and advised them to turn the music off.

Cat stuck on roof on Pratt Street. Referred to ACO.

Female on Pleasant Street called to say that there is a young girl in her yard with luggage and is hiding from her family. Officers report her family picked her up, Officers then spoke to all parties and it was agreed by all that the young girl would go to a relative’s house. All report just a verbal argument.

Grandmother and grandson came in to report a dispute with another boy. 91 Curran will submit a report.

Several calls requesting that an officer needs assistance at the Winthrop Meat Market. W92, W91 and W93 responded and report coming in with a male. Charges: assault and disorderly conduct.

W91, W92 and W93 responded with the faxed paperwork from MGH requesting we serve a Section 12 to Washington Avenue apartment. Fire notified. Party was secured and fire and EMS arrived. Officers will secure items in the apartment for safety. A friend will look after dogs. Units to the station with six long guns and unknown amount of handguns in lock boxes to be secured.

Woman from Neptune Avenue came in to report an Eastern Bank check from Homestart was stolen from her mailbox and cashed in East Boston. She is not out of funds and will contact the postal police regarding the theft from her mailbox and then to Homestart who will re-issue a check.

Party on Court Road reports a child is choking. WFD and 91 Curran report all came out OK.

Couple on Shirley Street came to the station to report a past breaking and entering in to their home, which occurred possibly at 1:20 p.m. today.

Friend who was going to pick up dogs in previous incident on Washington Avenue called to report that the dogs are now missing. She reports that she responded to the home to care for the animals and they are now gone from the house. She would just like this noted. Dogs are German short hairs, one black and one brown.

Thursday, May 16

92 Curran reports a beach fire at Yirrell Beach with a group. 93 S. Hickey assisted and had kids extinguish flame and clean up the beach.

Report of noise coming from first floor on Washington Avenue. Officers spoke with all parties. A hearing has already been set up for previous problems there. First floor tenant is already being evicted. Party warned about any further calls to night.

Officer will try to serve or find information on defendant in restraining order issued by the East Boston Court to party at Seal Harbor. He reports no one has seen or heard from the defendant in weeks.

Officer will try to serve a harassment order issued by the Chelsea Court to subject on Nahant Avenue. He reports served in hand.

Caller on Golden Drive requests ambulance for his wife. Transferred to Action.

Female caller reports a car parked for five hours with the door open on Shirley Street. Officers report they spoke to the owner and it will be secured.

Female at Fort Heath Apartments called to report that her HP placard is missing. Reports the last time she remembers using it was at the Winthrop Arms over the weekend. W91 Off. Curran will check her motor vehicle to see if he can locate it.

Neighbor reports next-door neighbor’s house on Read Street is on fire. Caller reports the people are still in the house and she is trying to get them out. Fire notified along with all units. W93 reports that the occupants are refusing to leave. Officers Hickey, Racow and Jaworski assisting the residents out of the dwelling along with Off. Curran. Fire is on scene. W94 responded with Off. Bonavita. Chief notified and message left for Winthrop Housing Authority. Fire out and chief further advised.

Report of noise again from the above apartment at Governors Park. She has reported it to security as well. Officer spoke to all parties. It is an ongoing issue.

Officers report speaking with three subjects from Everett at Hannaford Park. They cleared the area.

Caller on Ocean Avenue reports that her husband is vomiting and needs an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

W91 reports being off at Hannaford Park with four subjects from out of town. Motor vehicle on the scene but no one is licensed to operate. Subjects sent out of area without vehicle. No operation observed.

Call reports some kids are going behind the Cottage Park hill area and are possibly drinking. Units report searching the area and locating 12 kids playing at Massa Playground. No other kids in the area.

Caller reports again banging on floor coming from the downstairs apartment on Governors Drive. Units report both parties have been advised of their rights and W91 will try to mediate the situation.

Caller on Paine Street reports some individuals inside her home. She is not sure if they belong there. Units report family members of owner on scene.

Friday, May 17

Reports of loud music coming from other tenant on Washington Avenue. Officer spoke to both the caller and the alleged noisemaker. A hearing is scheduled for the 30th.

Caller near Lewis Lake believes he heard six gunshots in the area.

Reports of a manhole cover partially dislodged on Nahant Avenue. W92 was able to correct the issue.

Caller requested assistance to exchange papers for accident on Crest Avenue. The other party is being uncooperative. W91 will assist minor motor vehicle accident.

Principal reports a very thin straggly male with a dog in the area of Celucci Field, which raised some concerns from several parents. Party identified as a local resident.

941 McCarthy received a report of a wanted subject in the area of Michael’s Mall. Units checked the area to no avail. Calling party appears to have mistaken the subject’s identity.

Caller on Read Street said his daughter was just attacked. Said some of the people are still outside and others had left. Medical requested by father. Fire and EMS notified.

Party on Pond Street reports being threatened by two groups of teenagers who were parked in the Pond Street Playground. Officer reports speaking with caller who was concerned something may happen later. He wanted it noted in case of damage to his home or motor vehicle. Officer will monitor the area, and has a named witness, and the plates of the vehicles involved.

Caller on Summit Avenue requests we stand by while she picks up some items from her mother’s house as she as a 209A against her mother and is worried about her safety. Mother refused her entry. She was informed of her right to pursue this in civil court.

Saturday, May 18

Several calls reporting an explosion in the area of Sturgis Street. Possible transformer that blew. WFD notified. W93 dispatched to assist with traffic. Party directed officer to Pole 1303 on Sturgis Street. National Grid was notified by WFD. No safety concerns at this time and officer cleared.

Party came in to report that her 16-year-old son did not come home and she believes he is at an address in East Boston. 93 will file a report and she will follow up with the Boston Police.

Caller on Belcher Street requesting EMS. WFD notified.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports that her son’s Mongoose bike was stolen from the shed about a week ago.

Party reports that a female in French Square destroyed his Ipod touch.

Male came in to report and inquire about the absence of a “no turn on red” sign at the intersection coming into Winthrop from East Boston. He was informed that there is a traffic control there with an arrow indicating the turn. He was concerned as he waits for the arrow there and people continue to beep at him. He suggested that there should be signage there. Perhaps the DPW could be contacted regarding this. “No turn on red or wait for signal” signs.

Another disturbance on Washington Avenue. Verbal only. All parties advised of rights.

Sunday, May 19

Caller from Jefferson Street reports that kids are left alone on Hermon Street. Officer reports mother and babysitter are there. Babysitter was there when the mother left. Officers are going to Jefferson Street for a possible cross complaint. Officers report that both parties from both addresses were advised of their rights. They both agree to stay away from each other and will get their own 209A’s on Monday in Court.

Mother-in-law called from NH and wants us to have her daughter-in-law on Hermon Street to stop calling her. Officers report subject as advised not to call NH. She was very uncooperative.

WFD report they are off with a pedestrian who was struck by a motor vehicle at the Deer Island Security Gate. Sate Police Revere notified.

Caller on Pleasant Park Road reports that some time after midnight subject came into his back yard and sliced the pool liner.

Report of a possible stolen motor vehicle on Shirley Street. Male reports he last observed it parked in front of his residence. He has both keys and reports he believes the vehicle was locked.

Caller on Revere Street states that someone destroyed her fence. Has a video and may be the ex-husband.

Stolen motor vehicle entered earlier matches several inquiries from Boston PD last night. Boston PD contacted and report vehicle was towed to Todisco Towing last night. Todisco reports vehicle is in their possession and report no damage. Owner notified to go to an A-7 Boston Police for a release to pick up the vehicle.

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