Police Blotter 01-03-2013

Monday, December 24

Caller reports needles in the street at 2nd telephone pole towards Revere.

Numerous calls of a vehicle crash into a support beam in front of the mall.

Party requesting an ambulance for his wife experiencing chest pains.

Sgt. Rogers received a report of 2 males doing drugs in a motor vehicle in vicinity.

Small area of Ocean View blocked off with cones temporarily in order not to disrupt service.

Cab driver called to report a female in his cab will not get out. Request fire and ambulance for an unstable female.

911 call to report woman as fallen in the bathroom and needs medical attention.

Tuesday, December 25

Caller reports wife difficulty breathing. Transferred to EMS.

Caller reports party being loud outside, yelling and swearing.

Caller reports that they were taking care of a cat for a friend and the cat has gone missing. The cat is described as a black house cat named burn.

Caller reports fire in oven.

Wednesday, December 26

Party brought in a wallet he found with identification and numerous credit cards.

Party came to the station to file harassment complaints.

Party requesting EMS for his wife for stomach pains.

Party reported a missing juvenile female.

Party reports girlfriend’s car was struck was a vehicle passing by. Minor damage to the driver side mirror. Suspect vehicle was last seen heading out of Town but no description was obtained.

Party reports her boyfriend may have overdosed.

Party reports larceny of delivery packages left at her door.

Thursday, December 27

Officer reports a large tree limb from a town tree has fallen on parked motor vehicle.

Party requesting EMS for her mother who fell.

Several calls of street flooding in the area and a vehicle may be struck.

Party requesting assistance as his motor vehicle was struck by an elderly driver.

Boston Medical Center called to report a party threatened over the phone while talking to nurse that there was going to be a homicide or suicide. He has a history of suicide.

Friday, December 28

Party reports a work crew obstructing the corner.

Caller requests ambulance for a male friend.

Caller reports being locked out of his apartment.

Saturday, December 29

Reports someone is forcing someone in to a green Crown Vic. There is a struggle gong on there.

Caller saying there is loud music coming from apartment.

Caller reports his brother is on a monitoring bracelet and may want to harm himself.

Sunday, December 30

Caller states man in street standing over woman on the ground.

Caller reports his driver’s side window was smashed.

Caller from Whidden Hospital reporting patient eloped from ER with IV still attached.

Caller reports wire down in area of Cove Convenience.

Caller reports downstairs neighbor is down on the ground and needs assistance.

Caller reports white male party in the bus stop threatening to commit suicide.

Simultaneous calls for a domestic dispute.

Caller reports her dog is missing. She has called several times and is frantic. Dog is a Jack Russell.

Monday, December 31

Party called requesting police officer.

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