Letterie’s Been Busy : Winthrop Hospital Has New Project

Councillor James Letterie has certainly been working diligently on behalf of his constituents and the town at large. You could sense the satisfaction Letterie had as he announced that the Planning Board had given a green light to a new assisted living center project on the site of the Winthrop Hospital which has been dormant for years. Letterie has been leading the effort and has been in contact with the developer since the project’s inception. He has kept the residents of the area informed at all times and has been front and center for this project which will be beautifully landscaped and, most important, be brand new.

Letterie also gets a big assist (hockey pun intended) for the advancement and renovation of the Larsen Rink at the Mike Eruzione Center. The rink has a new look and this project has been very important to Letterie, a leader in the Winthrop hockey community. There will be a dedication ceremony forthcoming at which time the rink will bear the name of our hometown and national hockey hero, Mike Eruzione, and what a great night that will be for the town.

So we say to Councilor Letterie, “Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all our town residents.”

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