Great Things Happening at WHS: Students Spread Their Talents and Forge Extracurricular Successes

Winthrop High Principal Gail Conlon is a proud administrator these days, basking in her students’ successes in such endeavors as mock trial, drama festival, history competition, other academic events, and of course the athletic teams, with the boys and girls basketball and hockey teams all qualifying for the State Tournament.

The school day doesn’t end when the final bell rings. Our students have a wide range of academic clubs and organizations from which to continue their involvement in the school  and Gail Conlon has encouraged student participation in school activities since the very start of her tenure in Winthrop.

And to see Winthrop excel against much larger schools, often two or three times our size in these competitions, underlines the talent, skill level, and versatility of our students. Our students are given the foundation to excel by our hard-working teachers, from the earliest stages of education right through their senior year in high school. The teachers are preparing our students very well for college and inspiring them with their own sense of dedication and professionalism in the classroom. We especially think of our Life Skills Program, under the direction of Chris Donnelly, which is a source of pride and commendation in the school system.

All of these positive happenings start at the top with Gail Conlon. We noticed Gail’s presence at the Winthrop-Wilmington hockey game (along with our very visible Superintendent of Schools John Macero and our Athletic Director Peter Gobiel), and although our Vikings lost a tough one, it must have been heartwarming and much appreciated by the players to see their principal as they walked out to the bus for the ride back to Winthrop.

Being a school principal is a year-round job and it certainly doesn’t end when the students are dismissed for the day. Gail Conlon and her staff and faculty try to maximize each and every student’s academic experience while creating an atmosphere of unity and respect. We can only imagine the even greater things that Gail Conlon and the faculty could accomplish with a brand new, comprehensive high school and all the advancements in technology that would really benefit our students.

Yes, good things are happening at Winthrop High School and Gail Conlon is like a proud parent enjoying the achievements of her “sons” and “daughters.”

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