Making Them Laugh: Mikey Coleman’s Band is One Funny Group

Winthrop's own Mikey Cole¬man brings laughter through music and words.

The Super Bowl is not only about the game but about the commercials and few can better understand the buzz that a catchy tune, phrase, or campaign can create than Winthrop resident Mikey Coleman.

A few years back Coleman was the writer and lead actor in the unforgettably funny WBZ-Radio “Dumb Guy” commercials that aired on television. In those promo spots, Coleman would give inane responses to topical questions, the theme being that you should listen to WBZ-AM News Radio 1030 to stay informed on news, weather, and sports.

How could someone’s portrayal of a dumb guy be so brilliant – which is somewhat of an oxymoron, we believe, but Coleman pulled it off masterfully and left viewers wanting more of his “un-informed-ness,” the type of non-word that Coleman’s character might have used.

Boston TV fans weren’t alone in their high regard for Coleman’s creativeness and humor. He was nominated for a national Emmy for his work.

The 52-year-old Coleman, who grew up in Somerville and attended UMass Boston, has lived in Winthrop since 2001. He and his wife, Georgeane, who is very active in the community, have two sons Aidan, 11, and Ethan, 9.

Though he has a full-time job at WBZ as director of creative production, Coleman has also been a headliner at comedy clubs since 1993, working on the same bill with such comics as Steven Wright, Pat Cooper, Lenny Clarke, and Lewis Black.

Coleman is red hot in his newest venture. He has formed a band, World Gone Crazy, that performs shows with a mix of stand-up comedy and musical comedy. They’re drawing big audiences to weekly shows at venues such as Newport and Hyannis, with one coming up in this area on Saturday, Feb. 11 at the Montvale Plaza in Stoneham.

“Our form of entertainment has really never been done before,” said Coleman. “We frequently hear from people at our shows that ‘we’ve never seen anything like this before – but we laughed.’ “It’s a comedic rock and roll circus.”

The concept for the unique show stems from Coleman’s comedy act during which he would sing karaoke. Coleman’s agent, Gary Marino, a drummer, suggested that he should front a band. Coleman, who is lead singer and a guitarist, joined with Marino, guitarist Pete Rebell, and keyboardist Zanna to launch the World Gone Crazy Band.

Coleman noted Winthrop resident Ellen O’Brien, a prominent vocalist, has assisted the band.

Coleman has fond memories of his two “Dumb Guy” promotional campaigns for WBZ Radio. “It first aired in 1995 and we reprised it in 2002,” said Coleman. “The campaigns went on for more than a year. It worked so well in Boston that they sent me to Pittsburgh to do it for radio station down there.”

But it’s the World Gone Crazy Band that putting Coleman in the spotlight right now and there seems to be no limit to the band’s growing audience that spans from teenagers to seniors.

“I’ve always looked upon stand-up comedy as a hobby and I think that’s what kept me energized and into it,” said Coleman. “We’ve been getting a great response to the band. It will grow as we go along. It really hasn’t been done this way. Other bands are more focused on cover songs but this is laughter-based.”

Coleman’s two sons are also on board for his comedic craziness on stage.

“They were at the last show and I could one of my sons in the back of the hall and he had a massive smile on his face, so they were getting it,” said Coleman. “And my wife is my No. 1 fan always and the greatest person.”

Tickets for the World Gone Crazy Band Endless Summer Party Show on Feb. 11 can be purchased by calling Montvale Plaza at 781-438-8858.

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