Police Blotter 12-29-2011

Tuesday, December 20 

Male caller hears yelling from the apartment above his on Irwin Street. Officers report verbal argument between boyfriend/girlfriend. The female had left prior to their arrival.

Husband caller requesting medical for his wife on Winthrop Street. Winthrop Fire and ambulance notified.

Daughter requests a well-being check on her mother on Golden Drive who is depressed. W-91 requests medical. Voluntary to Whidden.

Caller reports couple possibly engaging in sex in a parked motor vehicle on Grandview Avenue.

Someone called to report a male and female got out of a large gray car on River Road and are looking into and trying door handles of other parked vehicles. Units report that they are attempting to fix a flat tire on their motor vehicle.

Foreman of DeFelice Construction reports a number of sewers/catch basins missing from the storage area on Pauline Street. Stated that one of the DeFelice Const. Drivers reported stopping two individuals in a blue truck that were attempting to enter the storage area a few days ago. Plate given comes back to no matching record.

Call of an old gold Toyota and an old red Oldsmobile racing around the area of Shirley and Veterans Road. Officers report searching the area to no avail.

Caller reports a white delivery truck for Boston Interiors just knocked over a Memorial Pole on Wilshire and South Main. Officer reports the damaged sign is bent on the bottom and needs to be replaced. DPW notified.

Call from a male that his son and female friend are going at it on Wilshire Street. Officers settled matter. Female given ride to Orient Heights station.

Phone went dead while talking to a female on Court Road. Officers report open door and checking home, found woman all ok, but nurse contacted.

37-year old male on Circuit Road having chest pains. Transferred to WFD and they will handle. 

Wednesday, December 21 

Detail officer reports Pole #36 on Highland Avenue is split down the middle and looks very dangerous. Fire Department will check it out.

Call to report of convoy of four large trucks going down Saratoga Street in East Boston heading for the Island. These trucks may be over the 20,000 pound limit. Officer reports no trucks ever came by.

Call from MIT Medical to report a male at Fort Heath Apartments needs to be transported to the Mount Auburn Emergency Room. Fire notified.

Caller reports the vacant/foreclosed home next to her on Pauline Street has people entering and moving out items. W-92 reports, bank authorized work order for Kent Properties to clean up the property.

Call for mental evaluation on Somerset Avenue. W-92 reports 90 year old male voluntary transported to MGH.

Female called to report a big white car that she believes is unregistered hit her car on Kennedy Road. This guy does it all the time. Officer reports plate comes back expired. G&J will tow.

Caller reports pedestrian struck by motor vehicle at Michael’s Mall. Fire notified. W-94 reports operator and vehicle active all around. Pedestrian refused medical, only wanted incident noted in log.

Report of a past domestic assault and battery on Governors Drive. Units report coming in with one male for domestic assault and battery.

Female caller reports that a FedEx package containing five Macy’s sweaters were stolen from her front porch on Revere Street. FedEx tracking confirms the package was delivered.

Female reports kitchen fire on Cottage Park Road. Transferred to WFD and Officers report. WFD Chief reports fire on stove, fire out, all clear.

Male reports his landlord signed for packages and will not give them back to him on Beach Road. Victim statement filled out and Officer will follow up. Called landlord and his daughter took them in because they were outside for three days. The officer will pick them up and return them to owner.

19-year old son giving his mother a problem on Winthrop Street. Officers report. Son left for the night. He later called to say he is sorry that he had an attitude problem while here and would like to thank the Officer for his service.

Reports two fellows wanting to leave a car without plates in their lot at the Elks. Officer spoke to the parties there and advised them of the proper registration procedures. Car was returned to River Road.

Reports receiving a call from a hospice stating they are coming with a medicine delivery. Caller is staying there with her mother and they are not expecting a delivery. Caller also stated that she contacted the agency that they are involved with and they were not scheduled to make a delivery. Caller just wanted this noted in the event someone comes to their door.

Officer reports Pole #1967 and 1968 are both out and needs to be addressed ASAP. The locations are by Shirley Street and Revere Street, and also by Governors Park and Revere Street. These locations are by heavily used crosswalks. Tried several numbers for National Grid and unable to get through to anyone or to leave a message.

Female called inquiring about her small white dog. Officer informed her that her dog was struck by a car on Winthrop Street and that the Revere ACO came to pick up the dog. She was advised to contact the Revere ACO officer.

Party came to the station stating she lost her wallet in or near the Winthrop Market yesterday, between 5-6 p.m. In her wallet was her license, between 8-10 credit cards and approximately $50.  

Thursday, December 22 

Mother requested WFD and EMS for her daughter on Shirley Street who is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party reports a motor vehicle is parked in the handicapped spot in front Bobby Lou’s Jewelry that does not belong there. Officer reports tagging the vehicle and the owner came out to move it after the fact. Officer will check back to make sure the vehicle is moved.

Officer reports light pole number 1976 is swaying in the wind and moving excessively on Centre Street near Winthrop Street. He would like WFD to take a look at it for public safety sake. WFD notified and will respond. WFD has notified National Grid regarding this safety issue.

Party reports subject was in his driveway skulking around on Winthrop Street, but it appears nothing is missing. He advised the subject to stay off his property and away from his MVs. Subject had since left the area.

Officer is doing a person check and follow up on a pair of elderly people resident at Executive Apartments.

Party came in to report of a theft of her cell phone on 8-11-2011 at the Kasbah. She stated she has evidence that a friend of hers may be in possession of it.

Caller reports woman with an out-of-control screaming child in the street on Shirley and Neptune. Officers respond and request EMS for an upset, autistic child.

Party reports her neighbor on Edgehill Road is distraught and screaming in the street. Officers request ambulance for evaluation. 

Friday, December 23 

Party reports her family member on Waldemar Avenue is apparently suffering from a medical condition and may need to go to the hospital. WFD and EMS were contacted and responded to the address.

Someone reports a large piece of construction equipment pulled out of the lot on Walden Street and nearly struck his motor vehicle. The party was visibly shaken reporting it. Detail officer spoke with the operator of that piece of equipment who will watch his driving closer here in town.

Female reports her motor vehicle was struck last evening on Ocean View Street by an unknown vehicle. Her vehicle sustained damage to the left front end and bumper. She will file a crash report and report the hit and run to her insurance company.

Party called to request a well-being check for his brother on Siren Street. WFD notified. Male was medically evaluated and cleared and refused transport. W93 will stand by as his roommate retrieves some personal belongings.

Party reports he believes he lost his black wallet last night in the area of Winthrop Street. Advised to cancel his credit cards, etc. if not found soon.

Officer stopped motor vehicle for violations on Woodside Avenue. HP placard was confiscated until the issued party comes to pick it up.

Party reports a small dog in the area of Russell Street harassing one of the postal carriers. ACO contacted and will respond.

Someone reports a gray Honda is in the lot of Energy to Go and one of the occupants is approaching people and appears to be trying to sell bikes from the trunk. Officers spoke with both subjects who were putting a bike in the trunk that the male was driving. Caller would not identify themselves to the officers.

Caller states she appears to see a bonfire on Shore Drive by Beacon Circle. State PD notified. 92 and 93 and Auxiliary and Fire respond. Group has been dispersed and fire has been extinguished.

Grandfather on Cross  Street reports his grandson is out of control. Officers report it was a verbal. All advised. Grandson will leave and go downstairs. 

Saturday, December 24 

Mother believes her daughter might have OD on Winthrop Street. WFD notified  Officers report. Female transported to MGH.

Mother reports her son is out of control on Court Road. Officers request EMS for evaluation. WFD notified. Voluntary to Whidden.

Two E911 wireless calls of a man down on Ocean View. WFD notified.

Party reports of a dispute with her 15-year old sister on Coral Avenue.

Party came in to report his front number plate is lost/stolen. Entered into LEAPS.

Someone came in to report repossessing motor vehicle that is parked out on Pauline Street near the station. Key left under the mat.

Woman reports a male passed out on Center Street at Hermon and is concerned that Santa will not be able to pass.

Father arrived at the station for an exchange of his child.  His ex-wife was supposed to exchange the child at 4 p.m. and as of 5:08 p.m. she had not shown up.

Several calls of a motor vehicle crash on Revere Street. Units report several parties with injuries. Fire, medical and state police notified.

Female caller on the 911 line reports an unwanted guest on Russell Street. Units request medical for evaluation. Male medically cleared and will leave the house.

Caller reports loud party at Wave Way. Also states a car from the party is parked in a way that a fire truck could not get by. Small family party. Music turned down.

Some reports a male is trying the doors of the houses of Locust Street. He just tried hers and went across the street and did the same. Male is wearing jeans, and has a “puffy” Afro. Officer reports male was looking for a friend’s house on Locust Street. Friend was located and story checks out. All clear. 

Sunday, December 25

Caller reports loud party on first floor on Floyd Street. W91 and 93 dispatched to speak to the first floor resident. Report of a family house party and they were advised to turn the music down and keep the noise down. They were also advised if the police had to respond back, that the party would be cleared out. Caller reports party is still on and still loud. Officers report having people leave the large party. Two renters of the apartment were told they would be facing charges if we return again tonight.

Party called to report of a fight in Governors Park. Officers enroute to investigate. Party left prior to the officers arrival. They report it was verbal argument and they were advised if subject returns to call the police. Units clear.

Call from Sturgis Street (EB Neighborhood Health) for assistance in getting a patient back into bed.

Father arrived at the station for an exchange of his child. His ex-wife was supposed to exchange the child at 1 p.m. per court “agreement on complaint for contempt”. As of 2:17 p.m. mother had not shown up.

Caller reports domestic on Washington Avenue. Units report male left prior to arrival, and subsequently showed up in the lobby of the station. All parties advised of their rights pursuant to MGL 209A. Neither party wishes to press charges, or obtain a restraining order at this time. Will stay with parents for the night.

Cell caller reports observing the front door of the liquor store at Magee’s Corner appeared to be propped open with a sneaker. W-92 reports owner on scene, all clear. 

Monday, December 26 

Caller reports landlord on Revere Street banging on their door and they believe he is intoxicated. Ongoing issue. Units report peace restored.

Someone reports observing vehicle parked in driveway on Sturgis Street with the door open. It looks suspicious and gave the license number. Registry checks it registered to that location. Officer reports securing vehicle. Everything appears to be in order.

Caller from Revere Street reports landlord from previous incident is at it again. This time including phone calls and text messages. Officer spoke to both parties and advised. Peace restored again.

Female caller reports she has sewerage coming into her house on Ocean Avenue. DPW notified.

Alarm activation in gym area of High School. W-91 reports accidental activation.

Male caller reports there is a gray Toyota coming into Town from East Boston with little kids sitting on the top of the roof from an open sunroof. Officer found the vehicle in th Simeone Car Wash. The sunroof does not work.

Female came to the station to pick up her wallet which contained cards and personal papers, license and $62 in cash that had been turned in earlier. She signed paper on wallet as received.

Report of someone falling from their wheelchair. Fire notified. W-93 reports male is unhurt and was checked by fire and Action who escorted the party home to Locust Street.

Landlord reports her tenant on 2nd floor on Revere Street continues to make noise and make false claims. She was advised of proper eviction procedure and advised of all rights. Note: landlord is a victim/witness in an active criminal case involving tenant’s son.

Called to report two Spanish males in front his home on Shirley Street when he came home to put his trash out.  White males on a bike with a back pack/bookbag.

Female on Douglas Street called to report her mother has her two daughters at another address and won’t send them home. Caller was very difficult to understand and to get to what the issue was. When mother was called she explained, due to daughter’s condition, it was better for the children to be with their grandmother. When we spoke with the oldest daughter, she stated that she wanted to stay with her grandmother for the night along with her sister. W-93 spoke with the grandmother and the girls will stay there tonight. Mother was advised and will make contact in the morning. Another grandmother also offered a place for the daughters if needed.

Call of a request for an ambulance for his mother who fell outside on Golden Drive. Referred to fire.

Juvenile flagging down cars and dancing on the street in front of Nick’s. Officer reports of an intoxicated juvenile and bringing him to the police station. Contact made with mother and will come to pick up. Juvenile was tested with portable breath test, resulted in a .15. Mother was informed and juvenile brought home. She was also advised of the severity of the test result and possible consequences.

Boyfriend on Floyd Street called and could not get in contact with his girlfriend. He stated that her cell phone probably wasn’t on and wanted to make sure that she arrived home safely. Officer reports vehicle in the driveway.

Female caller reporting man sick and can’t move on Shirley Street. WFD and ambulance notified. WFD requesting police on scene. Male transported to MGH..

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