WPD cautions residents to secure their vehicles – Recent rash of thefts cited as crimes of opportunity

As the holiday season quickly approaches, and residents plan their shopping trips to area malls and local retailers the Winthrop police want to take the opportunity to remind car owners that valuables and electronics in your car are only safe if you take the time to secure them.

As illustrated by a recent rash of thefts from parked cars on Winthrop streets, Winthrop Police Lieutenant Paul DeLeo said this week that car owners should be careful not to leave valuables in plain sight in their cars and to always lock car doors and close windows.

“People walking by will just try car doors and if the door is open, they’ll go through the car and take anything they see that might be of value,” explained DeLeo of the recent rash of thefts. “In most of the recent cases, the victims have made it easy for the thieves by leaving their car doors unlocked and leaving their valuables in plain sight.”

DeLeo reported that in a recent three-day period from Friday November 12 through Sunday, November 14, twelve reports of items stolen from cars were made, with the vast majority of those coming in the Lewis Avenue- Lewis Lake-River Road area.

“In 90 percent of those cases, the car doors were either not locked or windows were left open,” said DeLeo. “Whatever is in the car that is worth a dollar, these people will take it and try to sell it. So we urge people not to make it easy for the thieves. Lock you cars and secure valuables.”

Lieutenant DeLeo also reported that each of the prior reports remains an open case at this time and detectives are happy to take tips or information that may lead to finding those responsible.

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