A Depressing Thought – Summer is half over (sorry)

As we were preparing to send this week’s Sun Transcript off to the printer, we noticed the date line, “July 15, 2010,” and it occurred to us that summer is just about exactly half over. June has come and gone and we are at the midway point of July, which means that there are only about six weeks left until school resumes.

Thus far, we’ve had a pretty nice summer season, highlighted by a spectacular Fourth of July long weekend. The rain of the past two days actually has been welcomed, not only for our lawns and gardens, but also as a respite from the hot sun.

So as we enter the second half of summer, please make sure that we’ve made the most of it, both for ourselves and for our children and families. Summer days are too precious to be wasted and there are too many memories awaiting to be made that will last a lifetime.

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