Great Police Work – Arrests of robbery suspects sends a message

We didn’t get a chance in last week’s Sun Transcript to offer our commendation and thank you to the members of the Winthrop Police Department for the arrests of the two men, one from Lynn and the other from Winthrop, who were the prime suspects in the rash of recent armed robberies of local convenience stores.

The efforts by the Winthrop detectives and officers who solved these crimes are a prime example of how old fashioned police work, when combined with cooperation by witnesses and area residents, swiftly can bring criminals to justice.

Chief Terence Delehanty and the entire community can feel justifiable pride at the high level of expertise and professionalism turned in by the members of our police department who worked on this case.

Not only do the arrests send a message that Winthrop is not a hospitable place for criminals to do their work, but they also demonstrate that Winthrop is a community that stands together to ensure the common safety of all of our citizens.

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