Winthrop man arrested in rape of teen

Suspect being held, further charges pending

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

23-year old Douglas Bitopolous of 98 Bellevue Avenue is behind bars this week, after being arrested and charged with kidnapping, statutory rape of a child, aggravated rape and indecent assault and battery on a child over 14 years of age, after a Saturday night attack on a young acquaintance.
Bitopolous, who was out on bail while awaiting drug charges in Somerville at the time of the attack, has been held for 60 days on the previous drug charges and on a probation detention and is then expected to be held on bail for the rape.
“On Saturday evening (May 5) at about 3:30 p.m., Mr. Bitopolous, we believe, went to a Revere home, engaged in conversation with a 15-year old female, a known acquaintance. He invited her to sit in his car to talk, put the car into drive and at a high rate of speed proceeded to his home Winthrop, refusing to stop for traffic control devices or to let her out, despite her pleas for help,” said Winthrop Detective Lieutenant Brian Perrin, who along with Officer Giulio Bonavita conducted the investigation. “As a result of a phone call that was made by the victim, prior to the alleged attack, Bitopolous was arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping and indecent assault. A search warrant was sought and obtained and evidence was recovered from the scene.”
According to Perrin, once Bitopolous arrived at his home in Winthrop, he told the girl she had the choice of walking into his home or being carried. Once inside the home, Bitopolous allegedly attacked the girl.
Lieutenant Perrin said that the investigation was conducted in concert with detective John Cafarelli of the Revere Police Department, as the girl was abducted from her revere home.
“As a result of that cooperation with Revere police other charges, including witness intimidation and threats are also being considered in this case and could be filed shortly,” said Lt. Perrin.

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