Sean Driscoll Features Teams in Parks and Rec Summer Program

We continue Winthrop Parks and Recreation Sean Driscoll’s feature on teams in the Summer Parks Program.

And campers, make sure you congratulate Mr. Driscoll, whose daughter, Olivia, a three-sport scholar-athlete, is graduating from Winthrop High School and heading to Clemson University. Olivia will be joining her older sister, Cailyn, at the famous school in South Carolina whose quarterback, Trevor Lawrence, is the favorite for the Heisman Trophy.

And be sure to congratulate, Cindy Driscoll, too, and the great and (extremely proud) grandmother, Rita Driscoll, who we remember well from her years at Winthrop Town Hall.

Meet The Blue Pandas

The Pandas range in age from seven to 10-years-old. Their favorite camp instructors on the Parks and Rec  staff are Bella Sernavsky, Kelly Swanson, and Allison Earl.

The Pandas’ favorite things to do at the camp are tennis, arts and crafts, and exploring the beach.

Their favorite things about living in Winthrop are the beach, the parks, and the public library.

And finally, their favorite foods are pizza and ice cream.

Meet the Purple Panthers

We like the Purple because it reminds us of Winthrop Viking Purple (and Gold) and the upcoming Winthrop High sports season and our football team that’s going to very exciting to watch this fall.

 The Panthers’ favorite things to do at camp are playing in the park and playing tennis.

Their favorite members of the camp staff are Julian Osorio and Michael Harris.

Their favorite things about the Town of Winthrop are the ocean, that the parks and playgrounds are fun, and the size of the town itself. “We love that Winthrop is a small, fun town,” say the Purple Panthers.

Their favorite foods are steak and cheese and sushi.

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