Library Reopening Plan in Place, Dates to Be Determined

While business owners start to navigate their way through the “new normal” of serving customers during the various reopening phases, public institutions are faced with the same challenges.

As of July 1st, union employees at the library have been furloughed temporarily, and town manager, Austin Faison said that they are still determining the dates for the different reopening phases of the plan. The plan, which was first presented in May, annotates the various stages, from the current phase that has limited staff members and virtual and digital programming. Phase three of the plan will include the return of all staff members with limited hours and social distancing practices in place. This phase of the plan will be closed to the public, however; the library will begin accepting returns via the exterior book drop box and patrons will be able to pick up materials.

During phase four of the reopening plan, patrons will be allowed to browse items and have access to computers and copiers with time limits and during limited hours. Phase five will have the library opening with precautions and additional hours. During this phase, the library team will still need to work closely with the town to determine health and safety guidelines. Phase six will see a fully functioning library with caution regarding large group events.

“Again, the focus right now is on the health of the staff and the community,” said Faison. “We must be cautious as we consider reopening buildings and we cannot become complacent. The library is by no means permanently closed. I know that has been a rumor in Town, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a temporary measure. What we are still determining are the dates that we can commit to the different phases of the plan.”

Currently, there is limited pick up and drop off through the Library Director. Virtual and digital programming is available and more will be rolled out by August 1st. You can view the reopening plan at:


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