Police Blotter 04-09-2020

Monday, March 23

Hang up 911 call at store on Pauline St.; Owner sated there was a female yelling in his store. Female left area. Officer spoke to party. Clear

Gentleman came into the station to report that his ex-wife is ignoring the new custody orders.

Female party reports her motor vehicle plate stolen.

Caller stated ongoing issue of dog barking.

Well being check for party. Has not been heard from in several weeks.

Social worker called due to a client wanting a well-being check on his wife. The husband is in the hospital and called multiple times. Female was fine and stated she spoke to husband that day.

Caller states silver station wagon parked for a couple of days. Each day something new is broken on vehicle. Window busted and now the taillight is broken. Unit clear. Vehicle is legally parked no answer via phone from owner of the vehicle.

Party called to report noise coming from the apt. overhead. Caller reports she just got home after being at work since 6:30 a.m. and now there is banging on the ceiling.914a reached out to the other party who stated it was actually the other party who was banging but she didn’t want to call to make a report.

Tuesday, March 24

Caller reported being harassed by upstairs tenant. Spoke to party and stated neighbor walked by the window and gave her the finger. Ongoing. Caller was advised about a harassment order. Clear.

Caller has ongoing problem with dogs barking over an hour.

2 females in vehicle throwing out trash. Caller stated the vehicle left; no need for police will call back if vehicle returned.

Caller states a lab/pit bull mix attacked his dog.

Wednesday, March 25

Caller states she can hear parties fighting verbally outside in the vicinity. Disturbance was a female party talking on speakerphone. Units clear.

Wellness check, family home does have a tenant very depressed, just lost friend. Unit found no answer at the door. Sending fire who gained access in a side window. Clear nothing is showing.

Calling party reports that she is having continuing issues with the handyman in her building, and believes he head unlawfully been in her apartment a few weeks ago. Reports that she discovered her front door unlocked when she returned home. Unit unable to make contact with male party at this time. Note was left on his door to contact the police. Clear.

Caller states there is a group of teenagers at the tennis court across from the high school. People playing tennis. Officers told them if it turns out to be a hang out they will be removed.

Caller states there is a large group of kids at the park, they knocked over the barriers that police placed at the entrance.

Caller reports 10 vehicles in the parking lot at the Landing playing music loudly. Group dispersed all units clear.

Thursday, March 26

Homeless males broking into the auto body shop and are sleeping inside. Parties left prior to police arrival. Kids on bikes flying down the hill from Upland to Shore beach. Officer spoke to kids on bikes. Unit Clear.

Caller states a male party is pacing back and froth. He is wearing a blue jacket. She is a nurse and worried about his well-being. Party was in front of his house.

Friday, March 27

Loud house party. People in backyard. Small get together. Units clear.

Alarm sounded. Antique Table Restaurant’s rear door was unsecured. Units made entry and check the building. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Caller states there are four people in his home that he doesn’t know stated an officer. Medical aid requested.

Male threatened caller with a baseball bat. Both parties were spoken with, peace was restored.

Argument at Winthrop Marketplace between owner and customer. Customer brought in a dog saying it was a service dog but doesn’t have a tag or papers.

Party came into the station to report that while walking out of the marsh near the lower end of Winthrop St. A dog that was on a leash accompanied by its owner walked up to him and bit him on the thigh. He stated it broke the skin, but did not cause him to bleed. He asked the man if the dog had its shots, and the man stated yes. Dog was a white pit bull with black spots. ACO was notified and will follow up. Party refused medical attention.

Saturday, March 28

Medical, elderly male injuries to the head from a fall.  Transported to MGH.

Pick up truck was parked in the handicap parking spot without a HP placard. Parking ticket was issued.

Sunday, March 29

Two while male wearing gray hoodies tried breaking into party’s car. Males went towards the marsh on foot. Units searched the area spoke to male party getting into a taxi. Could not positively identify.

Woman called to report that a package had been taken from her porch.

Female employee at Cumberland Farms had a small altercation with a male party inside. Police states it was a misunderstanding. Units clear.

Monday, March 30

Female party having a seizure, she was transported to MGH. Units clear.

Caller states his motion alarm in the upstairs area from his company. He reset the alarm and received it again. He is on scene outside asking for an officer to search the building. Units checked entire building no one inside. Possibly the wind set off alarm. Units Clear.

Caller states across the street from Auto body/Dealership there is a male or female about 6’2” possibly intoxicated screaming and trying to get under cars. Requesting medical.

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