Police Blotter 02-06-2020

Monday, Jan. 13

Black SUV blocking driveway. Vehicle was ticketed. Clear.

Caller has found a syringe that needs disposal located in the cemetery.

Caller stated Radio box was beeping. Caller stated the alarm company stated: We can‘t come out to the box to correct the beeping. Winthrop FD will take care of it.

Party called and reported his accountant did not complete work on his taxes and has his records. He was advised of his rights. He also sated he was concerned for party’s mental health. Informed him we would have someone check on her well-being.

Party came into headquarters to report a stolen front license plate.

Party who is superintendent of apartment building wanted it on record that a female tenant who is being evicted gave him a hard time. She shouted and cursed and slammed the door. He’s worried that she may try and escalate the situation and make false accusations due to the eviction.

Caller wanted to report one of her windshield wipers was stolen.

Tuesday, Jan. 14

Checking the well being of a male party in the back of his vehicle. Party checks out. Units clear.

Caller is out of New Hampshire and would like a well-being check on mother, he states last few days while talking to her on phone she seemed confused and is combative as her health is declining and she refuses to go to the doctor. Party is fine. Clear

Party came into police headquarters to report a hit and run which damaged the rear of her vehicle while parked in Governor’s Park.

Teacher called to report that she is concerned that a parent that showed up to pick their child from school may be intoxicated. Child did go with parent and DCF was notified.

Wednesday, Jan. 15

Caller states she was in Jacs and her vehicle got hit. Side mirror is off.

Party called headquarters to report that two of his vehicles were broken into last night. Officers will

Follow up.

Party called stating her ex is sending her threaten texts, she does not live in Winthrop. She was advised that she needs to call the police department where she is living.

Two-car motor vehicle accident. No injuries.

Caller states her vehicle was ransacked but does not believe anything was stolen; she just wanted to report it.

By the playground at Coughlin Park there is a female wearing a dark colored jacket screaming and lighting off sparklers.

Thursday, Jan. 16

Verbal argument between a worker at Star Nails and the owner. Caller wishes to speak to police regarding the situation.

Party came into police headquarters to report that his vehicle was struck while parked in front of Court Road Report to follow.

Friday, Jan. 17

Gentleman came in to the station to report a fraud committed by his insurance agent.

Party came to the station to report vandalism to his vehicle.

Caller reported glass on sidewalk and screen door open and broken. She is not on scene and stated the owners aren’t home. House appears secure, open door leads to storage den, can’t gain access to the house. Looks like the wind caused damage to the door. Units clear.

Party flagged officer down, they found a small white dog, the dog will be at the station. Party came in station and picked up dog.

Unlicensed operator waiting on a party from Revere to come get vehicle, also he will be summons to court for operating with a suspended license.

Saturday, Jan. 18

Caller stated a male driver was going over 80 miles an hour down Shore Drive and crashed into the garden area at the entrance of Deer island. Caller could not give a description of the vehicle only that two male parties were outside of the vehicle; they were trying to leave the scene. State police notified. They are clearing the vehicle, which is stuck on median.

Caller states she believes she heard a rifle shot come from the Revere Street. Area. Got a message from someone in the area who thinks it might be a transformer that blew. Units Clear.

Caller reported vehicle parked in no parking zone for snow emergency.

Walk in complaint of snow being thrown in the street. Unit spoke to party, he is very sorry and he is going to put the snow back.

Motor vehicle stopped for speeding.

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