Police Blotter 01-23-2020

Monday, Jan. 6

Person who wishes to remain nameless states a white SUV was tailgating him. Male party with a beard drove approx. 40 mph through a school zone.

Party reports larceny from her porch. States package reported by company as having been delivered on Dec. 18, 2019 and she never received it.

Party came in to report she was defrauded of $500 via phone by parties claiming to be from the DEA. The transaction was carried out via a Target gift card.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

Caller states he can hear an alarm going off in the apartment next door to him. Unit clear/accidental pull cord alarm.

Party came into headquarters to report an ongoing pattern of harassment by a fellow tenant in his building. Party states that the other tenant is constantly banging doors in the hallway and openly carrying mace in an attempt to intimidate him. Party advised of the procedure to obtain a harassment order after three documented instances, and he will seek it through EBDC.

A nurse manager out of Metro Boston Mental Health called for a missing patient on a Section 12. She had left Courthouse in Boston by cab. Did not return to the hospital. This happened Jan. 6; she was last seen in Winthrop by an employee of the hospital. Was told she may be heading towards the Cliff House. A female wearing stretch pants and a green jacket.

Reporting party from Dr. Pransky’s office called to request a well-being check for person who called the office stating that he is having thoughts of hurting himself or others. Unit stated went by everything is fine.

Caller states a male party pulled next to him in a Silver SUV, showed him a weapon, unknown what type before taking off down Plummer Steet. A male light, facial hair.

Female party came into the station to report that she had broken up with her boyfriend, but he refuses to leave the apartment. She states she is not in fear of him, and is in the process of having him evicted. She just wanted this logged in case there is a future problem.

Wednesday, 1 /8

Report of duck hunters off of Morton Street/Belle Isle area. Units report area search negative at this time. Environmental police report duck hunting season not open until Jan. 30.

Caller reports that there is a VW Sedan parked for three weeks with a city of Somerville sticker, wants police to check vehicle out. States it has not moved. Motor vehicle legally parked and out of Winthrop.

Party came into the police station to report that somebody had managed to forge a check in her name and had drained her Citizen’s Bank account in an amount exceeding $9,000.

Thursday, Jan. 9

Party came into police headquarters to report that he is homeless and had been staying in Winthrop with a party that he had met at a homeless shelter in Brockton. Person states that he had an argument this morning with party who accused him of stealing and kicked him out. Person looking for assistance to get back to a shelter in Brockton.

Barking dog complaint. Dog in backyard and not barking. Owner will take dog in.

Party came in to report that two family vehicles were entered overnight while parked in her driveway which opens up to Prescott Street. Items in the car were strewn about the cars. Nothing missing at this time.

Person states his car was broken into last night says he has footage to show police.

Caller states tenant is screaming and throwing items around apartment. Units talked to the party at the address. Unit will attempt to come back in an hour for a psych evaluation.

Male party came into report someone pushed down the windows to his motor vehicle and stole a gym bag with personal items.

Party came to station to report a neighbor has accused her father of striking their car and has requested money from them via a note. Party reports that the other resident has come to their house t here times demanding money. Party also has camera footage of the event. Other party came to the station and denied the event, but was advised if there was an accident then to file a report. Owner of the car involved that was struck is not present. Neighbor dispute over an extremely minor motor vehicle accident. No damages were observed and parties were advised if they would like to file a claim through their insurance they may do so.

Friday, Jan. 10

Person is calling from Cape Cod stating that the male party is texting and call her on drugs. Ongoing issue at this address the female party uses 911 to harass the male party and misuses the 922 system.

Female party stating the male party is harassing her via text and phone calls. Caller is in Yarmouth and was advised to contact Yarmouth police to seek a harassment protection order. Female party did make threats to kill the male party in Winthrop. Due to these threats Yarmouth PD will be sending an officer by to speak to her. Winthrop was also notified of the situation.

Reports several neighbors without electricity in vicinity of Woodside Avenue and Pleasant Street,  DPW cutting down trees not near any electrical wires. National Grid notified.

Female party came to the station to report that her license plate was missing from her vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop for window tint violation.

Minor motor vehicle accident with party reporting a broken axel. GJ to come tow to Everett.

Dad calling from Houston, Texas, concerned about his daughter. Her phone is going straight to voicemail. She left Houston on Thursday, called her dad and confirmed she was home, American Airlines called her dad this morning to see if they have spoken to her, now her job and her parents have not spoken to her. Female uses Uber to get around. Unit requesting medical aid for force entry. Fire made contact with female she was in a deep sleep, her phone died she’s charging her phone. Female is in good condition; units clear.

A female party came to the station to report an ongoing issue with another resident of the building. The involved party accused the female party of slamming a hallway door. The involved party began “calling the female party names, pointing her finger at her, and saying, “I hate you and hope you die.” At this time the two parties went t heir separate ways without further incident. The reporting party wanted the incident noted and was advised of her rights.

Reporting party came to the station to report that his motor vehicle was struck while parked on Ocean View St. We will be looking at cameras in the surrounding area in an attempt to identify the vehicle that left the scene.

Calling party states she witnessed three juveniles break into her husband’s car and suspects they may be at the school. She would like to speak to an officer. Youths ran from police, foot chase near PSA Hall near Holy Rosary Point Shirley. Two detained at Eliot St.

Sunday, Jan. 12

Caller is a Metro Cab driver and states the party refused to pay the fair. Involved party is now in his home. Units clear. Male party has made a deal with the cab driver to pay the fair tomorrow.

A male short brown hair stole a nip and proceeded to say racial things to the cashier. He headed in the direction of Bellevue Ave. Party is a known and unwanted customer; he did leave money at the store, clerk was concerned more about the racial slurs and does not want him in the store.

Calling party states that she answered an ad at ‘Sitter City” for a babysitting job. Female party looking for a babysitter is out of Boston on Tremont Street. She received a phone call from a male party asking her to e-mail him her resume, she did. She now suspects this is a scam of some sort. She googled the number she was provided and it came back to a classified ad listing Nebraska and Kansas as locations.

Street light daggling from a pole in the vicinity of Grand View Avenue. Fire checked light and it is structurally sound. National Grid notified.

Party claims the first floor is having a loud party. Unit clear nothing showing.

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