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TCI IS A Regressive Tax 

Theres no mistake about it, the Transportation Climate Initiative, “TCI,” is a bad idea. Quite simply, it is a gas tax with a misleading name. The Governor claims that TCI’s goal is to reduce carbon emissions. It will not do that.

TCI is bad for the following reasons:

It is a regressive tax and it is grossly unfair.

It will cost hard working Massachusetts citizens $4-$5 more every time we fill our cars. 

The citizens of MA fought and voted down a gas tax in 2014.

TCI attempts to redistribution income.

TCI is taxation without representation as it will not be voted on by the citizens, and it is not a Legislative act.

It will hurt MA businesses

TCI will not reduce carbon emissions.

Gov. Baker also wants to get all of the Eastern states to sign on to this tax scheme. Baker states that this will ensure a “level playing field.” However, many other states are responding with skepticism to the initiative, and they are unlikely to adopt it. 

The question we need to ask Gov. Baker is….. Is TCI creating a level playing field?     OR     Is TCI creating shared misery?

The answer is simple. Call Governor Baker, 617-725-4005, and tell him no TCI.

Paul Caruccio, Chairman

Winthrop Republican Town Committee

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