Massport Community Advisory Committee Partners With Collins Center of UMass Boston

The Massport Community Advisory Committee (MCAC) has selected the Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management to conduct its first annual review of Massport’s Current Expense Expenditures Budget.

“The Massport CAC’s Enabling Act charges us with conducting a review of Massport’s budgets,” stated Executive Director, Matthew A. Romero. “We are thrilled that the Collins Center will be conducting the detailed work needed help us meet this responsibility.”

Established by the Legislature in 2014, the mission of the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee is to be the voice of communities impacted by Massport operations; it collaboratively offers local, regional, and national solutions through advocacy, information and Authority oversight. The legislature charges the MCAC to review Massport’s budgets, annual report, as well as its various programs, and further to make recommendations to the Governor and Legislature as voted by the MCAC.

“For the Massport CAC’s first review, we will be looking at a focused area of Massport’s budget: aviation revenues and the marketing incentive fees used to attract new airlines at Logan Airport,” said MCAC Chairman David Carlon, “the plan is to start small, and establish the framework for expanding the budget review in future years.”

The Edward J. Collins, Jr. Center for Public Management is dedicated to improving efficiency, effectiveness, governance, and accountability at all levels of government, with a particular focus on state and local government.

“The Collins Center is excited to work with the Massport Community Advisory Committee on its annual Massport budget review,” said Interim Director Michael Ward. “Massport is an essential organization to the Commonwealth and the region, and we look forward to utilizing the Center’s public management expertise to help the CAC fulfill its critical role in advising Massport, the Governor, and the Legislature.”

Rep. Adrian Madaro, Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation whose district includes Logan Airport agreed: “As someone who has advocated strongly for better transparency at Logan Airport, this is an excellent step toward increasing Massport’s accountability to the Commonwealth.”

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Matthew Romero at 617-910-0764, or email [email protected].

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