Daisy Girl Scout Troop Launches First Take Action Project

The Daisy Girl Scouts of Troop 70227 have recently showcased their commitment to keeping the ocean plastic-free. As part of their first “Take Action Project,” the troop came up with the idea after they were asked to identify a problem, whether it be in their world or in the Winthrop community. The Troop agreed to focus on plastics in the ocean, after they learned that fish and sea animals were getting sick and dying as a result of eating plastics that they mistake for food.

“We want people to know that plastics in the ocean kill animals and so we need to make sure we recycle it and that it doesn’t get in the ocean,” said Daisy, Maya Wallerce.

After the decision to focus on plastic prevention was made, the Troop initially came up with the idea to don wet suits and collect the plastic that was already in the ocean, however; they soon realized that this would not get to the root of the problem. This led them to focus on educating their classmates and community on the magnitude of the problem, leading them to make posters with markers and plastic pieces that they had collected from home and around their neighborhoods. The posters displayed message about the plastic problem and the importance of combatting it. In addition to hanging the educational posters on the walls in the Gorman Fort Banks cafeteria, the troop gave a presentation to fellow classmates on why this issue is so important.

“The Daisy’s hope that everyone will take action to stop plastics from ending up in the ocean by always recycling plastic waste, picking it up when you see it on the ground and especially on the beach or near storm drains, and better yet, switching to non-plastic, reusable materials whenever possible,” said Troop Leader, Julia Wallerce.

The goal of the Take Action Project is to identify an observed problem and work together to find a long-term solution.

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