Police Blotter 10-24-2019

Monday, Oct. 14

Report of white male yelling outside home on Faun Bar Avenue. He is screaming, “I’m going to kill you.” Officer spoke to the subject and he is just upset about his car.

An ongoing issue with neighbors on Faun Bar Avenue who are now yelling at each other due to previous call with vandalism of motor vehicle.

Now caller on Faun Bar Avenue wants to speak with an officer due to jelly inside of subject’s car. Party is coming to the station to make another report.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue called to report she called this morning due to a neighbor banging on her door accusing her of throwing a substance on his motor vehicle, and placing her in fear, but no officer has responded. Call Information may have been dispatched in combination and confusion with the other call. She also reported that approximately three weeks ago prior there was a dispute with this party but she did not report it. Party was advised and satisfied that the matter would be placed on record and to dial 911 if anything further happens placing her in imminent fear. She was also advised to report the incident to her landlord.

Caller on Winthrop Street wants to report that a note that someone put on her car about parking. No threats were made on the note. 92 will check private way laws. 92 left highlighted private way law in mailbox for resident.

Tow company reports towing two vehicles for trespassing from Veterans Road.

Motor vehicle stop at Mobile Mart on Main Street. Waiting for licensed driver to arrive. Licensed party arrived to drive vehicle. Driver has been cited and summons for driving without a license. Owner is also cited and summons for allowing an unlicensed operator to drive the vehicle.

Caller on Golden Drive states that her neighbor left his dog home and she has not  stopped barking. This is an ongoing issue. 91 spoke to both parties. Party with the dog is going to try and keep the dog from barking. The caller is going to get it touch with Housing

Party states that her employee on Golden Drive did not show up for work. Employee is not answering her phone. Party was transported to the hospital.

Caller states female on Overlook Drive did not show up for work this morning. Caller would like a check on her. 92 states no answer at the door. The apartment appears empty. 92 is going in to see if party is home. 92 states that the party is in bed. 92 and Alpha 1 speaking to her. She is well. Units spoke to the party who is fine and she was advised if she needs anything to call the police.

93 got waived down by a mother stating her child was missing at Kennedy Playground d. Child is on a bike. All units checking surrounding area. 92 walked into the track near the gazebo since vehicle cannot fit. 93 spoke to a party who saw the mother of the child run frantically towards the path near the gazebo. Mother stated her child was missing. The only information we have on the child is that he or she was on a bike.  Units still looking for the other who was pushing a baby carriage. 92 got a report of a small child walking a bike alone on Winthrop Street. 92 spoke to the child. He was not missing.

The concierge at Seal Harbor stated that he cannot make contact with party for several days and there are packages in the lobby for her. Fire en route. Alpha 1 was contacted as CPAC and the ME. ME has accepted and on the scene.

Report of a robbery at Quick Mart on Shirley Street. Male party all in black with a red mask. Party is now walking down Sturgis Street. Update: Black hoody, green mask, white male, over 6-feet tall, witness states there were two vehicles on Sturgis Street at the time of robbery. No description. 92 looking at camera footage at the store. 94 was speaking to a party and they stated a male party was scoping the area bout an hour before. The description was similar except for height. 92 checking surveillance. Update from surveillance. Grey sweats, black Celtics hoody, black Nike, black mask and black backpack hanging from his neck. 93 checked in with 7-Eleven and showed them the picture. Different person was in their store. 92 states owner is going to put surveillance on a USB for surrounding businesses to be aware of this. Report to follow.

Suspicious activity at Cumberland Farms. Hispanic female panhandling. Now heading towards Magee’s Corner. Party was gone upon officer’s arrival. 93 left the store know about the Quick Mart robbery and the suspect’s description.

Tuesday, Oct. 15

Minor motor vehicle accident at car wash on Main Street. Papers were exchanged and everything is okay.

Police needed for medical aid on Golden Drive. Agencies notified. Units stood by and made arrangements for the individual.

Lt. Rogers took party’s call stating he is a client of an accountant in Winthrop who he has not heard from in several weeks and he is concerned. Lt. Rogers reports accountant is fine and will contact the party.

Units off assisting with event takedown at Larsen Rink.

Winthrop Middle School called in for unit to meet SRO regarding a missing child. Unit reports the child has been located and principal is working out transportation for the child.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue states there is a vehicle that parks on the sidewalk all the time. Caller cannot walk by with her dogs. Unit clear, vehicle has been moved.

Party called regarding a nephew who drove here from California and she has not seen him for several weeks. 914a was able to contact the party and he is not missing. He left the area for now and is visiting friends in Vermont. Aunt called back and notified us. All is okay.

Unit returning property to subject on Somerset Avenue. Parties were grateful for their item back.

Motor vehicle stop on Hermon Street. Verbal warning for stop sign.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere and Crest Avenue. Verbal warning for front plate.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states there was a note left on his wife’s car. He is concerned because they have a small child and his wife is home alone at night. Nothing criminal at this time, just unsettling. Party wanted the incident logged and will keep the note in case this becomes an ongoing issue. Female was advised to call the police if any suspicious parties in the house while she is home alone.

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Unit helped a citizen locate a cat.

904 needs motor vehicle towed from Delby’s Corner. G&J enrollee with tow.

Caller on Locust Street states individual should be home but is not answering the door for her. She would like an officer for a well being check. She did advise that there is a German Shepard inside the house. Fire/medical on scene. 93 states someone coming to the door. ACO on the scene for the dog. Niece on scene also and came to the door. Medical checked individual out and she was not transported.

Party called regarding a situation which occurred last night. Party reports after dark a male approached her in a white GMC asking her if there were any rentals available in the area. This occurred in the Point area.

Report of a syringe on River and Cross Street. Item has been retrieved by DPW and disposed of.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Hutchinson Street. Citation issued for red light violation and unsafe lane change.

Report of a minor motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Officer reports parties got a little heated during paperwork exchange. Party driving the Honda will be cited for parked lane violation and will receive that in the mail.

Unit reports there are kittens in the bushes on Main Street and they can’t locate them. They are worried about the weather. Unit reports the kittens are a couple of months old and possibly strays. They are going to have some kids try and catch them if they can.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street. Verbal for no headlights.

Party called back regarding a previously reported issue at Governors Park. Party would like us to ask for the above neighbor to have no contact with her as she is afraid and feels threatened.

Thursday, Oct. 17

Caller on Bartlett Road states there has been a mini van sitting outside her house close to the intersection of Seymour. It has sped up and stopped several times. One in custody for possession of Class B and suspended license.

Calling party on Highland Avenue states that she has not heard from party in a while and he was supposed to be home hours ago. States she wants to speak to an officer to possibly report him missing. Units checked with a party and they stated that the last time they saw him was at the ATM on Walden Street. Party was also last seen with another party on Bellevue. Units going to the area. Units checked both Cumberland Farms and 7-Eleven. Another friend stated he snap chatted himself laying in the gazebo. Unit attempted to go to Ingleside Park to meet the party. The friend reached out and stated that the police were looking for him and party seemed less than cooperative. The mother called and stated that the son had returned. Units returning to both addresses to speak with both parties.

91 transported one subject to court.

Female party on Faun Bar Avenue came to station to report harassment by her neighbor. Report to follow.

Calling party on Wave Way Avenue states that her former landlord/roommate damaged some of her personal items before leaving the residence. Caller now resides in Illinois. Report to follow.

Caller on Pearl Avenue is complaining about a generator. Unit reports the house has generator because of the no power.a

Friday, Oct. 18

Party on Prospect Avenue called to state that a female party was making harassing comments on her Facebook posts. She was told that the comments did not rise to the degree of legal harassment. She stated that she wanted this logged in case something came out of it.

Caller on Golden Drive states that someone stole her checks from her apartment. She does not know who took them or when. She just wants an officer. Officer spoke to the niece who stated that her aunt has early signs of dementia. All the checks are in order.

Report of vandalism of a gravestone at Belle Isle Cemetery. The stone is knocked down. 91 state that this was the result of the storm. Stones are back up and not damaged.

91 will attempt to serve a victim/witness summons for individual on Coral Avenue. Nobody home at this time. 91 will attempt to serve later. Second attempt made, and no service was made. Another attempt and served in hand to the party’s daughter.

Party on Circuit Road believes that her neighbor may be removing a town owned tree. DPW notified and will respond to confirm or deny. 91 will assist. Matter was resolved with the caller and work was stopped.

Female party on Shirley Street called asking if an officer could keep the peace while she retrieved her social security card out of an old address. Former roommate has a restraining order against the calling party. Former roommate was notified and stated that at 2 p.m. the other party would be allowed to come and retrieve her property. Party did gather some belongings peacefully.

Harvard Vanguard reports a party involved was patient yesterday. She was contacted today and stated she did not feel well. At this time, no one can get a hold of her and there is no family member that can check on her. She is deaf. Female party is being checked by medical aid. Units clear, party signed a refusal for medical aid.

Caller on Bayview Avenue states that the neighbor’s dog has been barking all day. Unit cleared, no dog barking in the area.

A report of a drunk male locked out on Summit Avenue. He has been locked out for a while now creating a lot of noise. W92 has one party in custody for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Saturday, Oct. 19

Calling party on Veterans Road states that she left her skirt at her boyfriend’s home and he won’t let her in. One voluntarily to the Brighams and Womens.

Female party from Thornton Park came to the station to report that items were stolen from her home. Report to follow.

Party walked in to the station carrying a dog that was roaming near the Winthrop Marketplace. Dog appeared to need grooming. Very friendly. Picture was sent to ACO and he identified the owner from previous incidents. Dog was safely housed in the lobby while we located the owner.

Party from Winthrop Arms called 911 to state that there was a customer that was choking. He then called back to state that they were now okay and did not want a response.

Sunday, Oct. 20

Report of a female on the sidewalk on Shirley Street laying down to caller’s vehicle. She can’t stand up. She stated she was okay and did not need help but she told the caller to leave her alone. Fire and EMS enroute. 93 states one party transporting to Bartlett Road courtesy ride. Party was safely led inside house with a family member.

Caller on Nevada Street states that her roommate’s TV is too loud. Units report speaking to both parties over a loud television. Parties will keep it down.

Party on Nevada Street states that his roommate, after the police left, went into his apartment and tried to break items. He also tried to hit him as well with some type of bells/Christmas decoration. Units state two roommates arguing. Units will speak to landlord in the morning on how to resolve the issue.

A dump truck idling with someone inside on Belle Isle Terrace. Caller states that he does this every morning. Units state they searched the area and surrounding streets  and no truck at this time.

Reporting party on Johnson Avenue states she found an object pushed into her Mercedes rear front tire. She also stated that there was a  piece of metal in her tire from a few days ago. She purchased a new tire and wanted this incident on a report as there has been a few strange incidents in the last few weeks.

Charlie 1 was called to keep the peace while another party gets some of their belongings on Read Street. Party retrieved his belongings peacefully.

Caller on Winthrop Beach Inn/Suites stated she has been staying there for two days and her clothing, alcohol, contact lenses, party decorations, wine glasses and more were gone. Caller stated she noticed las night. The room was cleaned and would like an officer so she can file a report. Unit spoke to management and it seems that items were inadvertently thrown away. The case will be given to a detective as there are security cameras throughout the inn.

An anonymous call stating that there were two vehicles making it difficult to make it down the street at Winthrop and Villa Avenue. Units clear, as vehicles can make the turn.

A neighbor on Cutler Street reports another party in an apartment have been screaming for about 20 minutes. Units clear, male party has gone to bed for the night female party was walking the dog. Verbal in nature only. Peace was restored.

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