Winthrop Gears Up for a Successful 2019-2020 School Year

While students have been out of school for the summer, the district’s administration and school committee members have been busy updating and revising policies and procedures to align with the district’s strategic goals.  One of the top priorities is ensuring new teachers get the proper direction that will allow them to have a successful year. Curriculum Director, Lori Gallivan has played a major role in a new program that provides a mentor for new-to-the dis-trict teachers. The two-day program provides new teachers with an introduction to technology and safety, ALICE training, an orientation of the building, and education on the new curriculum assessments.

“I think this program will take away a lot of guessing and it will allow for support of the new teachers,” said Superintendent Lisa Howard.

In addition to preparing teachers for the school year that lies ahead, all items from the school facilities checklist have been checked off including an update to the PA systems, locks, door en-closures, and proper signage.

Students who don’t meet the bus transportation requirements will have another option, as the MBTA is providing local bus transportation at a discounted rate. If a child is enrolled in the MBTA Student Pass Program they will have a reduced student fee of 85¢ per ride. If a parent is traveling with a child under 11 years old, the child can ride for free and this discount is extend-ed for up to two children per ride. For more information on the MBTA Student Pass Program please visit:

According to Superintendent Howard, there has been a great response from those who took advantage of community access to the Miller Field track. Over the summer, community mem-bers were allowed to use the track from 5 to 8 a.m., and 6 to 8 p.m., while it was staffed by members of the senior center. Once the school sports schedules get determined, more com-munity access hours will be added.

On Aug. 29, Superintendent Howard will address all school staff members and recognize teachers who have earned milestone years of service.

“After spending time with other principals, I feel that we are ready to go. Every single student has a complete schedule and there is equality in class sizes across the board.”

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