Norah Grimes Accepts Role as ATC Principal

After serving as the interim principal for one year, Norah Grimes has taken on the role of Principal of the Arthur T. Cummings School, effective July 1. From 2012 to 2018, Grimes held the position of Assistant Principal of the Gorman Fort Banks (GFB) Elementary school. She has spent several years working as a reading specialist and as a Consultant Teacher of reading. During her time as the assistant principal of the GFB School, Grimes was the Transition Liaison for the construction of the new middle/high school as well as the Supervisor of Attendance for Winthrop Public Schools. 

Grimes has big plans for the upcoming school year and is looking forward to welcoming a new group of students in grades three through five. With the help of her colleagues, Grimes plans on reinstituting “team teaching,” in grade five. This model of teaching consists of each grade-five teacher leading two content areas. Students will change classrooms and be assigned a homeroom, similar to the schedule that a middle school student would have. Students will then change classes for different subjects such as math and social studies.

“There are many advantages to this model, primarily that it allows us to focus on teacher strengths and greater student outcomes,” said Grimes. “Also, having only two subject areas to cover instead of four provides for a greater level of expertise for the teachers.”

Grimes believes that the partnership with families, teachers, and students is crucial for learning, growth, and student achievement. While serving as principal, she hopes to witness meaningful collaboration among teachers and elevate expectations that create a positive school culture and responsibility.

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