Police Blotter 08-08-2019

Monday, July 29

Caller on Pleasant Street states that he was involved in an argument with another party. The involved party also damaged his property. Party left in a town vehicle. Caller wishes to speak with an officer. It was an argument between father and stepson.

Report of a motor vehicle accident at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. One vehicle hit a pole. Fire on the scene. G&J towing both vehicles. A 7-month-old child was transported.

Assisted fire and EMS with intoxicated female at Locust Street and Shore Drive. State also notified. Female taken home.

Unit assisted citizen with getting their property on Siren Street. 91 giving defendant a courtesy ride home. Items were retrieved and all parties given their rights.

Caller on Overlook Drive states there has been a male party she does not know who is calling her and leaving voice mails that he is going to come find her and hurt her. She is scared to leave her home. Male party has been spoken to and he was advised not to speak to the caller anymore.

Party states a little boy is all by himself walking towards Revere Street. A 10-year-old child is in the cruiser. They are driving him home. He was reported missing by his mother about an hour ago.

Report of a sink hole on Court Road. It was a significant size sink hole which could cause an accident. 91 covered the sink hole with a cone and DPW was notified.

Report of a male party unresponsive face down near public walkway at Public Landing. Party was sent to Whidden and report to follow.

Two parties on a scooter. Unlicensed operator. Party is unaware of the scooter laws. 91 standing by to see if the party can get someone to come drive it and take them home. 91 spoke to the parent and advised her of the scooter laws. Party is going to push the scooter home. 91 will have the keys and party will pick them up at the station. A verbal warning was issued.

Party from Ingleside Avenue came into the station to report that he is being harassed via the Internet. He believes it is about him and was intended to get him into trouble with his employer. Party was advised of his rights.

Report of a female intoxicated at Belle Isle Seafood. Female taken to the Whidden. She was staying with a party in Winthrop for a hockey tournament.

Tuesday, July 30

Report of a baby locked inside motor vehicle on Tafts Avenue. Child was let out by fire and is being checked out by them.

Calling party on Circuit Road stated that her hide a key was missing and it seems that the back door was tampered with. The party lost her car key and no sign of a break.

Party on Deer Island states that she lost her dog on the walking trail. State was notified.

Party on Pleasant Street states that his stepfather put a restraining order on him last night. He was told to call and an officer would meet him so he can retrieve some items. The party was able to retrieve his belongings.

Report that a motor vehicle on Sargent Street has a smashed window. It was not maliciously one, appears something fell and caused the damage. It was logged for insurance purposes.

Motor vehicle stop at Winthrop Marketplace. Plates come back as being uninsured and unregistered. Party will be summoned.

Report of a female unconscious on Myrtle Avenue. A 2-year-old fell and bumped her head. The grandmother saw blood and she passed out. All parties are fine now.

Motor vehicle stop on River Road. 92 transporting one to headquarters to unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle and failure to signal.

Caller on Woodside Park states that her elderly neighbor’s front door is opened and the couples’ car is in the driveway. She rang the doorbell and there was no answer. She stated that their dog usually barks when anyone comes to the door. She is concerned for their well-being. Party was upstairs in a cool room. The front door was opened to cool off the house. Units spoke to the owner of the house and everything is fine.

Calling party states that there are about six people in Hannaford Park drinking alcohol and participating in 94c activity, being very loud. G&J requested and dispatched for three unregistered mopeds.

Wednesday, July 31

Motor vehicle stop for red-light violation on Main Street. A citation was issued.

Report of a lost puppy on Hawthorn Avenue. Caller put the dog in front yard with some water and he said he will take care of it until the owner was found. ACO stated no dog in front yard. He must have gone home.

A 76-year-old female unresponsive on Kennedy Road. 93 off with fire. Also S4. C1 notified. C1 reports calling medical examiner and CPAC notified.

Well-being check on female who fell on Shore Drive; possibly drunk. D5 with the female party who is locally known and she was not drunk.

Past shoplifting reported from Woodside Hardware. This happened last Saturday but have video of four parties shoplifting.

ACO reports a lost Yorkie brought to the police station. ACO has him aboard riding with him. He reports the dog lives on Putnam.

Report of a tree down on Washington Avenue.

Report of another tree down on Buckthorn Terrace. Tree is on private property with no hazard.

Report of wires and another tree down on Thornton Park.

Report of a tree falling on a motor vehicle on Woodside Avenue.

Yet another tree down at Johnson and Cottage Park Road. DPW notified.

Tree down near the strip on Shirley  Street. DPW notified.

Four trees down at Seymour and Bartlett Road. DPW again notified.

Report of a tree uprooted and damaging a vehicle in the parking lot of East Boston Neighborhood Health.

Another report of a tree damaging an unoccupied vehicle on Golden drive. Delayed dispatch due to high call volume.

Another tree down on two cars on Woodside Park.

During the recent thunderstorm/windstorm, the reporting party’s car was parked in the Senior Center’s parking lot when a branch broke off from a tree causing severe damage to the roof and windows.

Assisted fire and DPW with trees down at Pleasant andLincoln Street. Traffic assistance needed. Per 92, Edgehill Road, large tree on wires.

Another tree down on parked vehicle on Veterans Road. No injuries.

Caller on Cutler Street states that her neighbor has a tree company with a wood chipper. She states the noise is bothersome and would like an officer. Per Charlie 1, no action required. Tree work being done all over town due to the storm.

Report of a male in the dining room of the Arbors overturning tables, yelling and screaming. Unknown reason for the disturbance. Fire and EMS requested. Male was taken to the MGH via Action EMS. Family was notified.

Thursday, August 1

Caller on Faunbar Avenue states that his neighbor had a tree fall on her red sedan and hasn’t had the tree removed. Caller is worried since the neighbor has not been outside to notice the tree. Unit clear, doesn’t appear to be any damage to the vehicle but there is no answer at the door and no phone number for the house. Neighbor informed W91 that the vehicle is there and she is usually home. No answer at the door for two days. Fire requested for possible forced entry for well -being check. W91 made entry through a side door and fire was canceled. No one home at this time and the home was resecured.

ACO on scene with the commissioner of inspection services for home on Siren Street. ACO states the numerous citations were issued.

Caller reports that she is on a vessel in the area of Snake Island and she has run over a mooring that is now stuck in her engine. WM3 will respond to investigate to see if Harbormaster services are required. Caller was advised to call Boat US. WM3 was able to assist the vessel and they are on their respective mooring.

Caller at Pleasant and Morton Street reports that for the past two weeks a blue vehicle with tinted rear widows has been parking in this area around 2:45 p.m. The male operator then goes into the backseat for approximately 2-3 minutes and then comes out and leaves. Today he came out wearing surgical gloves. Caller was advised to call when this is happening and we will have an officer respond to investigate.

911 hangup from Johnson Avenue. Called back and female stated that her baby briefly stopped breathing and she panicked and called 911. She stated that the baby is fine now. She was repeatedly asked if she wanted to have the baby checked out and she stated no. This has happened before.

Party at Buchanan and Winthrop Street stated a male party fell. He is in the area of Caggiano’s. Witnesses state that the party fell and was unconscious but was unable to locate him at the moment. Man described as bald, glasses and bleeding from the face. Buchanan Street was checked with nothing showing. A complete area search was done with nothing showing.

Party on Lincoln Street came into the station to drop off a victim statement about a larceny that occurred on Thursday. Party was moving and left a wicker love seat and two wicker chairs, along with the cushions, in her driveway. She left to run an errand and when she returned, the items were missing. Items were valued at about $500.

Caller at Governors Park reports that her neighbor is making loud noises. Units spoke to all involved and they were advised of their right. This is an ongoing issue

Party on Yirrell Beach start there are about six-eight people being loud and playing music loud. Officers report nothing showing.

Friday, August 2

Caller on Myrtle Avenue states that her neighbors are screaming. Caller also states that he wants the drunk female out of the house. Second call from the homeowner who states that he has an unwanted drunk female party is in his home. Female party getting courtesy ride to River Road. Officers report female dropped off at her house and mother will be monitoring her. She was given the female’s car keys, which is still parked on Myrtle Avenue. Party is highly intoxicated and made accusatory statements towards the officers about them stealing $500 dollars from her.

Manager of the car wash on Main Street asked for an officer to swing by before his shift was over so he can get assistance with an incident that occurred last night. 91 has all the information needed from the manager. W91 touched base with the manager at the car wash and contacted the two parties involved in a minor motor-vehicle accident at the car wash on their property. The owners of the vehicles will be contacting each other and taking care of the matter.

Party came in to report an attempted scam regarding some property he listed on “Let It Go.” He received a cashier’ check in an amount greater than the listed sale amount. He contacted the issuing bank who informed him that it was not one of their checks and that it has been a recurring scam. He did not deposit the check as instructed to do so by the scammer.

Party came in to report that he received a call from a male with an accent regarding owing money and if he did not pay, he would be arrested. He stated the caller informed him that an officer was aware of it. He was advised to disregard.

Caller on Paine Street reports an attempted past breaking and entering and he has a surveillance video.

Party on Cliff Avenue wants subject removed from the house. He will not leave and has no weapons. Party left and unit cleared.

Unresponsive male on Grovers Avenue. Male to MGH who is unresponsive. This is an ongoing medical issue.

Caller found a bag on a bench with personal effects inside at Hannaford Park. He states that no one is around and would like an officer to retrieve it. Bag’s owner was on the scene and reunited with their property.

Resident on Shirley Street says that she got a text message from a friend stating that there was a person in her backyard. The text included a photo of the back of the person who was standing by the bottom of her back steps. The message also said that he had his hand down his pants. Based on the photo and description provided it may have been the current homeless individual that officers have periodically interacted with over the past few months. The incident took place around 2 p.m. and the resident came into the station to report the matter in person around 4 p.m. Units will be notified to keep an eye on the area and interview the person they see around the town.

A male came into the station to report that a male came to his home and asked his wife if they had shoes for him to wear. She told him she did not and he left. Units will go out to locate the subject and speak to him about asking people for items at their homes.

Caller on Putnam Street states that his neighbors are away on vacation. He hears an alarm coming from the home. It has been going on for a couple of hours. It was a car alarm going off i the driveway. G&J notified to attempt to silence the alarm. They were unsuccessful in turning off the alarm.

Party on Court Road states that his mother’s boyfriend just had surgery last week. He had some internal bleeding when he went for a follow-up. The caller just got home and sees droplets of blood on the floor. He doesn’t see him downstairs but he believes he could be upstairs. He doesn’t want to go upstairs to check as he is freaked out. The truck is not parked on the street. Officers requesting medical for the male party who has a deep laceration on his head. He is alert. Fire is enroute. Male party transported to MGH.

Report of a group of five people outside on Cliff Avenue yelling and screaming. No weapons. Male and female. Officers report loud house party and house was cleared out and they are now heading home.

Saturday, August 3

Hit and run on Pleasant Street. Report to follow.

Report of possible OD on Sturgis Street. Female party and Action transporting her to MGH.

Juvenile reports another juvenile harassing him at Pond Street Park. Parents were notified.

Report of a white vehicle parked in a reserved handicapped parking spot. 93 found the party and they were using a friend’s handicap placard. He was issued a citation and the placard was taken away from the other party. 93 stood by while the party moved the vehicle.

Party on Shirley Street reports that yesterday while he was walking with his kids another party attacked him. 92 settled the indifferences at this time. It was a disagreement over speeding. It was an assault that was unseen. The caller was advised of his rights.

On Grandview Avenue, a report that two male parties were arguing with her husband. Unknown weapons. Now there are four parties in the driveway arguing with the male party. 94 responded. Three male parties got into a car with a Maine plate. Units clear, it was a verbal altercation about neighborhood activity.

Caller on Golden Drive reports there is an altercation outside. Two male parties being physical, no weapons. It was a heated confrontation. All parties sent on their way. Residents went back inside.

Female party on Putnam Street called and sounded distressed. She stated she has a problem but then sighed and told me she thought about it and didn’t need assistance, then hung up. A unit was sent by to confirm that she is fine. This was unfounded as no subject at the apartment. Units state they can see inside and it does not appear anyone is home. Female party uncooperative and units cleared.

Unit headed towards Revere Street with possible drunk driver in an older vehicle. BOLO given to all units.

Party on Myrtle Avenue states a loud party. It was a birthday party and all parties are of age and will tone it down. 92 reports that the caller was not pleased about the noise and the way it was handled and voiced her opinion.

93 speaking to a white male at Main and Paine streets who was walking in the middle of the street.

Sunday, August 4

Motor vehicle accident on Shirley Street. One vehicle hit a parked car and then left the scene. Units speaking to caller on the scene who stated vehicle may have taken a left onto Washington Avenue.  No injuries and all effected parties were advised on how to proceed. Units will continue to look for the vehicle but will be clear from the scene.

Caller at Governors Park states that her upstairs neighbor is making a lot of noise and banging sounds. She states that this has been going on since this morning. Units spoke to all parties. 92 will be filing criminal charges against the noise maker She is going to be summoned to court.

Another call from Governors Park. This is an ongoing issue between neighbors. Medical dispatched. Party sectioned and went to the hospital.

Report of a party slumped over a bench at Short Beach. 92 knows the party and he was sleeping.

Caller on Neptune Avenue states that a woman is yelling and unsure if it’s for help. Officer spoke to the party and she is calm now.

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