Winthrop Police Blotter 07-03-2019

Monday, June 24

Caller at Bob’s Bait Shack reports there is a needle on a bench being covered by a cardboard box. There is also a license underneath the bench as well. Items were picked up

Party on Wave Way Avenue states that a resident is throwing rocks and other items into their yard and would like to speak to police about the matter. This is an ongoing situation.

Party came in to report that she is receiving harassing phone calls for approximately nine months and changed her phone number c couple of days ago with Comcast. The new number has not been activated yet and she declined to provide it. She was advised if the annoying and harassing phone calls resume after she gets her new number to contact the police for further action.

Party from Governors Park turned in a firearm.

Caller on Grovers Avenue called the station to report that a neighbor has been spraying chemicals around her home. She does not want to see an officer, just would like it logged.

Report of a Chevy parked in a handicap spot on Pleasant Court and it does not have a handicap sticker. Parking citation was issued.

Caller states a group of teenagers, possibly 10 of them, went down onto the rocks at Halford Beach with cases of alcohol. Unit found the parties. Eight people in total. Some were over 21 and some were under. Units are going to supervise the parties clean up the litter and have the parties leave the area. Unit have confiscated the alcohol and the parties have left the area.

Party states an elderly male party pulled into the lot at Ocean Auto Body not knowing where he is. Caller was able to get in touch with the man’s son who stated that his father has Alzheimers. Caller would like an officer to make sure the party does not leave until his son picks him up. Son is responding from Gloucester. Unit gave a ride to the male party where he can wait for his son. He was picked up by a family member and will then retrieve the car on Washington Avenue.

Party on Johnson Avenue states there is a loud pool p arty going on. States that this is an ongoing issue. It sates it is children playing in the pool. Parents are home, and it is not that loud. Units will advise them to be quieter.

Motor vehicle stop on Argyle Street. One in custody for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, failure to identify himself and assault and battery on a police officer. Vehicle is being towed by G&J.

Tuesday, June 25

Off with a male party on a bicycle at Revere and Summit Avenue.

Party will be on his way.

Report that JRM trash truck was revving his engine and attempting to run other vehicles off the road at Myrtle and Shore Drive. The truck then proceeded to drive down the wrong side of the road.

Owner of vehicle on Lincoln Street states that sometime last night her vehicle was broken into while parked on the street. Items were taken and the front passenger window had been broken. Window was still intack but entrance was gained through the unlocked doors.

Unit off with disabled motor vehicle at Crest and Revere Street. Attempted to move it out of the street because it is causing traffic. 93 was able to help move the vehicle into the parking lot. The owner called AAA.

Calling party on Pico Avenue states a white male party went up to the door and asked for a glass of water and they thought it was out of the ordinary. It could possibly be the energy electric workers walking around. 92 was flagged down by a nearby resident who stated that the same male party knocked on her door and asked to see their electric bill. Company checked in and stated they’d be in this area. They are properly permitted to do so.

Report that a male heading toward the bridge from Main Street. He is walking in and out of traffic. 91 went as far as the CVS on Saratoga Street and nothing showing. Will head back to Winthrop and check the immediate areas. Nothing showing in the area.

Caller reports a vehicle that traveled at a high rate of speed down Hutchinson Street. Stated she did not see it, but heard it and it must have been going at least 60 mph. No description.

Wednesday, June 26

Officer with illegally parked vehicle on Hermon Street. Parking violation issued for handicap spot.

Unit serving paperwork for town manager’s office to subject on Myrtle Avenue. Paperwork was served in hand.

Caller on Main Street states a dump truck is blocking the sidewalk and street. Caller states he could not walk with his child on the sidewalk. Truck owner will move the vehicle. He was also advised that if he wanted to keep it where it was that a safety officer would be needed.

Calling party states that Sandy Paws Kennel built a large kennel in the back and the dogs are barking nonstop. This is a fenced in area that is pretty tall. A few dogs were in there but did not bark until unit got closer.

Unit checked out party laying down on the ground at the basketball courts. Party was just out tanning.

A road rage incident at Nick’s Place. Female party got out of vehicle and got into someone’s face. The parties went their separate way.

Caller states that he found a tool past Beacon Circle that is used to remove manhole covers. He would like to give to an officer. Unit was sent to pick it up.

Assist fire with possible forced entry on Jefferson Street. Party is in residence and very argumentative with police and fire. Access was gained by removing AC unit which party was too happy about.

Caller on Jefferson Street states that her landlord is there to present her keys and last time he was violent towards her and she would like an officer to be present. Unit reports landlord changed the locks. Female party made accusation against firefighter leading to the incident. Report to be filed.

Report of two youths breaking and entering into vehicles on Wadsworth behind the library. Two in custody. One male possibly hurt and cruisers needed for transport. Two 15-year-old juveniles in custody for breaking and entering in the daytime and destruction of property.

Party came to the station to report that her ex-husband came by her house and was harassing her and a worker she hired.

Neighbor called in a noise complaint for the basketball courts. Unit clear, as unit arrived, parties were leaving. Court is clear at this time.

Thursday, June 27

Units off with subjects from a vehicle on Morton Street. Units clear, male and female party in the gazebo and parties were cleared out.

Report of a male party on a skateboard with a backpack at Revere and Golden Drive. Party checks out and unit clear.

Male party came into the station to turn in a woman’s purse that was found at Dawes Playground.

Caller on Main Street would like assistance with removing a raccoon and her babies from her shed. ACO on vacation until June 30th.

Harbormaster came over stating a party with injuries from a fall. An 88-year-old female transported to MGH. No structural issues at the Landing that could have caused injury.

Housekeeper went to Washington Avenue this morning at 8 a.m. and pounded on the door. No answer. Unit clear, party was transported to the hospital at an earlier time and it was confirmed that he is still there.

Report of a male sitting on a bench in a back yard on Shirley Street. Party was sent on his way and was advised that it is private property.

Caller on Johnson Avenue states that she received threats through social media stating that this male party will beat her up.  Unit advised the party of her rights and he also saw the messages and this is an ongoing issue. Unit is contacting Saugus PD to make contact with the male party to stop his interaction with the calling party.

Caller stated that she received a call from her daughter on Wave Way Avenue and she is crying and the father will not talk to mother and tell her what is going on. Something about a party and the father won’t let her go. Mother just wants to make sure that the daughter is okay. Units spoke to parties involved. Daughter was upset about the party. Child was advised that it is dad’s house and dad’s rules.

Friday, June 28

Units observed two 15-year old male parties leaving the back parking lot of St. John the Evangelist Church. Kids checked out.

Female party came to the station to report that someone has been harassing her by sending repetitive alerts via her cell phone. She wanted us to contact him to stop for 24 hours until she could get a new phone/service plan. We left a message on his cell phone. She was advised of her rights.

Unit off with male party at Bright Beginnings Learning Center. Party checks out. He was swapping a vehicle before he went on vacation. He has a girlfriend that lives in town. He is leaving for the night.

Report of a male party in the tennis courts with an ankle injury. A 40-year-old male refused transportation and will take himself to urgent care.

Motor vehicle stop at Main and Marshall Street. Operator was driving under a suspended license. Party states she was unaware of the suspension. Unit will allow for a separate party to come and pick her up as well as the vehicle. Vehicle operator will be summoned for operating after suspension as well as impeded operation.

Owner of Demetri Liquors states he received a call from a party stating they were going come over and strangle him. This is an ongoing issue with this party and the employees of the store. Officer will be heading to the involved party’s home to attempt to make contact and speak to her about the situation. Officer spoke with the female party who stated she will stay clear of that liquor store in the future and will refrain from calling the store and making threats.

Sierra 4 requesting medical and an additional unit at Magee’s Corner. A 64-year-old female transported to MGH for an evaluation.

Motor vehicle stop at Walden and Pauline Street. Driver presented his Florida license which was expired. Officer requesting G&J who are enroute. Multiple attempts to get a licensed operator to retrieve the vehicle with no success. G&J has the vehicle. Vehicle operator will be summoned for unlicensed operation and speeding. All units will be clear.

Caller stated that her vehicle was struck in front of the Winthrop Arms parking lot. The male driver admitted to hitting the vehicle and then drove off. Caller took a picture of the plate. She would like to file a report with an officer. Calling party is just looking to exchange information with the vehicle which struck her vehicle. 93 called Lynn to attempt to make contact with the vehicle.

Party on Siren Street believes that someone is in her home. She would like a unit to come by. This is an ongoing civil issue. Female party will stay at another home for the night.

Saturday, June 29

Officer with a small group at Deer Island. Parties were spoken to and were moved along. They are leaving the area.

Suspicious activity at Washington Avenue. One party walking into the water behind the condos. Caller has limited information as she cannot see because it is so dark. Everything checks out. party is just fishing.

Units off with three parties at Main and Hermon Street. Parties are going fishing. All the gear is in their hands.

Caller states a group of people on the island. Caller cannot see exactly where they are, but can just hear them. Units off with a group of four. They were told no more music and their voices carry at night. They were not told to leave the area but were advised State Police may be coming by also. State Police will be updated with information.

93 is helping a walk-in male party from Italy and only speaks Italian. The male party left his sister’s house without any documents and is lost. 93 is trying to locate where she lives. Unit off in the area where the sister may live. Unit dropped the male party off to his family on Central Street.

911 hangup where unit heard voices in the background. When called back, got the party’s voicemail. The party was not home. unit spoke to the calling party’s boyfriend. He stated she left 10 minutes ago and went for a bike ride. Unit will be in the area to see if he can find her to make sure she is okay. The boyfriend was advised to tell her to call us back to make sure she is fine. Officer reports speaking to the boyfriend again who stated he spoke to the girlfriend and she is fine. It was confirmed that it was an accidental call.

Report of a 4-year-old with injuries from a fall at Ingleside Park. 92 stated 4-year-old broke his tooth and was being transported to MGH.

Male party called to report water coming up through the street on Vine Avenue. DPW notified.

Resident on Sewall Avenue stated he noticed sewage in the basement. DPW notified.

Sunday, June 30

Unit attempting to make contact with owner of vehicle out of Circuit Road. Contact was made and the driver will be summoned to court for leaving the scene of an accident.

Caller on Jefferson Street called and requested to speak to a supervisor in headquarters. Caller would like it known that she was woken up by her neighbor’s TV and knocked on their door. The door was slammed shut and the caller would not like a police response but would like it noted.

Officer at Burlington PD would like us to look at a vehicle on Bellevue Avenue involved in a hit and run in their city. They spoke to the owner and all they need is for an officer to see the damages on the vehicle. 92 stated the female party was not in Burlington at all and did not get in a motor vehicle accident. There is no damage to the vehicle at all. Burlington PD was notified.

Unit assisted elderly party who has been trying to get into his motor vehicle for the last three hours at St. John the Evangelist Church. 93 reports fire is assisting the lockout. WFD was able to unlock the door for the elderly male.

Well-being check requested in Governors Park. Male is not answering the phone. Phone is going right to voicemail. Son driving home from the Cape and will get there by 3 p.m. but would like an officer to ring the doorbell. Units made contact with the male party and he is well. He was having trouble with his phone. He was advised that his son is concerned.

Party came to the station to report that between the years of 2010 and 2014, her mother opened a fraudulent Verizon account in Winthrop in her name. The victim stated that this is not the only account she has opened. She has no contact with her mother and this fraudulent activity is now affecting her credit score negatively. She requested this be documented. At this time, the victim no longer lives in Winthrop.

Party on Shore Drive came into the station to report she is having problems with her neighbor. She stated there has been multiple incidents of name calling between the two over the last couple of days. Today, the reporting party said her neighbor accused her of hitting her. She wants it noted that she did not hit her. Reporting party was advised of her rights.

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