Winthrop Improvement and Historical Society Hosts St. Patty’s Dinner and History Lecture The Winthrop Arms ‘Then and Now’

The Winthrop Improvement & Historical Association (WIHA) held a St. Pat’s Day Dinner on March 5 in the Deane Winthrop House barn. The new Board of Directors was announced during the election night meeting, and Casey Goll, manager/proprietor of the Winthrop Arms, presented the history lecture, “The Winthrop Arms Then and Now.”

“Our town in the middle of the ocean is packed with great people who call this home,” said Michael Herbert, WIHA president. “He’s [Goll] got great energy, he’s a go-getter, he has great ideas, and great dreams.”

Goll is a Winthrop resident who remembers growing up and hearing the legends of the historic restaurant and hotel in the Winthrop Highlands, where prominent figures such as Babe Ruth and Johnny Pesky frequented.

“The Highlands are quiet, and has a spectacular view,” described Goll about why travelers love visiting the Arms. “It’s a beautiful area and we’re only 15 minutes out of Boston.”

Goll displayed old postcards and presented images of the 10 rooms which boast crown molding around the windows and doors, and breathtaking views of the ocean.

The Arms has been referred to as several names under various ownerships, such as The Argyle Hotel, and has experienced substantial alterations in the building’s structure throughout its history. The roof that had once resembled the top of a castle is now pitched.

In 1978 Goll’s father, Dave Goll, purchased the property, and in 2000 began massive renovations and repairs on the Arms, including the addition of an outdoor seating area along Grovers Avenue. Goll recalls his father cleaning the original 102-year-old tiled floor on his hands and knees in the lobby that now has a full-service bar with high-top tables and couches.

“The beauty of this place is it remains the same. It reminds you of the way things used to be, with attention to detail,” Goll said. “This place is a piece of art. When you take care of something the right way, it stands up over time. It’s timeless.”

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