Police Blotter 03-14-2019

Monday, March 4

Caller at the end of Madison Avenue reports that Action Ambulance dumped their snow in front of his house. He would like someone to come down and assist. C1 will contact Action and have them remove the snow. C1 reports fire assisted. Unsure who put the snow there.

Party at Cora and Lincoln streets reports a white plow truck is driving erratically and purposely driving down the wrong way down the road. He is purposely blocking cars. Nothing showing.

Caller from Sea Foam Avenue states a plow took a manhole cover off. C1 notified DPW. Cover is totally missing. 93 standing by until DPW arrives. DPW will cone it off until they get caught up with snow removal. Street is impassable and fire has been notified.

Party on Tafts Avenue states a tree is down and blocking the sidewalk. S1 notified DPW about the branch.

Caller on Washington Avenue states that someone is plowing her sidewalk and she is verbally arguing with a male party.  Female will not respond on the phone. 94 off with units. It was verbal over snow removal. Detail officer will remain on the scene. Peace was restored.

Party on Pleasant Street states there is a man arguing with him over vandalism to his vehicle. Party is now walking away. The calling party would like to speak to an officer. 91 knows who the male party is and he is responding to him. 93 requesting medical aid to evaluate the male party. Both parties will be summoned to court Male party transported to MGH.

Walk-in from Shirley Street to report that she was going to pick up her Toyota from the repair shop today. She went there and they are closed. She is afraid that something happened to her vehicle. 91 spoke to the owner of the auto body and he will contact the owner of the vehicle. He has been busy with snow removal.

Caller from Wave Way Avenue states she wants to check the well-being of her elderly neighbor that she sees wandering around her property.

Party states this vehicle stopped and a male party came out and urinated. Party went back inside the vehicle and went down Jefferson towards the Center. Three males were inside the vehicle.

Motor vehicle stop at Revere and Sagamore Avenue. Verbal for red-light violation.

Tuesday, March 5

Motor vehicle stop at Nahant Avenue. Verbal for impeding the road.

Another motor vehicle stop at Revere and Shirley Street. Citation issued for taillight and failure to report.

Walk-in to report two separate issues. A larceny was reported to her bank in December. They have since reversed their decision and instructed her to file a police report to reopen it. Her vehicle was also involved in a hit and run.

Fire on scene at EB Newton School for an odor of gas in the building. Unit will be on scene to assist.

Report of a male driving erratically on Pleasant Street. Caller stated it could possibly be a stolen vehicle. No plate given. 91 has made contact with party. His boat is currently sinking, which is why he was rushing. Party is currently attempting to shovel snow off of his boat. Units will stay on scene and attempt to assist. Party is shoveling snow off of his boat, as well as running a pump to remove the water the boat has taken on. Units will be clear.

Caller on Walden Street states they and others have not heard from a tenant for three weeks. She has not returned any phone calls which is unusual. Caller would like a well being check. Party had a stroke recently and has been living in an assisted living since the incident. She is not in her home.

A truck and motor vehicle are blocking Villa Avenue. Caller has been waiting for 20 minutes to get down the street. A crane was making a delivery on a job site, causing the vehicle to have to be in the street. All vehicles are now off to the side and in a safe area.

Party on Hermon Street reports harassment by a neighbor over the year, with escalation occurring yesterday with a snow removal issue.

Officer notified a local LTC holder on Grovers Avenue about he4r license suspension. She stated she would come up to the station later to get her paperwork and to turn in her LTC and provide paperwork on transferred firearms. Officer will make a report when this is complete.

Male party came in to report that someone had opened a credit card under his name and made purchases that were delivered to his address. He notified the bank an is returning the items back.

Firearms surrender made at the station. 91 state there was a previous call made and would add to that one.

Caller on Beach Road states he went home and his girlfriend stated she put a restraining order on him. Wants an officer to help get his things. Male party just wanted to know if he had a RO. Male party will head out and stay at a friend’s house. Both parties were advised of their rights. It was a verbal argument.

Off with vehicle on Revere and Bayou Street. One in custody for paperwork. Units clear, station issued for equipment violation and operating under suspended license. 91 transport male party Vehicle was safely parked in front of house on Revere Street. Male party was transported to MGH for Section 12. Still in custody.

Wednesday, March 6

Two car motor vehicle accident with no injuries. Papers were exchanged.

Housing Director reports one of the residents on Golden Drive is being taken advantage of by a known party. Report to follow.

Caller on Chamberlain Avenue states he has a squirrel in the house and has a baby inside. Caller is very panicked and requested police. Unable to help party since the animal is on the roof. ACO will give them contacts to call.

Party on Wilshire Street saw a black pickup truck with air conditioners in the back. House is vacant due to a fire. He is not sure if they have permission to be in there. Parties work for KPM and have been clearing out the house for a week to get ready for new construction.

Received amended abuse prevention order from court for records regarding the pickup and drop-off of a minor child.

Officer is enroute to speak with an employee at Dimitri Liquors who the male in question made the threatening statements to. Officer spoke with the employee confirming the threats.

Attempting to locate male party who made threats to father on Washington Avenue.

Walk-in from Girdlestone Road to report that he sold a pair of Red Givenchy Urban Knot sneakers on eBay. The buyer is accusing him of selling fake sneakers and is going to set up a case on eBay.

Walk-in from Governors Park to report that someone opened an Xfinity account with her social security number in Revere.

Party came in to the station to report a strange text that her 12-year-old daughter received.

Thursday, March 7

Caller on Pleasant and Palmyra streets state there is cars parked on both sides of the street. They are making it difficult for cars to get down the street.

Party on Hermon Street states that her father-in-law was supposed to come to her house over two hours ago and he has not showed up. He is also not answering his phone. Caller would like an officer to go by and do a well-being check. Units spoke to party who stated that everything is fine and that he will call the party back.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue states that his vehicle was hit a few days ago. Party will be coming in to the station to file a report.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that in the vicinity of crosswalk a manhole cover is off. DPW notified.

Officer reports that his vehicle struck a manhole on Winthrop Street that was uncovered. The cover was located in a snow bank nearby. DPW notified. 92 arrived on the scene. ACO also arrived on the scene and retrieved the manhole cover from the snowbank and sealed the hole.

Male party on Sea Foam Avenue came to the station to report a past hit and run to his vehicle. He stated damage was to the front of his vehicle and it occurred on Monday at 6:30 p.m. to Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Revere Police request assistance in locating a party whose purse is at their station. Party lives on Lincoln Street. Party will come to the station to retrieve her purse.

Caller on Lincoln Street states there is a vehicle blocking his driveway. 92 responded and reports giving a parking ticket.

Female party walked into headquarters to report that someone has hacked into her phone and is threatening her to post personal pictures online if they do not receive $200 in iTunes gift cards.

Caller on Shore Drive states that a dog next door is barking. This is an ongoing issue. The dog is outside. Clear, the dog stopped barking.

Units going with the social worker to attempt to serve Section 12 to subject on Washington Avenue. Fire and EMS are meeting there also. Sierra 4 reports male transported (Section 120 to the MGH via Action EMS.

Alpha 1 reports there is a vehicle parked o the crosswalk on Pleasant Street. 93 will check this out. Clear, vehicle left prior to unit’s arrival.

Calling party on Shore Drive states that while he was away his fence got vandalized. He would like to speak with an officer. He believes he knows who it may be. A 6 foot section of PVC fence was damaged or vandalized. No evidence. Caller will have it repaired.

Caller on Locust Street claims a car came by and knocked out his driver side mirror. 93 reports that the other motorist did leave a note with all of their information on it. The two parties will handle it between them.

Motor vehicle stop on Winthrop Street with expired license. The licensed driver was issued a citation for this.

Caller on Nahant Avenue claims a car drove into her yard and spinning its tires. Units report a lost Uber driver who is now hung up on a  rock wall that he did not see due to the snow. Uber driver contacted his manager. They will send a tow. The homeowner is fine with it If it takes longer than that then the units will return and have G&J tow the vehicle.

Friday, March 8

Fire requesting police at Locust and Cross streets. Motor vehicle accident involving fire truck and parked vehicle. Party will be getting a private tow.

On Revere Street, at the peak of the hill, a large construction truck blocking the street. Caller works at the senior center. Detail officer on the scene. Unit clear.

Attempt to serve warrant to subject on Shore Drive. No answer.

Well-being check on female party on Sea View Avenue. A 29-year-old female taken voluntary to the Whidden.

Headquarters notified to take a look outside the front door. Manhole cover missing right at church. DPW notified. 93 responded and stated that the cover is on now, but DPW notified to respond with a new cover.

IRS scammer called party on Kennedy Road. She did not give any information. This is the third call in a month.

Todisco Towing came in and notified us that they towed a vehicle from the parking lot on Main Street as a trespass tow. The vehicle has been there during the snow storm and was still covered with snow.

Todisco Towing walked in and reported towing vehicle for trespassing from Governors Park.

Caller states a minor motor vehicle accident on Pauline Street. Believes that the other driver has been drinking and has a small child in the car. 93 reports locating the caller and they are on Pauline Street. 93 has the vehicle stopped in the vicinity of Quincy Avenue. Units report that the male driver does not appear to be under the influence of alcohol. 93 reports units are clear.

Todisco Towing reports private tow from Governors Park for a free lane violation.

Office at Governors Park called to say that the party is on the scene and is irate about a towed vehicle. He was given a courtesy ride to the Cummings School to pick up his child.

Party from Beal Street came to the station to report being harassed by an individual through the mail.

Son called 912. Reports that his brother is having a verbal dispute with a female party and her 10-year-old son when she rented a room to on Putnam Street. Multiple callbacks on 911 and 1212. Strong language barrier. Revere officer enroute to assist  the units with translation. It was a verbal between two roommates. Both given their 209A rights and both were advised to stay away from each other for the night.

Spanish-speaking caller on Marshall Street stated that he received a phone call saying that he owed money from a hospital bill from mover 10 years ago. Caller provided all his information to the person calling and wired $520 to them via Ria Money Transfer services. Caller also stated they told him that he has a criminal history which he has none.Caller was advised to file a report on the matter but he refused and stated the money is gone for good. He was advised to come to the station with all pertinent information if he changes his mind.

Saturday, March 9

Caller on Irwin Street reports he found contraband in his apartment in the ceiling. Caller would like an officer to recover the property. Drug paraphernalia will be properly disposed of.

92 flagged down by citizen on Washington Avenue. More drug paraphernalia. 92 will properly dispose of it.

Motor vehicle stop on Adams Street. Operator has no license. 93 standing by until licensed driver arrives. Female on the scene and will operate the vehicle. A criminal complaint will be issued.

Keeping the peace at Ingleside Park for peace protest.

Charles Street is impassable for fire due to a vehicle parked in middle of the street. No violations observed. Vehicle out a little further than expected due to snow.

Abandoned vehicle with expired Ohio plates. G&J on scene at the Landing. Parking ticket issued.

Car blocking a fire hydrant on Winthrop Street. 92 notified to have vehicle towed. G&J notified and enroute.

Caller reports a loose manhole cover in the area of library. Unit checked the manhole and the cover did budget slightly but was secure enough not to come off.

Male party, possibly drunk, on Revere Street does not know where he is. It was an elderly male. Female party standing by with him waiting for officers to arrive. A 62-year-old male transported to the hospital.

Caller on Walden Street reports that there are a couple of kids hanging out on the roof and she is worried that they will get hurt. Caller reports that they were getting down at the time of the call but said they have been up and down for a while now. Units checked the area and also checked the roof itself. Nothing showing.

Caller at Governors Park states banging noises coming from apartment. The banging was from children playing.

Anther call from Governors Park stating that a neighbor is banging on the ceiling. This is an ongoing issue. Unit spoke to both parties and the resident was advised to continue to file complaints with the condo management. Peace was restored for now.

Sunday, March 10

Caller on Main Stet state that her packages were stolen from her doorstep. She believes that her neighbor may have done it. Packages were delivered to the wrong address to the neighbor took them. Officer saw the packages addressed to them.

Minor motor vehicle accident at Harvard and Revere Street. Both parties refused medical. Unit standing by with the expired operator until an active register arrives. A summons to court will  be issued to the expired driver for operating. A licensed operator arrive on the scene and took over operation of the vehicle.

Caller states she can see two females on foot No description. They are screaming and yelling at each other heading to Magee’s Corner. Unit checked the area with nothing showing. Will return if they receive another call.

Motor vehicle stop at Halford Beach. One female coming in for warrant arrest. Male party given written warning for idling.

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