Student Highlight: Sophomore Excels at Juggling Sports and Academics

To say that Austin Daigneault is a busy, young man is an understatement. In addition to being a three-sport athlete, the sophomore coaches youth basketball, assists at town hall, works for his father’s construction company during the summer, and coaches youth league lacrosse. He’s received countless athletic awards including the MVP of the Thanksgiving rivalry game against Revere last season where he had one touchdown on offense and one interception on defense. While he is busy juggling his many activities and commitments, he has managed to receive honors status in school, earning all A’s and B’s.

What sports do you play and do you have any advice on how you juggle athletics and academics?

I play basketball, football, and lacrosse and I was a starter on all three varsity teams. Being a three-sport athlete is definitely challenging. I love each sport I play and pour a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into all of them. Managing both school and sports is something I struggled with freshman year, but as I matured and grew as an individual, I began to manage my time better at home and after school. I started to use any free time I had to accomplish my assignments. Being both an athlete and a scholar is definitely challenging, but if you are dedicated and have the right mindset you can manage each of them both effectively and efficiently. 

What are some obstacles you’ve encountered with your busy schedule?

I definitely have come across several obstacles in my high school career. I was struggling with the usage of my phone for a while and began to lose sleep and feel drowsy during the school days. I began to think about this phone habit and decided that if I just stayed focused for a short period of time, the assignments could be accomplished much quicker, leading to better sleep and better school days.

What is your favorite subject?

Physical Education class is definitely my favorite subject. I love competing with classmates and maybe even the teacher. It’s also a nice class to relieve the stress of school and normal sports. The sports we play tend to be unusual and different compared to the traditional American sports. 

Do you have any college/career goals?

While I do plan on going to college, I have not yet thoroughly looked into any specific colleges, but I am interested in the business field or possibly the sports training/health field. I also have intentions of playing a sport in college, although I’m not sure which one yet. I also plan on starting a business or maybe even several to make an income for my family and myself. My father is very successful and has started several businesses that allow him to earn an income. 

Who are your role models? My role models are 110% my parents. They have taught me how to carry myself properly and how to live a successful and happy life. I truly owe it all to them and I am so grateful they are my parents. They push me in each and every way and sometimes I might not like it, but they always know what’s best for me. I love each of them a lot and I am very thankful for them. They themselves are very hardworking and loving, each leading a happy and comfortable lifestyle.

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