Bothered by the Airport? Residents Urged to Attend March 18 Meeting

Members of the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee urge residents to attend a meeting of the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee on Monday, March 18 from 6-8 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the Logan Office Center, 1 Harborside Drive, East Boston.

“The Town has repeatedly requested action to be taken towards reducing noise, air pollution and hazards arising out of the operation of Logan International Airport,” said Committee Vice Chairman Jerry Falbo.

On the agenda for Monday night will be information that directly affects Winthrop residents such as an overview of the Noise Abatement Program, Soundproofing, Noise Model and Noise Measurements and history of the program.

“The operational capacity of Logan Airport has increased over the years with resulting increase in noise, air pollution, and hazards to the Town and its citizens,” Falbo said. “The Town is on record as opposing any further increase in the operational levels at Logan International Airport.

The Town of Winthrop, its citizens and officials, are on record calling on all the appropriate officers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government to explore all possible means to alleviate the dangers and hazards of noise, air pollution and low fly-over flights of aircraft in the vicinity of Logan International Airport.”

The Massport Community Advisory Committee is a government agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is subject to the Commonwealth’s Open Meeting Law.

The mission of the Massachusetts Port Authority Community Advisory Committee is to be the voice of communities impacted by Massport operations; we collaboratively offer local, regional, and national solutions through advocacy, information and Authority oversight.

Last Thursday the Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee also met at the senior center.  Many attendees expressed an interest in more community involvement regarding the airport expressing concern raised by living next door.

“I am aware and very concerned about the increase in flights over Winthrop and the health impacts on out citizens,” said Council President Ron Vecchia.

He plans on having the Winthrop committee in front of the council in April.”

The Winthrop Airport Hazards Committee holds monthly meetings usually the third Thursday of every month at the Robert DeLeo Senior Center.  Residents are strongly encouraged to attend and welcomed.

The Committee’s Mission is:

The Town of Winthrop and its residents have been seriously and negatively impacted by the operation of Logan International Airport. We work closely with the MCAC and the Town Council President and Council members to promote and champion the best interest for Winthrop residents.

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