Police Blotter 02-07-2019

Winthrop Police Blotter

Monday, Jan. 28

Report that right by Short Beach there is a Dodge with its hazards on, which ran out of gas. The owner just went to get some gas. Vehicle is parked legally out of traffic, officer is giving the owner of the vehicle a courtesy ride back to his vehicle and will be standing by with owner until it is on its way. The vehicle is running and officer cleared.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states there was a bank of snow jutting out in the middle of the street. Caller was worried that with the snow that is supposed to come that it will accumulate more. DPW was notified.

Party states that by the pump station in some trees at Pico Playground there is a white bike that he believes may have been stolen. Caller states that it was there last night and it is still there. Officer on a delayed response. Vehicle was too large to transport in the cruiser. Calling party will bring it to the station and it will be added to the inventory.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states that a white Jeep has been parked for several days and is parked the wrong way and does not have a parking sticker. A parking citation was issued for parking in the wrong direction.

Unit assisted fire with traffic on Shirley Street.

Caller on Coral Avenue would like a well-being check on his mother. Caller states that he has not heard from her in a week. The mom lives with her boyfriend. Unit getting no answer at the door and the lights are off in the house. Unit spoke to residents who state that the subject moved out a few months ago.

Report of an erratic driver on Revere Street, possibly intoxicated. BOLO given to all units.

Tuesday, Jan. 29

Caller on Summit Avenue sates that his neighbor is playing loud music from his vehicle. W92 reports area completely quiet. Unit will do a walk around of the stated address to confirm. Units clear, they spoke with the resident and he is going in for the night.

Party on Highland Avenue reports solicitors from Green Peace were knocking on doors in the neighborhood. Headquarters stated that no solicitors checked in with the department today. Unit located two male parties and they were advised of both town and WPD policies. They will seek the proper permit and have been sent on their way for the night.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a possum in the middle of the road that got run over and it is still alive, but is badly hurt. Caller was referred to environmental police and Mass wildlife.

Party on Overlook Drive would like an officer to assist her with retrieving items she left on Birch Road. Caller will be coming by the headquarters to set up an appointment to get the belongings.

Party on Crystal Cove Avenue reports he found items missing from his apartment when he got home today around 5 p.m. and he believes he knows who took them. Clear, no crime committed. Party was given the information.

Party from previous incident came to the station to ask for an assist in picking up property from an address on Birch Road she was at last night. Units will respond to try to retrieve property for the night consisting of a pink bag, gold wallet and phone. Units 926 and W92 responded and located a black backpack outside the residence but could to raise anyone inside. Wallet, cash, backpack returned. Party will head to another address for the night and refused a courtesy ride to her mother’s.

Unit came by a disturbance on Kennedy Road. It was a verbal disagreement. Both parties are on their way.

Wednesday, Jan. 30

Unit off with party on Washington Avenue. 92 transporting party to the station. One in custody  for possession of Class A drug, warrant out of Lynn and warrant out of Chelsea and also resisting arrest.

Caller on Crystal Cove Avenue stated a homeless man is in his home and stated that his wife let him in the home. No weapons, man is refusing to leave. The gentleman in question had left the premises. Units clear.

Walk-in from Russell Street to report of past vandalism that appears to be a continuation of a pattern of harassment.

Party on Wilshire Street walked in to headquarters to report that there is a refrigerator in the back yard with the doors still attached. Party is concerned due to kids living at the address and around the neighborhood. Made contact with the homeowner who will be removing the doors now.

Walk-in from Hutchinson Street to report a neighbor’s dog. ACO is clear from this address, now heading to the dog’s owner on Sagamore Avenue. Parties will try to rectify the issue amongst themselves. Peace was restored.

Caller on Fremont Street had a package stolen off of her porch and she just wanted to make a log for officers and people in the area to be advised.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports a tenant has been threatened by another tenant saying she is going to kill her. Report to follow. 91 will add additional information/comments. This is an ongoing incident.

Assist fire with possible odor of burning on Almont Street. Clear with fire, party left a burner on, no fire.

Thursday, Jan. 31

Todisco Towing removed a Hyundai from Governors Park for trespass tow.

Caller stated that her daughter called her stating she was on Route 145 and there was a Jetta driving erratically. No plate given, no description of vehicle, no direction of travel. Advised calling party to call daughter back and tell her to call 911 or gather more infuriation and for the caller to call us back.

Officer spoke to building maintenance at Governors Park requesting that they fix their numbering system for the units because they are not correct. This has the potentially to turn into a liability during an emergency. Maintenance stated they will fix the issue.

Report of a parked motor vehicle at Somerset and Woodside Avenue. 92 spoke to owner of the vehicle who did show proof of his license being active, as well as receipt and text from court house confirming his child support payment. Therefore, the registration should not be suspended due to non-payment of child support. 92 advised party to take care of this issue tomorrow. Unit clear.

91 has suspect fleeing on foot. Started on Coral and jumped a fence possibly towards Shirley Street. Suspect saw unit’s vehicle and fled on foot.Suspect has two in hand. All units are entering residence. All units clear, area search negative.

Friday, Feb. 1

Vehicle was reposted and towed from corner of Morton Street.

Caller on Cottage Park Road states a white male and white female are walking. Female looks intoxicated and male looks like he is guiding her to go with him. They are in front of Swetts Liquor store and are now moving towards the post office. No weapons, just walked into a convenience store. Unit spoke to the parties and both are fine.

Warrant service needed on Coral Avenue. Fire enroute because forced entry needed. One in custody.

Party on Underhill Street reported that he submitted an order on Amazon on Jan. 8 and Amazon reported to him that it was delivered on Jan. 9. To date, he has not received it.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Edwards and Read Street. Need assistance in exchanging papers. Papers were exchanged.

Caller on Argyle Street states a man is running into his business with a 2-by-4. Party will be summoned for destruction of property over $250.

Party on Overlook Drive states there is Basset Hound outside on a leash in the vicinity barking for a couple of hours. Caller states that she went to see her uncle at 11 a.m. and just went back out and the dog is still outside. Units tied up on another call. No response from ACO. Sierra 5 checked the area and no dog was seen or heard.

Party came in to report being the victim of a scam involving his social security number.

92 requesting medical to assist in an evaluation on Wave Way Avenue. Units all tied up on a water break. Action Ambulance responded. Party was cleared by Action.

Female on Bartlett Road came in to report that when she went to work this morning at 8:45 a.m. she observed all seven salon windows were covered in coffee and a coffee cup was on the floor. She would like to report this in case something like this happens again.

Motor vehicle accident with no injuries at Pleasant and Sea View Avenue. Parties exchanged papers.

Saturday, Feb. 2

Caller on Court Road stated a black vehicle hit a pole. Male party is outside of the vehicle. Unknown injuries. Fire and EMS enroute. G&J also enroute. Unit stated the vehicle lost control while taking a turn and hit a pole. 91 will be waiting for the tow to arrive. G&J on the scene and has the vehicle.

Calling party on Sturgis Street states she says there is a man on her porch. Says he has been there for 20 minutes. Units clear, nothing showing. female party was stating she was in Winthrop. Units responded and had nothing showing. female party used to live at this address in Winthrop but party was pinging out of Lynnfield. Based on her statement units were dispatched. Had the caller on the line for a while, she kept stating that she was at stated address but he 911 ping was showing an address in Lynnfield. The caller was adamant that she lived at stated address so we sent units there to check it out. Nothing was showing. Slowly gathering more information, was able to get a physical address in Winthrop that looked like an assisted living facility and was able to find a phone number for her daughter to confirm her location and room number at this location in Lynnfield. The nurse was able to assist the caller from there.

Received warrant via fax for subject on Douglas Street. Incorrect DOB for the subject. Agency was contacted to verify the right DOB and they stated they would send another warrant over. But as of 11:25 a.m. no warrant has been received.

Caller on Walden and Main Street stated he found a small black dog. Animal was reunited with his owner.

Party on Charles Street states a small, white dog is running around with no collar. It was headed toward Moore Street. Officer checked up and down Charles Street along with all the side streets and no sign of any white dog, or anyone looking for the dog.

Party from Shirley Street came to the station for police escort to pick up some personal belongings from a shared residence. W92 and W91 responded to keep the peace. Officers kept the peace while party retrieved her items.

Report of a disabled motor vehicle on Revere and Shirley streets. Units were able to get the vehicle started and female is on her way.

Caller states a few moms at the Middle School that are disagreeing. It is minor in nature at this time, but is afraid it will escalate. Caller states this is an ongoing issue and is requesting police. This was taking place in the gym. Unit states he used his fob to get in and the alarm started going off. Caller just called back and updated new location on Pauline Street. Units off at Pauline Street. This was a school matter. Athletic director on scene and it is being taken care of. It was a verbal argument between two parents. D6 is aware of the ongoing issue and both parties were advised of their rights. One party left for the night.

Received updated copy of probation warrant for subject on Douglas Street. No service made at this time.

Sunday, Feb. 3

Officer stated there is an outside odor of gas in the vicinity of Washington Avenu e. Fire en route to meet the officers. Fire indicated odor of gas. National Grid contacted and will be on the scene within the hour.

On Pleasant Street between Sunnyside and Woodside there is a woman with a large dog. The dog has collapsed and can no longer walk. She needs assistance. Caller called back and the dog is fine and up and walking. No response needed.

Party came to the station to report that some body had hacked his Apple iTunes account, charging $1,505.95 to his TD Bank ATM card.

Report of a small,  white dog with no collar on Kennedy Road near Revere Street. Calling party found the dog’s owner.

Passerby states she sees two females walking on Lewis Lake. No further information. Unit noticed two objects on the lake. The objects turned out to be two swans. Further investigation of the area revealed that there was no people in the area.

Action Ambulance requesting police for a problem with an MBTA bus that is refusing to move out of their way on Hermon Street. There was contact between the bus and the ambulance, unknown the extent of the damage as the ambulance had to leave. A bent mirror was noted. Ambulance will return after dropping off the patient.

Motor vehicle accident on Main and Read Street. Units requesting medical. They also requested a tow. G&J on the scene. Officer states to notify DPW that the sign at Read Street is hanging down.

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